12 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 JUNE 2023 he has planned the development of himself and his team. “We are focusing on building a legal team specializing in cybersecurity, data privacy, and protection to support the development and innovation of new enterprises or emerging Internet products across various industries.” Notably, Wang adopts new methods and tools to provide services. “To assist companies in coping with increasingly stringent regulations, we guide and aid clients in gradually adopting automation tools and developing standardized data compliance products for key business scenarios. We collaborate with external legal technology teams to explore productization of compliance services and automate data compliance. Additionally, our team closely collaborates with regulators and legislators to promote the development of legislation and judicial practices in the field of data compliance in China, ultimately benefiting our clients.” INTERDISCIPLINARY CAPABILITIES To excel in the field of cybersecurity and data protection, lawyers have recognized the need for specific qualities and attributes. Wang Yuwei, reflecting on his early entry into the field, shares his insights and experiences of industry development trends. He views specializing in cybersecurity and data protection not only as a “career choice” but also as a “passion and responsibility.” Wang’s strong belief in the future potential of the internet, big data, AI, and his interest in technological advancements have fueled his commitment to this field. He continues to expand his knowledge by actively engaging with cutting-edge technologies, learning from industry innovators, and participating in top companies’ projects. Victor Wu, a Partner at AllBright Law Offices, emphasizes the importance of possessing comprehensive knowledge in serving the complex field. In addition to a solid foundation in legal theory and practical experience, Wu holds a PhD in e-commerce. He believes that a diversified knowledge background provides the basis for delivering effective legal services. It enables lawyers to understand clients’ business processes, data handling aspects, and effectively integrate technology, business, and law to offer grounded and compliant legal solutions. Wu further identifies three key traits that cybersecurity and data protection lawyers should possess. Firstly, they should have a strong grasp of information technology’s development and application and understand how different information technology applications impact business processes and data handling. Secondly, lawyers should possess a deep understanding of the essence and system of the digital economy. This knowledge allows them to comprehend how network applications and new technologies reshape business processes, identify crucial aspects of data protection and control, and develop effective solutions. Lastly, lawyers need to comprehend the specific characteristics of industries since data protection is closely linked to the data life cycle, specific industries, and business processes. Furthermore, the field of cybersecurity and data protection, with its constant influx of new technologies, models, and regulations, demands that lawyers adapt to these changes. Wu asserts that the ability to proactively study and research, as well as integrate knowledge effectively, empowers lawyers to navigate the evolving external environment. Experience in other industries also proves valuable for specialization in this field. Li Tianhang, drawing on his over 15 years of work in the public security industry, credits his solid foundation in becoming a top cybersecurity and data protection lawyer. He believes that all experiences contribute to personal growth, and his background in public security significantly aids his practice and professional development. Li outlines three key aspects of the benefits derived from his previous experience. Firstly, it establishes a regulatory perspective and thinking model. Li emphasizes that cybersecurity and data protection fundamentally involve compliance legal services, which require not only understanding static rules but also dynamic observance and defense. Approaching compliance from COVER STORY DAVID PAN 潘永建 LLINKS LAW OFFICES 通力律师事务所 SHEN XIAOYU 申晓雨 EAST & CONCORD PARTNERS 天达共和律师事务所 SUN CHUAN 孙川 MORRISON FOERSTER 美富律师事务所 RAYMOND WANG 王新锐 SHIHUI PARTNERS 世辉律师事务所 WANG YUWEI 王渝伟 GUANTAO LAW FIRM 观韬中茂律师事务所 VICTOR WU 吴卫明 ALLBRIGHT LAW OFFICES 锦天城律师事务所 SAMUEL YANG 杨洪泉 ANJIE BROAD LAW FIRM 安杰世泽律师事务所 ZHANG TAO 张韬 DEHENG LAW OFFICES 德恒律师事务所