28 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 JUNE 2023 ALB: What kind of economic activities have returned in Hong Kong, and how has that impacted the demand for legal services in your firm? SIMON CHAN, Hong Kong managing partner, Dorsey & Whitney: The return of economic activities and especially the return of easy travel in–and–out of Hong Kong, have been very positive for us. The reason is that our Hong Kong team functions as a pillar for our three Dorsey China offices, namely, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. We work as one team with three locations in China. It is a strategy and unique Dorsey DNA that I spend time cultivating with our practice leaders in Beijing and Shanghai. Also, most of our cross-border client matters will involve two or more of our China offices and often lawyers from our U.S., Canada, and London offices to draw on the right legal expertise. It is a sweet spot for us. For all the talk of a robust rebound in 2023, Hong Kong’s dealmaking scene has been soft so far, compounded by lasting geopolitical upheavals and a slower-than-expected economic recovery in Mainland China, and as a result, legal work hasn’t quite returned in the same way. Law firm leaders however, still see a number of business opportunities in a city famed for its resilience. BY SARAH WONG 尽管市场期待着2023年的强势反弹,但迄今为止,香港的交易活动仍表现疲软,持续的地缘政治动荡及中国内地 慢于预期的经济复苏也使事态愈发复杂。因此,香港的法律业务也尚未恢复至同期水平。律所管理者与ALB分享 了度过困难时期的方法,以及他们对“曙光终必来临”的信心。 作者:黄婉君 WAITING FOR THE TURNAROUND 机遇在转角处 ROUNDTABLE Image: Travel man/