20 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS – APRIL 2024 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM AI-POWERED TALENT Jessada touts the development of Gen AI as a positive one in providing lawyers with sophisticated tools to reduce routine work to deliver a more cost-effective and sophisticated service to clients. “Our wider firm has already adopted a number of AI-powered tools and is constantly exploring and evaluating the potential use of new generative AI tools which would improve the working life of our lawyers and the quality and the speed of the services we provide to clients,” adds Jessada. Another leading law firm in Thailand, Tilleke & Gibbins, also views Gen AI as a partner in progress in complementing human skills and adding efficiency and value to their clients. Co-managing partner Tiziana Sucharitkul says the firm has been steadily integrating AI tools into their workflow and processes, including using AI tools for routine tasks. “This type of incorporation frees up time for team members to focus on and hone their skills in complex problemsolving and strategic thinking, which are essential for their professional growth and performance,” says Tiziana. Malaysia-based Azmi & Associates has invested in “state-of-the-art AI technologies and platforms” that augment the team’s efficiency, streamline workflows, and facilitate data-driven decision-making. “We firmly believe that by embracing the technological revolution and DREW & NAPIER COVER STORY We thank our colleagues for their continued vote of confidence. Part of EMPLOYER OF CHOICE FOR THE 15 YEAR th