41 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA Private Equity Law Firm of the Year - International 年度私募股权投资律师事务所大奖—国际组 Kirkland & Ellis 凯易律师事务所 Real Estate Law Firm of the Year 年度房地产律师事务所大奖 Zhong Lun Law Firm 中伦律师事务所 Offshore Law Firm of the Year 年度离岸律师事务所大奖 Harney Westwood & Riegels 衡力斯律师事务所 Shipping Law Firm of the Year 年度船运业律师事务所大奖 Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm 敬海律师事务所 CHINA REGIONAL LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR Li Jingchuan, Tahota Law Firm; Guo Xiaozhou, Celanese (Presenter) 李静传,泰和泰律师事务所;郭小舟,塞拉尼斯(颁奖嘉宾) SHANGHAI LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR Wu Weiming, AllBright Law Offices; Guo Xiaozhou, Celanese (Presenter) 吴卫明,锦天城律师事务所;郭小舟,塞拉尼斯(颁奖嘉宾) “This is a recognition from the professional market for AllBright. In the past few years, the legal industry has faced challenging times. However, I believe that through adversity, we will experience a rebirth and welcome a better market and a brighter future.” “这是专业市场对于锦天城的认 可。过去几年中,各行各业都经历 了相对艰难的时刻,但我相信浴火 重生,我们会迎来更好的市场,迎 来更好的明天。” “Tahota has achieved scalization and is now pursuing specialization and internationalization. This regional award further acknowledges our accomplishments in various regions following the completion of our scaling efforts.” “泰和泰已经完成了规模化,现在在 向专业化追求、国际化发展。这个区 域大奖是对我们在完成规模化后, 在各个区域成绩的进一步肯定。” C M Y CM MY CY CMY K 汉坤律师事务所半页广告单页_0616.pdf 1 2023/6/16 17:16:01 ALB CHINA LAW AWARDS 2023