2 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS – JAPAN E-MAGAZINE AUGUST 2023 MAIN STORY MOVING FORWARD ON ESG ESG推進へ Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are essential to businesses for the opportunities they bring, and for the reputational and economic risks that arise from making the wrong decisions. In light of the growing interest and scrutiny in ESG matters from within Japan and abroad, the Japanese government has been pushing a range of measures to implement ESG initiatives. 環境、社会、ガバナンス(ESG)は、機会だけでなくレピュテションや業績へ のリスクがあるため、企業運営には非常に重要である。国内外でESGへの 関心が高まり、調査も続々と行われる中、日本政府はESGへの取り組みを 実践するための幅広い政策を推進している。 BY ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS One of the world’s most developed economies, Japan has remained ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing ESG regulations. Earlier this year, on Feb. 10, the Japanese government approved a Green Transformation (GX) policy to lay out the country’s strategy to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The ultimate aim of the policy is to create a shift in the country’s industrial structure, which is currently heavily dependent on fossil fuels and create one powered by green energy. The GX policy covers a wide range of measures for developing some 22 industrial sectors over the next decade, from Image: metamorworks/