18 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS – APRIL 2024 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM Around a year ago, law firms were already grappling with the challenge of keeping their members, particularly the younger generation, engaged, motivated, and committed. However, the advent of a groundbreaking new technology, in the form of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI), has added another significant variable, presenting both risks and opportunities. Some of Asia’s best law firms to work for say that while it will be important to integrate Gen AI in a safe and impactful manner, effective talent retention is rooted in a human-centric approach that prioritises care, understanding, and communication. BY SARAH WONG cent of large and midsize firms in the United States, UK, and Canada surveyed believed that ChatGPT and generative AI can be readily applied to legal work; and a slightly smaller majority (51 per cent) said that ChatGPT and generative AI should be applied to legal work. However, as law firm leaders contemplate a significant boost in productivity in the era of Gen AI, they are also confronted with a crisis in morale amongst employees worried by Gen AI’s potential to do their job – and do it better. “The change to a more technology-based platform means rethinking The legal industry is being roiled by a new wave of technological disruptions, prompting a fundamental reckoning for law firm leaders on operational models, management style, and talent strategy. With operational systems utilising generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) promising to reset a professional known for its loyalty to customs, the legal marketplace has been bracing for a potential sea-change in the delivery, pricing, and execution of legal services. In a survey conducted by the Thomson Reuters Institute in March, 82 per COVER STORY HONG KONG Eric Chow & Co in Association with Commerce & Finance Law Offices Mayer Brown Oldham, Li & Nie Rita Ku & Ser Tanner De Witt INDIA Dua Associates JSA Pioneer Legal Singhania & Partners Tatva Legal, Hyderabad MALAYSIA Azmi & Associates Mahwengkwai & Associates Shu Yin, Teh & Taing PHILIPPINES Cruz Marcelo & Tenefrancia DivinaLaw Quisumbing Torres V&A Law SOUTH KOREA Bae, Kim & Lee Kim & Chang Yulchon SINGAPORE Dentons Rodyk Drew & Napier Eng and Co Helmsman Mayer Brown PK Wong & Nair THAILAND Chandler MHM Tilleke & Gibbins Weerawong C&P VIETNAM Dentons LuatViet LNT & Partners Tilleke & Gibbins INDONESIA ABNR - Counsellors at Law ARMA Law Assegaf Hamzah & Partners HHP Law Firm UMBRA JAPAN Atsumi & Sakai Mayer Brown Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu Image: Peshkova/