1 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA CONTENTS 2023 ALB China 律师新星 Professionalism, enthusiasm, and diligence are the hallmarks of the ALB China Top 15 Rising Lawyers who have already established themselves on a fulfilling career path. 回望成长经历,十五 佳律师新星以专业 立身,以热爱坚持, 以努力进取。展望未 来,他们坚定深耕信 念,建设培养团队, 联合更多新生力量, 为完善中国法治建 设而努力。 BRI EFS 4 Big Story 焦点故事 8 Appointments 律师转所信息 9 Deals 交易 COVER STORY 10 2023 ALB China Top 15 GCs 2023 ALB China 十五佳总法律顾问 For the ninth consecutive year, ALB has selected outstanding general counsels in the Chinese market. Throughout this journey, we have witnessed general counsels expanding their role boundaries, shaping their own value, and achieving growth amidst challenges. They are not only valuable assets to their respective companies but also continuously script a remarkable life story with their outstanding achievements. 连续第九年,ALB评 选出了中国市场上 杰出的企业总法律 顾问。我们一路见证 总法律顾问们拓宽 角色边界、塑造自身 价值、在挑战中实现 成长,他们不但是所 在企业的宝贵财富, 也不断用优异的成 绩,书写浓墨重彩的 人生。 Ranking by Asian Legal Business, text by Hu Yangxiaoxiao With contributions from: • SINOHYDRO ENGINEERING BUREAU 8 中国水利水电第八工程 局有限公司 FEATURES 16 2023 ALB China Regional Ranking: West China Firms & Rising Lawyers 2023 ALB China 区域市场排名:西部 地区律所和律师新星 Despite a relatively late start, the legal services industry in West China has been showing strong growth momentum thanks to the region’s rich natural resources, favourable national policies and dedication by the legal community. For the second year in a row, ALB highlights top firms and young lawyers in this market. 西部地区的法律服 务业起步相对较晚, 但凭借该区域丰厚 的自然资源优势、国 家政策的推动以及 诸多法律人才的长 期耕耘,这片土地已 具备天时、地利、人 和,法律服务业增势 迅猛。ALB连续第二 年观察了这一市场 中杰出的律所及年 轻律师。 With contributions from: • TianTong Law Firm 天同律师事务所 • W&H Law Firm 炜衡律师事务所 26 Investing in the future “投资于未来” The importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in investment, financing, and M&A deals is gaining prominence and exerting significant influence on transaction negotiations, post-transaction operations, and more. Lawyers discuss the ESG challenges that Chinese companies often face both domestically and abroad, as well as how lawyers in this field can enhance their expertise. 环境、社会和治理 (ESG)在投融资、 并购交易中的重要 性正不断凸显,并对 交易洽谈、交割、后 期运营等环节产生 重大影响。在中国, 服务于ESG这一新 兴领域的律师队伍 因此不断壮大。 32 2023 ALB China Rising Lawyers 26 INVESTING IN THE FUTURE “投资于未来” Image: Thx4Stock/