ALMT Legal is a dynamic and progressive full service Indian law firm that provides high quality, precise and client focused legal expertise. With about 100 lawyers and 20 partners across offices in strategic commercial centers like Bangalore and Mumbai, we have an established reputation as one of India’s top tier law firms.

With a focus on providing clients with efficient, innovative and cost effective legal solutions, ALMT Legal has been instrumental in advising numerous domestic and international clients in their business ventures both in India and internationally. An extensive talent pool coupled with considerable experience and knowledge have time and again ensured consistent client satisfaction. The firm prides itself on being able to deal with and negotiate complex legal issues and structures, and provide sharply focused advice in order to help clients with achieving broader commercial objectives.

While the firm brings their rich experience to the forefront in the traditional areas of law, it is also constantly innovating and exploring more niche and upcoming sectors with a forward looking approach. Thus, clients are not only ensured support in their traditional business and commercial endeavours, but are also able to leverage the firm’s expertise in constantly evolving and modern practice areas.