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Founded in January 1993, ETR Law Firm is the first law firm in Guangdong to adopt a special general partnership–Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).Headquartered in Guangzhou, ETR Law Firm now owns an office area exceeds 7000 square meters. Up to now , ETR had over 700 lawyers and more than 1100 employees in total .It has 21 branches and it has geographical advantage for situating in the Greater Bay Area and can provide national and global services,Since 2016, it has been selected as one of the top 30 “Asia’s 50 Largest Law Firms” by ALB for 4 consecutive years. ETR Law Firm has become one of the biggest and Strong comprehensive strength law firm in Southern China.

广信君达律师事务所成立于1993年1月,是广东首家采用特殊的普通合伙形式的律所。广信君达总部设在广州,办公面积超7000平方米。目前有律师700多名, 员工1100多人。我所已在21个国家或地区设立分所或办公室,具有依托粤港澳大湾区、辐射全国、服务全球的地缘优势,自2016以来连续4年入围《亚洲法律杂 志》(ALB)“亚洲最大50家律所”30强,已成为华南地区较具规模、综合实力较强的事务所之一。

ETR lawyers provide professional legal services, for cross-border enterprises and customers from Mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and the countries involved in the “Belt and Road” in the Southeast Asia region in English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Russian, Portuguese and other languages.At the same time, it has established cooperative relations with many law firms in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Europe. ETR has represented a number of influential foreign-related litigation and arbitration cases, such as “Acting as agent in the first international aircraft lien case in China.” “Acting as an agent for the first Belt And Road construction case in China---Guangzhou Baiyun Airport sue Thailand Siam Airlines Service Contract Dispute “.

广信君达律师以英、日、德、法、韩、俄、葡萄牙等多种语言,为涉及内地与港澳台联动与“一带一路”沿线国家及地区的跨境业务企业、客户提供法律服务。同时与 东南亚、中东、非洲、南美洲和欧洲的诸多律师事务所建立了合作关系。代理了多起颇有影响的涉外诉讼、仲裁案件,如“全国第一单国际航空器留置权案—广州 白云国际机场股份有限公司诉美国通用电气商业航空服务有限公司航空器留置权案”,“国内首宗涉‘一带一路’建设案件—广州白云国际机场股份有限公司诉 泰国暹罗航空有限公司航空服务合同纠纷案”。

The legal service areas of ETR include: Securities and capital markets, Companies and mergers and acquisitions, The back end of the bond market and bankruptcy liquidation, Tax and financial insurance, Real estate and infrastructure construction, Administrative law and government legal counsel, Foreign affairs and maritime business, Intellectual property rights and technological innovation, Human resources and labor relations, Wealth management and inheritance, Energy, natural resources and environmental protection, Civil and commercial dispute resolution, Criminal defense and representation, Belt and Road legal affairs, legal affairs of Greater Bay Area.

广信君达涉及的业务领域包括证券与资本市场,公司与并购,债市后端与破产清算,税务与金融保险,房地产与基础设施建设,行政法及政府法律顾问, 涉外与海事海商,知识产权与技术创新,人力资源与劳动关系,财富管理与传承,能源、自然资源与环境保护,民商事争议解决,刑事辩护与代理,“一带 一路”法律事务,粤港澳大湾区法律事务等。

Since 1993, ETR has won the “National Civilized Service Window of Legal Service Industry” by the Ministry of Justice, “Ministerial Civilized Law Firm” by the Ministry of Justice, “National Outstanding Law Firm” by the Bar Association, Guangzhou Lawyers Association “Guangzhou Outstanding Law Firm”, “South China Law Firm of the Year”(ALB), “China (Guangdong) Excellent Law Firm”, and other honors, and are the only one of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee Perennial legal counsel.

1993年以来,广信君达获得了司法部“全国法律服务行业文明服务窗口”、司法部“部级文明律师事务所”、全国律协“全国优秀律师事务所”、广州市律师协会“广 州市优秀律师事务所”、ALB“中国南部最佳律师事务所”、《商法》“卓越综合实力律所 (大湾区)”等多项荣誉,是第十六届广州亚运会组委会唯一常年法律顾问。

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