We are now accepting submissions for the ALB India Top Disputes Lawyers 2020.

Litigation has perhaps always been one of the fundamental practices for the legal profession. Contentious yet attractive, every battle in court features thorough investigation, in-depth research, logical analysis, persuasive eloquence, and quick wits from lawyers of both sides. More importantly, while seeking victory for clients, dispute lawyers in India are also playing their part in promoting the rule of law and pursuing social justice.

In its October 2020 issue, ALB India is spotlighting the Top Disputes Lawyers. We would come out with best disputes lawyers based on their high-profile cases, clients’ recommendations, and feedback from the market.

The submission form and methodology can be downloaded by clicking the links below:

ALB India Top Disputes Lawyers 2020 Methodology 

ALB India Top Disputes Lawyers 2020 Submission Form

Please fill in the form and direct submissions to Aparna Sai at aparna.sai@thomsonreuters.com no later than August 28, 2020.