28 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS – JUNE 2023 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM a strategy and unique Dorsey DNA that I spend time cultivating with our practice leaders in Beijing and Shanghai. Also, most of our cross-border client matters will involve two or more of our China offices and often lawyers from our U.S., Canada, and London offices to For all the talk of a robust rebound in 2023, Hong Kong’s dealmaking scene has been soft so far, compounded by lasting geopolitical upheavals and a slower-than-expected economic recovery in Mainland China, and as a result, legal work hasn’t quite returned in the same way. Law firm leaders, however, still see a number of business opportunities in a city famed for its resilience. BY SARAH WONG ROUNDTABLE Image: Travel man/ return of easy travel in–and–out of Hong Kong, have been very positive for us. The reason is that our Hong Kong team functions as a pillar for our three Dorsey China offices, namely, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. We work as one team with three locations in China. It is ALB: What kind of economic activities have returned in Hong Kong, and how has that impacted the demand for legal services in your firm? SIMON CHAN, Hong Kong managing partner, Dorsey & Whitney: The return of economic activities and especially the WAITING FOR THE TURNAROUND