20 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS – AUGUST 2023 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM legal intelligence platform, which tailormakes agreements based on inputs and previous documents and clarifies legal issues during negotiation. The legal and secretarial office (LSO) at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, is a proactive legal team coming up with innovative solutions to ensure university policy implementation and redressal of student concerns. The team comprises 18 lawyers and three non-lawyers and is led by general counsel and chief legal officer Gregory Chew. LSO manages the whistleblowing channel for the University community of 35,000 students and 8,000 employees. LSO’s responsiveness resulted in the whistleblowing channel becoming the trusted first port of call for all complaints University-wide, pandemic-related or otherwise. To reduce NTU’s risk of data breaches and unauthorised data disclosures, LSO partnered with the Centre for IT Services to formulate the Data Governance Policy, the first all-encompassing University-wide policy which covers all University data and holds the community accountable for data handling and protection. With LSO’s subject matter expertise in ethics compliance, data governance and privacy, LSO played a major role in drafting the terms of reference for the inception of NTU Committee for the Governance of AI for Learning Analytics, which aims to harness AI to improve learning and data collection. For lawyers working at Standard Chartered Bank, the buzzword for 2022 was “sustainability.” The legal department is based in Singapore and Hong Kong and divided into two groups – a four-member central sustainability legal team and a larger 80-lawyer sustainability legal working group (SLWG). The legal team is co-headed by Andrew Dixon Smith and Benjamin Goss, who are both based out of Singapore. In the last year, the team has designed legal support solutions to SUBMISSION BREAKDOWN Jurisdiction Submissions Winners Multiple 8 4 Hong Kong 3 2 India 1 1 Indonesia 1 0 Japan 2 2 Malaysia 1 1 Philippines 2 1 Singapore 3 2 South Korea 2 2 Total 23 15 Congratulations on being recognized as one of Asia’s Top 15 In-house Legal Teams! What would you say sets your team apart and contributed to this achievement? It is truly an honour to have our team’s passion and efforts recognized. Our legal team values the importance of understanding the regulatory environment and business surrounding the company, because the regulations of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in Korea are quite complicated, and what Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group wants to do in this industry is very progressive. We communicate and collaborate closely with the business departments to ensure that the company’s needs are well represented, although this takes much time. I believe that our continuous efforts in exploring various areas of the legal team while standardizing routine tasks have greatly contributed to our achievement. How do you foster a collaborative and cohesive environment within your legal team? Our team consists of innovative and creative individuals with a young mindset. Collaborating on various legal issues, discussing, researching, and organizing solutions greatly contributes to the team’s cohesion and strategic direction. members. Furthermore, having opportunities for team members to play substantial roles in critical company projects, participate in task force teams that address overarching issues, and organize educational and collaborative sessions with other relevant departments actively reinforces the understanding that greater accomplishments can be achieved through collaboration with different people and teams. Looking ahead, what are your priorities and goals for the future of the in-house legal department? In an era when legal compliance is emphasized, the in-house legal department has become an essential organization within the company. As a reliable advisor for the management and colleagues, our goal is to proactively prevent risks, be prepared for potential challenges, and intelligently handle any arising issues. Hanmi Pharm is committed to tenacious efforts in new drug development and contributing to the growth of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in Korea. To achieve sustainable development, we will focus on getting ready for changes in industrial policies and addressing environmental issues. A conversation with Jisun Nam BROUGHT TO YOU BY HANMI PHARMACEUTICAL In many legal matters, accurately grasping the facts and identifying weaknesses in advance is crucial for successful resolution. To effectively address these points as a legal advising team in the company, an environment of open discussions and trust is required. Within our team, we respect each one’s abilities and strengths, promote open communication, foster trust, and build collaborative skills among team Jisun Nam Head of Legal Department, Attorney at law E: Hanmi Pharmaceutical 14, Wiryeseong-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea W: