18 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 JUNE 2023 Consumption is expected to play a pivotal role in uplifting the Chinese economy in 2023. ALB speaks with general counsel in the field of consumer goods to discuss how in-house teams support innovative business models amid ever-changing consumption scenarios in China, how they tackle regulatory challenges such as data compliance, and how they plan to support efforts to boost consumer spending. BY HU YANGXIAOXIAO 2023年,促进消费在重振中国经济过程中无疑扮演着举足轻重的角色。ALB对话消费品领域的总法律顾问,探讨 中国消费场景、模式不断变化下法务团队对业务模式创新的支持;他们如何面对数据合规等监管挑战;以及2023 年,他们又将如何以法律人的智慧支持消费振兴。 作者:胡阳潇潇 GC CONVERSATIONS: BOOSTING CONSUMPTION 对话总法律顾问:提振消费 China is one of the largest consumer markets in the world, with evergrowing consumer demand. The Chinese government has been encouraging consumption upgrades through a series of policy measures and reform initiatives to further develop the consumer goods market. Many consulting firms have recently emphasized the importance of boosting consumption in developing China’s economy going forward. According to the Boston Consulting Group, “as pandemictriggered disturbance weakens, to better unleash the new vitality of the economy, ‘expanding domestic demand’ and ‘promoting consumption’ have become important means to accelerate economic growth for the whole year. Multiple indicators point to continued recovery of China’s economy in 2023. In addition, the resumption of physical consumption scenarios means that consumption characterized by in-person contact and gathering will also gradually return to normal.” Meanwhile, consumption patterns have undergone rapid changes in China over the past few years. The exponential growth of e-commerce provides GC CONVERSATIONS Image: John k studio/