36 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 JUNE 2023 Energy & Resources Deal of the Year 年度能源和资源交易大奖 China Three Gorges Corporation and China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd. ‘s Material Hydropower Asset Restructuring 三峡集团与长江电力重大水电资产重组 项目 Firms: Dentons China; Zhong Lun Law Firm M&A Deal of the Year - Midsize 年度并购交易大奖 – Midsize Ganfeng Lithium Group’s acquisition of Argentina-focused lithium explorer Lithea for USD 962 million 赣锋锂业以9.62亿美元收购在阿根廷开展 业务的矿业公司Lithea Firms: Baker McKenzie FenXun; Harney Westwood & Riegels; Mayer Brown LLP M&A Deal of the Year - Premium 年度并购交易大奖 – Premium AVIC Avionics (600372.SH)’s acquisition and absorption of AVIC Electromechanical (002013.SZ) 中航电子换股吸收合并中航机电 Firms: Jia Yuan Law Offices; Jingtian & Gongcheng Project Finance Deal of the Year 年度项目融资交易大奖 CDB’s USD53.3bn infrastructure fund 国开行3600亿元基础设施投资基金 Firms: Lantai Partners Banking & Financial Services In-House Team of the Year 年度银行和金融业公司法务组大奖 WeBank Co., Ltd. Legal Compliance Department 深圳前海微众银行股份有限公司法律合规部 Telecommunications In-House Team of the Year 通力年度科技、媒体和电信法务组大奖 Baidu, Inc. Transaction and Compliance Legal Department 百度集团交易及合规法律事务部 SHIPPING LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR Guo Xinwei, Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm; He Wei, Thomson Reuters (Presenter) 郭新伟,敬海律师事务所;何威,汤森路透(颁奖嘉宾) EQUITY MARKET DEAL OF THE YEAR-MIDSIZE Representatives of Llinks Law Offices 获奖律所通力律师事务所的代表 INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR Zhou Junwu, Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm; He Wei, Thomson Reuters (Presenter) 周俊武,金诚同达律师事务所;何威,汤森路透(颁奖嘉宾) EQUITY MARKET DEAL OF THE YEAR-PREMIUM Zhang Xinyang, Commerce & Finance Law Offices; Wang Shu, Han Kun Law Offices 张新阳,通商律师事务所;王舒,汉坤律师事务所 “Wang Jing & Co. has a long history in the field of maritime and shipping law. Although 2022 was extremely unusual, we were united from headquarters to branches all over the country, and we overcame the difficulties together.” “敬海在海事海商领域历史比较悠 久,虽然说2022年非常不寻常,但 是我们从总所到各地的分所,可以 说上下同心,克服了困难。” “As a law firm with a major focus on capital markets business, it is particularly gratifying to receive this award on Llinks’ 25th anniversary.” “作为以资本市场业务为一 大特色的律所,能够在通力 25周年之际拿到这个奖项是 特别高兴的一件事。” “JTN has always been deeply involved in the field of international trade. We have been actively promoting efforts in WTO-related areas, including anti-dumping, anti-monopoly, anti-subsidy, and safeguards.” “金诚同达在国际贸易领域一直是 深耕细作,在 WTO,包括反倾销、 反垄断、反补贴、‘一保’相关业务 领域中一直是努力推进。” “I am thrilled to receive this award. This recognition fully demonstrates Commerce & Finance’s longstanding leading position in overseas listings, and we are grateful to ALB and the award judges for their acknowledgment.” “拿到这个奖非常开心。这个奖充 分展示了通商过往一贯在海外资本 市场的领先地位,也非常感谢ALB以 及颁奖评委对我们的认可。” ALB CHINA LAW AWARDS 2023