6 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS – INDIA E-MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2023 Vinati Kastia senior partner, AZB & Partners With an illustrious career spanning 27 years in the legal field, Vinati Kastia is a well-respected senior partner at AZB & Partners in New Delhi. Her expertise lies in M&A, anti-money laundering law and legal and regulatory matters on financial reporting. She has made her mark in complex legal landscapes with her exceptional skill and knowledge. Kastia has extensive experience in dealing with various high-profile cases. During her early years, she played a crucial role in SABMiller’s significant business ventures in India, handling all aspects from entry to exit, including major acquisitions and corporate restructuring. Her pivotal role in SABMiller’s strategic moves earned her the reputation of being a reliable legal advisor. In a recent landmark transaction, Kastia played a leading role in overseeing the sale of ‘Horlicks’ to Hindustan Unilever, valued at approximately $452 million. As part of the AZB team, she has demonstrated her exceptional negotiation skills and strategic acumen in tackling various challenges with a solution-oriented mindset that ensured the successful completion of the deal. Kastia has represented SoftBank in investments in key Indian companies such as Flipkart, Paytm, FirstCry, and Delhivery. This gave her invaluable insights into contemporary business models, e-commerce, and company valuations. Kastia serves as a trusted adviser for KPMG and the BSR firms in India, possessing specialised expertise in financial reporting, auditing, and related corporate governance matters. She is also responsible for handling complex advisory and regulatory matters for Amway in India. Manisha Singh founder and managing partner, LexOrbis With over 25 years of legal expertise, Manisha Singh stands at the forefront of intellectual property law as the founder and managing partner of LexOrbis. She is renowned for her profound knowledge of IP rights prosecution and enforcement, and has strategically managed global patents, trademarks, and design portfolios for numerous multinational corporations and domestic entities. Her expertise in IP litigation spans various technical fields, including pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and mechanics, positioning her as a leading counsel in over 138 countries. Singh is not just a skilled lawyer, but also a champion for equal opportunity. She has led LexOrbis to have a predominantly female workforce, with 75 percent of the professionals and staff being women. This reflects her commitment to empowering diverse groups in the workforce. Being a first-generation lawyer, she actively encourages and supports women who aspire to have a career in law. She has created a work environment fostering professional excellence and work-life balance. Apart from her legal work, Singh is also a staunch supporter of preserving India’s rich cultural heritage. She works alongside social enterprises such as Haath ka Bana, which is dedicated to promoting traditional folk art and crafts and protecting crafts designated as geographical indications. In its second annual ranking, ALB highlights outstanding women lawyers in India who have made significant contributions amidst the dynamic legal landscape. The list features 30 exceptional female lawyers who have consistently demonstrated excellence in their work, setting remarkable standards within their specific legal domains. These lawyers have earned accolades not only from their peers and superiors but also from their clients. The names are arranged alphabetically, and some of the lawyers have been profiled. LIST BY ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS, TEXT BY BINGQING WANG INDIA TOP FEMALE LAWYERS 2023 Image: Alexey_M/