Singapore has been seeing the rise of some quality smaller law firms that are punching well above their weight in terms of work handled and services delivered.

For this reason, in its August 2019 issue, ALB is spotlighting a list of Firms to Watch for Singapore. These are firms that are small but are already making waves, and either challenging (or with the potential to challenge) much larger law firms for their share of the work.

While submissions are not absolutely necessary—we will combine our stock of industry knowledge with news reports, the general buzz around some firms and publicly available information to select some of the firms on the list—firms are still welcome to send in submissions for consideration.

To submit, please use the form attached HERE>>

This is open to both domestic law firms, as well as international law firms with offices in Singapore.

Only firms with 10 partners or fewer will be considered. The deadline for submissions is Friday, July 12, 2019. Please send submissions to