16 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS – MARCH 2024 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM Naufal Fileindi partner, GHP Law Firm, Indonesia Naufal Fileindi is the head of the digital technology, personal data and privacy, media, and intellectual property practice groups at GHP Law Firm. With a talent for creative legal writing and advocacy, he promotes a wider understanding of the law among the public. Fileindi represents leading global and multinational corporations on issues relating to e-commerce, technology, media, data protection, and privacy. His work includes advisory support and representation on corporate restructuring and transactions. One notable example is Fileindi, who served as lead attorney for a data protection and privacy consultancy for Xiaomi Indonesia and Efishery, a leading Indonesian aquaculture company. The consultancy involved assessing and auditing the companies’ compliance with Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Law. This provided valuable guidance to help strengthen their processes and privacy practices. Additionally, Fileindi assisted Warner Music Indonesia, a major music company, in reviewing its commercial contracts catalogue. He helped identify gaps to ensure contracts remain applicable amid Indonesia’s evolving music industry landscape. Fileindi believes tech lawyers, especially in Indonesia, must have strong industry know-how and grasp the interplay between relevant laws and regulations. His goal is to provide clients with legal and commercial certainty. One client remarks, “Fileindi is very responsive, flexible, and commercially knowledgeable. These attributes certainly distinguish him in the Indonesian market, while also placing him among a select roster of regional TMT lawyers trusted for international client work.” Another adds, “He is pragmatic, responsive, and highly approachable. As a subject matter expert with excellent communication skills, Fileindi understands his clients and delivers targeted, practical advice.” Rakesh Kirpalani director of dispute resolution & information technology, chief technology officer, Drew & Napier, Singapore Rakesh Kirpalani is a seasoned legal professional renowned for his unique blend of legal acumen, commercial savvy, and technological expertise. Currently serving as the director of dispute resolution and information technology and chief technology officer at Drew & Napier, Kirpalani has spent an impressive 17 years with the firm. ASIA SUPER 50 TMT LAWYERS 2024 In its fourth edition of the Asia Super 50 TMT Lawyers list, ALB showcases the top lawyers in the region’s fast-growing technology, media, and telecommunications practices. Recognised for their achievements by clients, the list is presented in alphabetical order, with select lawyers profiled in further detail. LIST AND TEXT BY ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS Kirpalani is at the helm of Drew & Napier’s information technology practice, where he leverages his deep understanding of technology alongside his background in commercial dispute resolution to offer strategic counsel on risk mitigation and dispute resolution in matters encompassing technology, data, commercial, and employment issues. A proficient trial lawyer, Kirpalani is committed to bridging the gap between legal practitioners, judges, arbitrators, and technologists. He actively advocates for enhanced understanding and collaboration between these disciplines, facilitating smoother navigation of legal issues surrounding technology for clients and simplifying complexities for the judiciary. Beyond his professional endeavours, Kirpalani serves as the honorary legal counsel of Cyber Youth Singapore, a pioneering youth-driven movement focused on shaping Singapore’s digital future. Through this role, he actively engages with young technologists, empowering them to contribute to the nation’s digital trajectory and secure its place in the global digital ecosystem. Clients commend Kirpalani for his adept handling of legal and technical complexities, noting, “Working with Rakesh is easy... he understands all the cyber and IT jargon.” Another praises his practical focus: “He is the rock of ASIA SUPER 50 TMT LAWYERS 2024