34 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 JULY 2023 them to become experts in their chosen fields while seamlessly referring clients outside their specialization to the appropriate teams capable of providing specialized services. Li also emphasizes the significance of an enterprising, responsible, and problem-solving mindset. In recent years, the realm of cross-border transactions and data compliance has witnessed rapid legislative and enforcement developments, presenting lawyers with increasingly complex challenges. Li believes that lawyers must go beyond dealing with traditional and standardized legal issues. They should possess a deep understanding of the underlying logic within their fields and stay informed about legislative, enforcement, and industry developments. This allows them to navigate uncertainty, explore alternative paths, and address clients’ unique and evolving needs while maintaining professional integrity. Li Rui’s career exemplifies the pursuit of excellence through professionalism, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional legal services in the ever-changing landscape of cross-border transactions and data compliance. A BALANCED WAY Liang Bing, a partner at AnJie Broad Law Firm, began her career in the insurance industry after completing her master’s degree. She joined an insurance company and focused on compliance management at its headquarters. Liang recognized the value of practical experience in the insurance sector and embraced the opportunity to understand the responsibilities and challenges of various roles within the industry. This firsthand exposure allowed her to develop a comprehensive understanding of the insurance landscape, which fueled her desire to drive business development through legal compliance. Over the next five years, Liang played a key role in spearheading innovative projects related to topics like the legality of usage-based insurance (UBI) and the legal liability associated with driverless cars. These initiatives remain highly relevant and topical within the industry. In addition, Liang engaged in activities such as on-site regulatory inspections and drafting compliance reports, providing her with a vivid insight into the operations of large insurance companies and practical financial regulations. Through these experiences, Liang’s passion for legal services grew, leading her to transition into specializing in insurance law as a lawyer. Achieving the status of a lawyer at the age of 30 and becoming a partner at 34, Liang believes in striking a delicate balance between legal compliance and business interests. This balance entails not only adhering to laws and regulations but also safeguarding the interests of clients, which she finds to be the greatest source of accomplishment and satisfaction as a lawyer. As an insurance law specialist wellversed in insurance liabilities, corporate governance, and investments, Liang has served as a regular legal advisor to nearly 30 financial institutions and Internet giants. She has also provided counsel to over 60 insurance institutions, asset management companies, and central state-owned enterprises. Liang has overseen numerous cutting-edge and complex projects within the insurance industry, with average investment amounts ranging from several billions to tens of billions. Her extensive experience positions her as more than just a legal advisor; she sees herself as a business partner and product designer. Recognizing the intricacies and evolving nature of business models and product forms, Liang believes that lawyers must comprehend the needs and characteristics of corporate operations and products. This understanding enables them to provide comprehensive legal support and valuable risk management advice to clients. Liang’s career showcases her expertise in insurance law and her ability to navigate complex projects within the industry. Her role extends beyond legal advisory to that of a trusted business partner and product designer, as she combines her legal acumen with a deep understanding of her clients’ specific business needs. RISING LAWYERS LIANG BING 梁冰 AnJie Broad Law Firm 安杰世泽律师事务所 LI RUI 李瑞 Zhong Lun Law Firm 中伦律师事务所 WANG YUMING 王宇明 Wanhuida Intellectual Property 万慧达知识产权 WANG YUTING 王玉婷 CM Law Firm 澄明则正律师事务所 XU CHUNLONG 徐春龙 King & Wood Mallesons 金杜律师事务所