36 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 JULY 2023 effectively. While business operations often follow a specific path, innovative ideas can emerge from finding the shortest path that connects the starting point to the goal. As a lawyer dedicated to business growth, Liang works diligently to help clients discover the most efficient path while meeting all their needs. Furthermore, lawyers need to recognize that laws and compliance are dynamic, while innovation and legislation are complementary. Liang understands that lawyers may encounter conflicts between legal compliance and business interests. Instead of solely seeking legal loopholes, a skilled lawyer combines business mindset and legal expertise to provide practical advice based on regulatory principles when necessary. Han believes that professional competence serves as the foundation for client support, and unprofessional lawyers eventually fade from the market. He emphasizes the importance of continuous learning to consolidate knowledge and improve skills, which enables lawyers to gain the favor of clients with their strengths. Han also highlights the concept of “partnership” when serving clients. Lawyers should view clients as companions, understanding their businesses and needs from their perspective to develop plans that satisfy and empower them. As workload increases, team members should treat each other as companions, dividing responsibilities accordingly. This forms the basis of a great team. Wang has observed a growing demand for IP application, licensing, and contract review in the past year. Clients are primarily concerned with enhancing the commercial value of their intellectual property rights (IPRs), and litigation is often not their first choice for resolving external conflicts. In response, lawyers can assist companies by providing training, developing contract templates, and implementing practical and effective IP measures. By offering clients advice on how to maximize the use of IP, mitigate IP risks, and improve IP protection, positive outcomes can be achieved. In summary, these young lawyers demonstrate their commitment to client RISING LAWYERS 今年上榜ALB China十五佳律 师新星榜单的律师平均年龄为37.7 岁,平均从业年限约为13年,他们均 凭借着不凡的成绩,在各自的专业领 域散发着光芒。他们有着怎样的成长 路径与未来目标?哪些特质让年轻的 他们获得了市场的认可?又是怎样的 素养使他们得到了客户的青睐?ALB 邀请部分上榜律师分享了他们在执 业道路上的成长之路,以及执业心得 与体会。 幸运、热爱与坚持 毕业来到北京后,己任律师事务所合 伙人韩进文律师的第一份执业就在 知识产权领域。“非常幸运的是,我的 带教老师是一位非常专业且严格的律 师,在他的指导下我收获良多。更幸 运的是,工作之后,我发现自己真的 非常热爱知识产权这个领域。也正因 如此才能够在这个领域工作至今。” 在韩律师看来,自己的成长路径 其实极为“普通”:从律师助理到律师, 再到资深律师、合伙人,其实都在脚踏 实地,一步一个台阶向上攀爬。 作为知识产权律师,他扎实专业、 精益求精,韩律师坦言支撑自身职业 发展的正是对所执业领域的热情,以 及清晰的自我目标设定。“律师职业 本质上是服务行业,需要数十年如一 日用心工作,同时还需要不断学习新 法律、新案例、新知识。如果没有热情, 工作将无法收获那么多快乐。 service by combining their legal expertise with business acumen, risk management, and a deep understanding of their clients’ needs. By taking ownership, being risk-aware, and adopting a business mindset, they provide comprehensive legal support and enable their clients to achieve their goals effectively. THE NEXT STEP In terms of career vision and planning, Liang shares her goal of becoming the top insurance lawyers. She recognizes that the insurance industry’s development and challenges create an increasing demand for legal services, leading to evolving fields of practice. Her focus will be on continuously improving her professional skills, expanding her industry influence, and dedicating herself to insurance practice. Additionally, Liang places great importance on team management. She aims to provide her team with industry experience and recruit legal professionals with expertise in the insurance field, empowering the team to deliver exceptional legal services. Liang believes that effective lawyers in the current era are crucial for helping visionaries clarify their direction, implement strategies, mitigate risks, and overcome difficulties. When it comes to team development, Liang emphasizes the significance of attending to details. She recognizes that excellent legal services rely not only on exceptional lawyers but also on the efficiency and maturity of the entire team. As a partner, Liang devotes time to knowledge research and sharing, collaborating with political and legal colleges and universities to guide and train young lawyers. In the future, she plans to invest more energy in legislation, research, sharing, and teaching. Han aspires to become a top IP lawyer who empowers both clients and those around him. He envisions contributing to the advancement of China’s IP protection on a global scale. As a graduate of Southwest University of Political Science & Law, Kevin Han aims to leverage the resources of GEN Law Firm in Chengdu to promote IP protection in Sichuan and Chongqing. He hopes that his efforts will fuel the local rapid economic development and make significant contributions to his agency’s growth. Wang is determined to continue providing comprehensive and highquality IP legal services to his clients. He emphasizes the importance of building a distinctive brand while protecting the intellectual achievements of clients. Wang encourages all team members to maintain enthusiasm, foster collaboration, embrace challenges, and take responsibility. He promotes the development of their unique technical characteristics while emphasizing the value of experience accumulation and sharing. Wang envisions growth and success for his lawyers, platform, and clients, with all parties progressing together.