2 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS – INDIA E-MAGAZINE MAY-JUNE 2023 ALB: How is the significant growth of India’s technology industry driving the need for legal support provided by firms like yours? Pravin Anand, managing partner, and Vaishali Mittal, partner, Anand & Anand: Law and technology are inseparable, and today, is considered as one of the most important disciplines. Today, India Inc. is as much the story of legacy businesses, as it is the story of grassroot inventors, content creators on social media, start-ups turning unicorns, and the entire nation going cashless, and relying solely on digital payments. With India’s narrative being largely digital, an overwhelming majority of the issues that will arise, both for monetization as well as protecting one’s creations, will relate to intellectual property. IP firms like ours will play a pivotal role in giving shape to the way technology catalyses social and economic change. IP will not be restricted to government offices or courts, but will be the dominant factor in valuation meetings, pitches to incubation centres, license negotiations etc. Hemant Singh, managing partner, and Mamta Jha, senior partner, Inttl Advocare: India has always been recognized as the tech hub of the world. However, recent entrepreneurial efforts coupled with an extremely conducive environment has propelled India to the global stage as a formidable tech powerhouse. Given the dynamism of the tech industry, legal support in this sector needs to be equally dynamic and solution-oriented. This has been the guiding philosophy for Inttl Advocare when assisting clients from and around the tech sector! Since its inception in 1991, the firm has seen the tech sector grow by leaps and bounds. From being a tertiary avenue for various industries, the digital ecosystem is now a primary and essential market. Surviving online is the key to thriving offline! It would not be remiss to state that the Technology Industry has permeated every other industrial sector. This cross-sectoral growth has also raised complex legal challenges pertaining to intellectual property, data privacy, cybersecurity, cross-jurisdictional challenges, and regulatory compliance aspects requiring specialized expertise which firms like ours are well-equipped to provide. At Inttl Advocare, our legal strategies and advice always take into account the practical realities of the digital world. We strive to provide innovative solutions to evolving challenges in the tech space, which are rooted in the conventional law, whilst being flexible Lawyers have played a pivotal role in the remarkable growth of India’s technology industry, which is now valued at an impressive $245 billion and employs some 5.4 million people. Leaders at some key law firms talk about how their expertise in areas like IP rights, contract law, and regulatory compliance is provided the necessary legal framework for innovation, investment, and business expansion, fostering an environment conducive to the sector’s success. BY ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS TALKING TECH In the spotlight