ALB China Debt Restructuring Forum 2023 2023 ALB 中国债务重组论坛 24 AUGUST- BEIJING 8月24日 - 北京 PROUDLY PRESENTED BY WORKSHOP SPONSORS Due to the continuous upsurge of corporate bankruptcy and reorganization in China in recent years, some new ideas and new investment opportunities have also become active in the current market. In particular, service trusts have entered the field of bankruptcy and reorganization, enterprises have been moving towards group development and the bond market has developed in depth, making risk management entrusted service trust business, substantive merger and reorganization of affiliated enterprises, and bankruptcy reorganization of bond defaulting entities have been favored. Everyone's attention. In addition, as investors pay more attention to bankruptcy reorganization investment, other reorganization investment opportunities such as mutual benefit bond investment have also become investors' consideration options. Based on the above-mentioned market changes, ALB will hold the ALB China Debt Restructuring Forum in Beijing on August 24, 2023, focusing on relevant hotspots that enterprises are currently concerned about, and helping enterprises solve related debt restructuring issues. The forum will bring together senior debt market practice experts, corporate legal advisors, company executives, and investors to jointly discover the latest hotspots in the debt market, discuss solutions to challenges and seize opportunities. 由于近几年来国内一直持续着企业破产重整的热潮,一些新思路和新投资机会也相应地活跃在了当下市场上。特别是服务信托进入破产 重整领域,企业不断走向集团化发展以及债券市场的纵深发展,使得风险处置受托服务信托业务,关联企业实质合并重整和以债券违约 主体的破产重整等热点受到了大家的广泛关注。此外,随着投资人对破产重整投资的深入关注,也让共益债投资等其他重整投资机会成 为了投资人的考虑选择。 基于上述市场变化, ALB将于2023年8月24日在北京举办ALB中国债务重组论坛,聚焦当前企业关注相关热点要点,帮助企业解决相关债 务重组问题。论坛将汇集资深债务市场实务专家,企业法律顾问,公司高管,投资人,共同发掘债务市场最新的热点, 探讨应对挑战,把握 机遇的解决方案。 FOR MORE INFORMATION, KINDLY VISIT 更多信息欢迎访问本次活动页面 Wang Jin 王瑾 (8610) 5669 2009 SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES 演讲事宜请联系 Amantha Chia 谢京庭 (65) 6973 8258 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 赞助机会请联系