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8TH DECEMBER • SHENZHEN 12月8日 • 深圳 Asian Legal Business is pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the ALB China Regional Law Awards 2023: South China & Central China, with the winners being announced in a gala ceremony in Shenzhen on Friday 8th December, 2023. These prestigious awards will pay tribute to the outstanding performance of private practitioners and in-house teams in South China & Central China, which covers 7 provinces and 1 autonomous region: Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Henan, Hubei and Hunan. Put forth your own law firm, in-house team or other teams in this areas you have worked with in the past year to recognize their accomplishments and efforts. Recognizing your organization’s accomplishments, ALB would like to invite you to nominate your own legal team or that of another organization that you have worked with in the past, for one or more of the categories we will be presenting on the awards night. Joining the nomination process and attending the awarding ceremony are ideal opportunities for law firms and in-house teams not only to establish competitive networks, but also to showcase their expertise and leading position in the legal community. 《亚洲法律杂志》欣然宣布,2023 ALB中国区域市场法律大奖: 华南地区 & 华中地区提名已开放,这些象征着华南华中地区法律市场领先地 位的奖项最终花落谁家,将于2023年12月8日(星期五)在深圳举行的颁奖盛典上一一公布。 此次大奖将聚焦于华南华中地区7个省和自治区,即福建省,广东省,广西壮族自治区、海南省、河南省、湖北省和湖南省,旨在肯定和宣传 在华南华中地区法律服务市场实力雄厚、成绩斐然、表现亮眼的顶尖律师事务所、公司法务团队及个人,致力于鼓励更多的法律团队及从 业者在该领域做出杰出贡献。《亚洲法律杂志》诚邀华南华中地区的法律从业者参与到本次大奖中,展示您及团队的专业程度和领先地位, 并帮助您建立极具竞争力的人脉资源。

1 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA CONTENTS context through two fundamental chapters. 中国凭借卓越的经济 增长和蓬勃发展的技 术成就,已成为全球 知识产权领域的一股 强大力量。在这一部 分,我们将通过两个 章节,剖析和阐明中 国知识产权保护的关 键内容。 BRI EFS 4 Big Story 焦点故事 8 Appointments 律师转所信息 10 Deals 交易 With contributions from: • Commerce & Finance Law Offices 通商律师事务所 • Grandway Law Offices 国枫律师事务所 • Hiways Law Firm 海华永泰律师事务所 COVER STORY 12 2023 ALB China Regional Ranking: Yangtze River Delta Firms & Rising Lawyers 2023 ALB China 区域市场排名: 长三角地区律所和 律师新星 For the third consecutive year, ALB is delving into the legal services market in the YRD region and invites law firms and exceptional rising lawyers share insights with us. ALB连续三年将目光 锁定在长三角地区的 法律服务市场。成绩 斐然的律所和律师新 星与ALB讲述了如何 层层突围、确定方向、 不断进阶。 Ranking by ALB, text by Victor Wu With contributions from: • Boss & Young Attorneys-At-Law 邦信阳律师事务所 • HanSheng Law Offices 汉盛律师事务所 • W&H Law Firm 炜衡律师事务所 FEATURES 24 What Young Lawyers Want ALB年轻律师职场 调研 Young lawyers represent valuable assets for law firms, crucial for ensuring their long-term development. However, law firms still appear to harbor several misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding what young lawyers truly seek for their career development. 对于律师事务所来 说,年轻律师是保障 机构长远发展的宝贵 财富,然而对于年轻 律师在职业发展过程 中真实的所思所感, 律所仍旧存在不少“ 迷思”,甚至误解。 32 2023 ALB China Top 15 Female Lawyers 2023 ALB China 十五佳女律师 Women play a significant role in society and deserve to be recognized and celebrated in every industry. This year, ALB China Top 15 Female Lawyers again showcases exceptional lawyers acknowledged by the market for their outstanding contributions to the legal services sector. 女性能顶半边天,巾 帼力量在任何行业领 域都值得被尊重。今 年上榜ALB China十 五佳女律师榜单的杰 出女性律师们也因其 在法律服务行业的卓 越成就而获得了市场 的认可。 With contributions from: • Co-effort Law Firm 协力律师事务所 • Han Kun Law Offices 汉坤律师事务所 40 Major plans of miners 矿业出海之路 Two experienced legal professionals in the mining industry share their insights into the recent globalization efforts of Chinese mining companies. 两位长期投身于矿业 领域的法律专业人士 向我们分享了中国矿 企近些年的“出海”之 路、面临的法律风险, 以及法律人的保驾护 航之道。 50 ALB Legal Guide To Intellectual Property 2023 ALB知识产权法律 指南2023 China has become a powerhouse in the global intellectual property landscape. This section guides to dissect and illuminate key aspects of intellectual property protection in the Chinese 40 MAJOR PLANS OF MINERS 矿业出海之路 Image: Evgeny_V/

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4 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 OCTOBER 2023 BIG STORY BY HU YANGXIAOXIAO 作者:胡阳潇潇 CONTROLLED GROWTH 有控制的发展 The timeframe for a “nascent” technology to significantly influence the public and their daily lives is continually shrinking. Generative artificial intelligence, or generative AI, serves as a prime contemporary illustration of this trend. With the emergence of new technologies comes the need for corresponding regulations, and in the realm of generative AI, China is unequivocally at the forefront. 新技术从“初出茅庐”,到对公众生活及工作产生广泛影响,其所需时间正在不断缩短——生成式人工智能 (“生成式AI”)便是最好的例证。与新技术同步到来的还有新的监管规则,在生成式AI监管领域,中国无疑 已经走在了世界前列。 Image: sdecoret/

5 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA BIG STORY In late August of this year, eight companies and institutions, including Baidu, ByteDance, and SenseTime, officially launched their large model services to the Chinese public. This marked the initial rollout of large models approved for registration under China’s Interim Administrative Measures for Generative Artificial Intelligence Services, commonly known as the “Generative AI Measures.” At the time of this launch, it had been just two weeks since the Generative AI Measures came into effect and less than six months before the generative AI frenzy captivated the world. China’s rapid regulatory response to this burgeoning field is truly remarkable. Notably, China holds the distinction of being the first country to implement rules governing generative AI. In contrast, the European Union’s draft rules for the implementation of its Artificial Intelligence Act are still awaiting resolution of key issues through negotiations. Meanwhile, the United States primarily relies on selfregulation by leading generative AI players, and the development of preliminary regulations remains in the planning stage. BALANCING SECURITY AND DEVELOPMENT Discussing China’s swift implementation of generative AI regulations, Hilda Li, a partner at Shihui Partners, highlights two primary factors. “Generative AI has a greater impact on human society compared to many previous AI technologies, owing to its technical features, notably its robust interactive nature and versatility. Consequently, the associated risks are more acute and pressing.” Li continues, “Moreover, China already possesses tools for regulating generative AI. For instance, there are existing rules, designs, and concrete practices like registration, security assessment, and more in the domains of algorithm recommendations and deep synthesis management.” However, in this nascent field, Chinese legislation is navigating to strike a balance, ensuring the safety of content generated by large models without stifling innovation. The Generative AI Measures reflect legislative wisdom in this regard. Li explains further, “During the initial public consultation stage of the Generative AI Measures in April this year, the version was notably more stringent. We assisted numerous leading AI companies in providing feedback on suggested revisions. Many of these suggestions were ultimately adopted, underscoring the regulatory authorities’ appreciation for and respect of industry insights.” Furthermore, Li adds, “Upon closer examination of the provisions, one can observe that the Generative AI Measures introduced very few new obligations. The majority of provisions refine existing legal frameworks within the generative AI domain. Particularly intriguing is the inclusion of the word ‘interim’ in the title of the measures. This is relatively rare in the recent science and technology legislation adopted by the national cyberspace administration. It signifies the regulatory authorities’ stance of vigilant monitoring concerning emerging technologies like generative AI, suggesting potential adjustments to the measures as the technology evolves.” IDENTIFYING AND RESPONDING TO RISK Regarding discussions in the market about the initial set of large models that have obtained “licenses” under the Generative AI Measures, Li provides insights. She notes that while the measures have established a robust regulatory framework, “strictly speaking, the term ‘examination and approval’ is not explicitly used in the text. Instead, a ‘renvoi’ approach is taken. Essentially, the security assessment and algorithm registration for generative AI primarily adhere to the ProviHILDA LI sions on Security Assessment of Internet Information Services with Public Opinion Attributes or Social Mobilization Capabilities and the Provisions on Algorithms, among others.” In reality, when the aforementioned eight companies and institutions made their products publicly accessible, none explicitly highlighted that their large models had “successfully completed registration.” Li also mentions that besides regulatory provisions, “there are templates and essential assessment points. Businesses require guidance on relevant applications that encompass a multitude of specified elements. Companies must transparently and comprehensively elucidate the fundamental information about their algorithm models to regulatory authorities while assessing and managing risks.” As the registration and risk assessment processes are primarily conducted by enterprises themselves, legal experts well-versed in regulatory approaches within this domain act as significant gatekeepers throughout this procedure. Li further explains that Shihui Partners currently offers two versions of advice to clients in the generative AI field. “One is a comprehensive version featuring detailed lists and regulations. This version needs to be customized based on specific circumstances.” The other version, referred to as the “simplified version,” involves enterprises gaining an understanding of how regulatory authorities evaluate risks. Subsequently, they manage these risks by implementing internal rules and technical measures. Li emphasizes, “Having risks is not alarming. What is concerning is not having any mechanisms in place to isolate risks and respond swiftly. Therefore, compliance efforts should focus on risk isolation and prompt responses.” KEY ROLE PLAYED BY LAWYERS Within the framework of the Generative AI Measures, in addition to aiding relevant companies in entering the market swiftly and securely, initiating the commercialization of large models, external lawyers can contribute in a versatile manner.

6 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 OCTOBER 2023 BIG STORY 今年8月底,包括百度、字节跳 动、商汤等在内的8家企业和机构正 式宣布对中国公众用户开放其大模 型服务,至此,中国《生成式人工智 能服务管理暂行办法》(“生成式AI 管理办法”)下第一批备案通过的大 模型诞生。 此时距离“生成式AI管理办法” 正式生效不过半个月之久,距离生成 式AI热潮席卷全球也不到半年时间, 在生成式AI这一全新领域,中国的监 管反应速度令人瞩目。 实际上,中国是首个在生成式AI 领域实现规则落地的司法管辖区。对 比之下,欧盟的《人工智能法案》授权 草案仍在针对关键问题进行谈判;美 国则主要由头部生成式AI公司展开 自治,制定初步监管法律仍在计划 之中。 平衡安全与发展 谈到中国在生成式AI领域监管的快速 落地,世辉律师事务所合伙人李慧律 师指出,这背后主要有两方面原因。“ 生成式人工智能由于其技术特点—— 尤其是强互动性和泛用性,对人类社 会的影响比以往的很多人工智能技 术都更大,因此其带来的相关风险也 更为突出和急迫。” 其次,“监管生成式人工智能的 ‘工具箱’此前在中国已有一些积累, 在《关于加强互联网信息服务算法综 合治理的指导意见》、《互联网信息服 务算法推荐管理规定》、《互联网信息 服务深度合成管理规定》中均有制度 设计和具体实践——如算法备案、安 全评估等”。 不过,在这一全新领域,中国的 立法仍在摸索着寻求平衡,既保障大 模型输出内容的安全,又不抑制创新。 为此,“生成式AI管理办法”也体现出 了立法智慧。 一方面,李慧律师指出,今年4月 “生成式AI管理办法”最初征求意见 时,“那一版本是更为严格的,我们也 协助多家人工智能领域的头部企业反 馈了修改意见,很多最终都得到了接 受,可见监管机构对于产业界的意见 予以重视和尊重”。 另一方面,“如果仔细拆分条款, 会发现管理办法新设的义务很少,更 多还是现有法律规定在生成式人工 智能领域的细化”,她说。 “尤其值得关注的是,新规很罕 见地在标题中就有‘暂行’两字,这在 近年国家网信部门的科技立法中是不 太常见的,也能看到监管机构对生成 式人工智能这样的新技术具有需要 密切观察的心态,或许有可能根据技 术的发展对规定进行调整。” 隔离风险、快速反应 针对市场热议的第一批在“生成式AI 管理办法”下获得审批、拿到“牌照” 的大模型,李慧律师解释道,虽然新 规搭建了较为完整的监管框架,“但 严格来说通篇并未使用‘审批’字样, 而是采取‘转致规定’,即主要根据《具 有舆论属性或社会动员能力的互联网 信息服务安全评估规定》、《算法规定》 等对生成式人工智能服务开展安全评 估和算法备案”。 的确,上文8家公司和机构在宣 布对公众开放产品时,都没有强调大 模型“通过备案”的身份。 实践中,除了法规规定,李慧律 师说,“还存在相关模板和评估要点, 指导业务进行相关申报工作,其中包 含大量规定动作,企业需如实、详尽 地向监管机构说明其算法模型的基 本情况,并对风险进行评估和控制”。 由于相关备案、风险评估主要由 企业自行开展,过程中,熟悉这一领域 监管思路的律师也很大程度扮演了把 关人的角色。 李慧律师告诉ALB,目前世辉给 生成式AI领域客户提供的建议分为两 个版本。“一个是详细版本,其中包含 了详细的清单和制度,需要结合具体 情况进行量体裁衣。” 另一个则被她称为“简单版本, 企业需要把握监管对于风险的判断, 以制度和技术两个维度来管控风险, 要么具备领先的技术措施,要么采取 严格的管理制度,或者二者兼具。出 现风险不可怕,怕的是对风险没有隔 离机制,也不能快速反应。因此,合规 要把重点放在隔离风险和快速反应 这两点上。” 关键性角色 在“生成式AI管理办法”下,除了帮助 相关企业更快、更安全地“进场”,展开 大模型商业化之路,李慧律师指出,外 部律师也能够发挥更为多元的作用。 “根据新规和境内外的实际案 例,生成式人工智能服务提供者会涉 及到诸多法律问题,例如数据保护、知 识产权、内容安全、开源合规等。”李慧 律师说。而解决这些问题涉及诸多难 点,例如要能够平衡多方主体利益、 深度理解技术方案和商业模式,而且 针对许多问题,无论是监管机构、头部 公司、学术界,目前也尚未达成共识。 在此过程中,律师不但要提供落 地的解决方案,也要扮演好促进沟通 的角色。“律师需要深度参与规则的 讨论、建设,另一方面也要协助企业 准确理解法律和监管要求,搭建风险 防控体系。” “尤其考虑到领域的立法常有 所谓‘拔高’的要求,律师需要帮助企 业判断各项要求的轻重缓急以及实现 的现实可能性及潜在成本。在这一过 程中,外部律师不仅是法律专家,也 必须成为行业专家。”李慧律师说。 “Based on these new measures and real-world use cases both domestically and internationally, providers of generative AI services will confront numerous legal challenges, including data protection, intellectual property, content safety, and open-source compliance,” says Li. Addressing these challenges entails various complexities, such as balancing the interests of multiple stakeholders and possessing a deep understanding of technical solutions and business models. Furthermore, many of these issues currently lack a consensus among regulatory authorities, industry leaders, and academia. In this process, lawyers need to offer not only practical solutions but also facilitate communication and knowledge exchange. “Lawyers should actively participate in the discussion and formulation of regulations. They should guide companies in comprehending legal and regulatory requisites accurately and assist in constructing their risk prevention and control systems.” “Given that sector-specific legislation often imposes what we call ‘elevated’ requirements,” Li continues, “lawyers must help companies determine the prioritization of various requirements and assess the practical feasibility and potential costs associated with complying with these diverse demands. Throughout this journey, external lawyers transcend their role as legal experts and must evolve into industry experts,” emphasizes Li.

7 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA 刘元涛 国枫律师事务所合伙人 张曼悦 国枫律师事务所律师助理 BROUGHT TO YOU BY GRANDWAY LAW OFFICES 笔者在服务相关企业过程中,注意到部分投资方作为股 东在设立公司时出于体现“有实力”“好谈业务”等的想法, 会将注册资本注册得比较高,同时在章程中约定一个较长的 出资期限,公司注册资本通常需要较长期限方才实缴或迟迟 未能够实缴。从现行的规则及裁判案例来看,在公司负债无 力偿还的情况下,很可能导致公司股东出资责任加速到期, 并对公司债务承担补充赔偿责任;本文拟定就股东出资加速 到期的条件、出资与否的举证责任、股东出资加速到期承担 责任的形式等进行探究。 一、股东出资加速到期的情形 在注册资本认缴制下,股东认缴出资依法享有期限利 益,需要满足特定条件方才能让股东出资加速到期。按照《全 国法院民商事审判工作会议纪要》,具备如下情形之一的, 股东出资能够加速到期(1)公司作为被执行人的案件,人民 法院穷尽执行措施无财产可供执行,已具备破产原因,但不 申请破产的;(2)在公司债务产生后,公司股东(大)会决议 或以其他方式延长股东出资期限的。对于(2)中提到公司债 务产生后,再延长出资期限的情形是通常能够理解的。对于 (1)中的情形如何认定,笔者在实务案件操作中总结,通常 债权人对公司申请强制执行未完全执行获得回款,人民法院 出具了终结本次执行程序的裁定,即作为满足“公司作为被 执行人的案件,人民法院穷尽执行措施无财产可供执行,已 具备破产原因,但不申请破产的”的要件,并据此可要求公司 股东出资加速到期。除上述情形外,在公司出现不能继续存 续的情况,也会导致股东出资加速到期,包括:(1)公司解散 时,股东尚未缴纳的出资均应作为清算财产(包括尚未届满 缴纳期限的出资);(2)公司进入破产程序,管理人应当要求 该股东缴纳所认缴的出资,而不受出资期限的限制。 二、股东出资与否的举证责任分配 关于股东是否向公司履行出资的举证责任分配上,不能 单纯将举证责任分配给主张方,即债权人一方。按照《最高人 民法院关于适用<中华人民共和国公司法>若干问题的规定 (三)》(法释〔2020〕18号)第二十条 “当事人之间对是否已 履行出资义务发生争议,原告提供对股东履行出资义务产生 合理怀疑证据的,被告股东应当就其已履行出资义务承担举 证责任”之规定,在债权人提供初步合理怀疑的证据,并不一 定达到完全证明股东就是未出资的标准,最终已经履行出资 的证明责任是需要股东自行来承担的。通常,若公司公示的 年报信息、或工商档案中的文件显示公司股东未履行出资责 任,法院就会据此认定股东未出资。笔者近期处理的追究股 东责任的案件,系通过债务人公司在全国企业信用公示系统 公示的年报及其工商档案的信息显示其未出资,法院据此认 定股东未实缴出资。 股对公东司出未资履期行限债未务届如满, 何承担责任的探究 三、公司出资未到位,既能追究现股东,也能追究未出资即转 让股权的原股东责任 公司出资未到位,可以追究现有股东的责任;按照《最高 人民法院关于民事执行中变更、追加当事人若干问题的规定 (2020修正)》第十九条“作为被执行人的公司,财产不足以清 偿生效法律文书确定的债务,其股东未依法履行出资义务即转 让股权,申请执行人申请变更、追加该原股东或依公司法规定 对该出资承担连带责任的发起人为被执行人,在未依法出资的 范围内承担责任的,人民法院应予支持”之规定,债权人还可以 追究未依法履行出资义务即转让股权的原股东的责任,并可要 求原股东与受让人之间承担连带责任。原股东在未实缴出资 即转让股权,并不因其转让股权而免除未实缴出资的责任。 四、未实缴出资股东向债权人承担责任的方式 债权人主张股东承担责任,并不是要求股东将未履行出 资部分直接缴付至公司。按照《最高人民法院关于适用<中华 人民共和国公司法>若干问题的规定(三)(法释〔2020〕18 号)》第十三条“公司债权人请求未履行或者未全面履行出资 义务的股东在未出资本息范围内对公司债务不能清偿的部 分承担补充赔偿责任的,人民法院应予支持;未履行或者未 全面履行出资义务的股东已经承担上述责任,其他债权人提 出相同请求的,人民法院不予支持”之规定,未出资股东系直 接向债权人承担“补充赔偿责任”。支持的判决通常描述为, 被告在对公司未出资的金额内向债权人承担补充赔偿责任。 五、债权人追究未出资股东责任的流程 债权人追究股东的责任第一步为通过申请执行的法院 提起执行异议,要求追加公司股东在未出资的范围内承担补 充赔偿责任。在笔者处理的案件中,在执行异议环节中,其通 常不开庭审理,而裁定结果有支持的,也有驳回追究公司股 东为被执行人的申请,据核查过的案例大部分在该环节系驳 回追究公司股东责任。在债权人取得驳回追加公司股东作为 被执行人的裁定15日内需要向该院提起执行异议之诉,执 行异议之诉通过诉讼的方式,在满足上述情形,法院通常会 判决公司股东在未出资范围内对债权人承担补充赔偿责任。 从上述分析来看,债权人在人民法院强制执行公司仍未 能获得清偿;公司股东尚未完成实缴出资。债权人要求公司 股东对公司应当承的债务承担补充赔偿责任的,往往能够得 到法院的支持。实际上,判断公司的实力关注其总资产、净资 产、利润等更为实际的财务指标,还会关注其行业,风控层面 的规范等,而不是仅关注工商登记的注册资本。投资方作为 股东设立公司时,注册资本最好匹配其公司实际展业需要投 入的资金,若后续随着公司展业需要补充投资的,可以再行 通过增资进行投入,这样将有助于避免股东因公司债务而承 担补充赔偿责任。

8 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 OCTOBER 2023 APPOINTMENTS VERA GAO 高亚平 LEAVING 原就职律所 DeHeng Law Offices 德恒律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Duan & Duan Law Firm 段和段律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Data Compliance 数据合规 LOCATION 地点 Shanghai 上海 JIANG HONG 蒋弘 LEAVING 原就职律所 TianTong Law Firm 天同律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Global Law Office 环球律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Dispute Resolution 争议解决 LOCATION 地点 Beijing 北京 LIU HANCHUAN 刘汉川 LEAVING 原就职律所 Kangda Law Firm 康达律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Jia Yuan Law Firm 嘉源律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Intellectual Property 知识产权 LOCATION 地点 Beijing 北京 JEFF LIU 刘逍 LEAVING 原就职律所 Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton 美国佳利律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Shihui Partners 世辉律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Cross-Border M&A 跨境并购 LOCATION 地点 Beijing 北京 SYNDIA LIU 刘欣杰 LEAVING 原就职律所 DHH Law Firm 德和衡律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Chance Bridge Law Firm 卓纬律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Capital Markets 资本市场 LOCATION 地点 Shanghai 上海 SUN PENGCHENG 孙鹏程 LEAVING 原就职律所 AllBright Law Offices 锦天城律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Jingtian & Gongcheng 竞天公诚律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Dispute Resolution 争议解决 LOCATION 地点 Shanghai 上海

9 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA 吴刚 通商律师事务所管委会委员 张新阳 通商律师事务所管委会委员 BROUGHT TO YOU BY COMMERCE & FINANCE LAW OFFICES 近期,通商律师事务所苏州办公室落地苏州工业园区,成为江苏 省法律服务市场的一股新力量,这也是通商在境内外设立的第 9家办公室。值此机会,ALB与通商律师事务所展开独家对话,深 度了解通商落地苏州的原因,通商优势领域与当地发展的契合 之处,以及通商对于苏州办公室所寄予的期望。 ALB:通商近期新开设了苏州办公室,背后有着怎样的契机?近 年苏州整体经济发展状况如何? 通商律师事务所管委会委员吴刚:通商律师事务所成立于1992 年,是中国最早从事资本市场业务的律师事务所之一。发展至 今,通商的分支机构已遍及京津冀地区、长三角地区、华中地区、 西南地区、粤港澳大湾区、海南自贸区等中国各大经济活跃地 带,拥有9家境内外办公室,以及超过800名法律专业人士,始终 致力以专业实力促进区域经济持续发展。 江苏省作为中国华东地区经济发展的重要“窗口”之一,经 济基础好、发展速度快,是全国唯一所有地级行政区均跻身百强 的省份,人均GDP长期稳居全国前列,在2022年实现了12.29万 亿的GDP总量,苏州市的GDP也达到2.39万亿。 众所周知,地区经济的活力,决定着当地法律服务市场发展 的基础条件,也决定着当地客户的法律服务需求。作为商事法律 服务市场的杰出参与者与创新者,一直以来,通商与江苏省、苏 州市始终保持着紧密的互动,服务触角早已触达江苏省的诸多 区域及各产业。特别是在生物医药、半导体、智能制造等新兴领 域,近年来,通商与信达生物、康宁杰瑞、苏新美好生活、同心医 疗、高视医疗等苏州本地客户建立了长期且稳定的合作关系。在 这样的大背景下,通商基于自身业务发展的延伸性、服务响应的 及时性、客户体验的便捷性等考量因素,顺应需求设立了苏州办 公室,其设立将成为通商长三角战略布局的重要支点。 ALB:苏州的经济发展状况和通商的优势业务领域有怎样的契 合之处? 通商律师事务所管委会委员张新阳:通商自成立之初,即以资本 市场业务作为主攻方向,商事(涉外)争议解决亦是通商的核心 业务。秉承时代红利,通商在细分市场领域居领先地位,并且籍 此进一步发展成为提供一体化、全周期、全产业链法律服务的综 合性律师事务所。过去几年,受益于长三角地区经济的快速发 展,以及通商业务规模的不断扩充,我们在原有上海办公室的基 础上顺势而为,于2021年设立了通商杭州分所,与长三角企业 展开了更为密集的互动,先后完成了多个市场标志性项目。相信 此次设立的苏州办公室将携手上海办公室、杭州办公室共同构 建长三角服务集群,为本地客户提供全方位的智慧支持。 与此同时,随着产业转型和产业链的延伸,通商在资本市 场、兼并收购、私募股权、银行与金融、争议解决、知识产权、企 业合规等传统优势领域积累了深厚实力之外,也在持续打造更 为多元的业务矩阵,为客户量身定制了本土化服务模式,这在我 们与江苏企业的互动中有着深刻地体现,通商已协助维伟思医 疗科技、瑞璞鑫生物、锐讯生物、生原微创医疗、琻捷电子等客户 根植优势专业,赋能新兴产业 ——专访通商律师事务所 完成了私募股权投资项目,还深度参与了中国重汽集团等多宗 并购项目,并为同心医疗提供了知识产权法律服务。接下来,通 商将进一步夯实现有优势,为本地企业提供因地制宜、创新切实 的一站式商业解决方案。 ALB:苏州具备哪些优势产业?通商苏州办公室将如何深度服务 于当地特色产业? 张新阳律师:苏州目前建立了电子信息、装备制造、先进材料三 个万亿级产业领域。苏州电子信息产业在中国占据重要地位,拥 有华为、富士康、联想等众多知名企业和研发机构;装备制造业 也是传统优势项目,涵盖了机床、汽车零部件、船舶制造等领域; 先进材料产业则拥有纳米新材料、先进金属材料和高性能功能 纤维材料三个千亿级产业。 三大传统“压舱石”之外,苏州近年也大力促进新产业发展。 首先,高新技术产业是苏州经济发展的重要方向,尤其通商所坐 落的苏州工业园区,以半导体、生物医药、新材料等为主要方向, 形成了一批具有国际竞争力的企业和产业集群。其中,苏州的生 物医药及高端医疗器械集群已入围国家先进制造业集群,与北 京、上海、广州、深圳同处于全国第一方阵,成为苏州发展的“一 号产业”。2022年该产业规模达2188亿元,现有企业超3800家, 上市企业32家。 可以说,上述产业的深厚基础和快速发展为法律服务市场 提供了更多的可能性。对于通商来说,一直以来始终采用领域加 行业的业务发展模式深耕法律服务市场,实现了行业领域全覆 盖,多年来在长三角地区积累的实践经验恰好与江苏未来的产 业发展定位高度契合,我们期待在上述领域为更多优质的本地 企业提供全流程服务,将通商精深的行业经验与江苏及长三角 经济的发展需求做好链接。 ALB:通商对于苏州办公室未来的发展寄予怎样的期望? 吴刚律师:苏州产业集群在外向型制造业的基础上由本土企业 聚集发展而来的,根植性较强,而当地又以良好的营商环境促进 产业生态完善和发展,大力发展以电子信息、智能制造、生物医 药等高新技术产业,并已逐渐形成支撑全省乃至全国产业链运 转的产业配套体系,固本而鼎新。 通商苏州办公室成立伊始即拥有一支30余人规模的律师团 队,集合了争议解决、银行与金融、房地产与基础设施、投融资等 方面的专业人才。针对江苏省以及苏州当地的经济发展特点,作 为事务所重要区域部署之一,通商苏州办公室将依托事务所整 体平台优势,业务联动,协同发展,并结合事务所在数字经济、智 能制造、半导体、生物医药、新材料、新能源等领域行业已有的丰 富经验,加强业务、人员的交流和互动,深度融入并投身到经济 发展当中,满足区域市场多样化需求。 2022年是通商成立三十周年,刚过而立的通商壮志凌云、蓬 勃发展,此次落子苏州,通商将继续秉持“大多数律所提供法律 建议,我们交付商业解决方案”的服务理念,充分发挥自身优势, 将在苏州、江苏省乃至整个长三角区域大有作为。

10 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 OCTOBER 2023 DEALS $5.7BLN Inventronics’ acquisition of OSRAM Deal Type: M&A Firm: Commerce & Finance Law Offices, Haiwen & Partners Jurisdictions: China, Germany 英飞特收购欧司朗 交易类型:并购 参与律所:通商律师事务所、 海问律师事务所 管辖地:中国,德国 $2.2BLN BYD Electronic’ acquisition of Jabil Singapore Deal Type:M&A Firm:King & Wood Mallesons, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom Jurisdictions: China, Singapore 比亚迪电子收购捷普新加坡 交易类型:并购 参与律所:金杜律师事务所、 世达国际律师事务所 管辖地:中国,新加坡 $1BLN NIO’s issuance of convertible senior notes Deal Type:Note Firm: Latham & Watkins Jurisdictions: China, U.S. 蔚来发行可转换优先票据 交易类型:票据 参与律所:瑞生国际律师事务所 管辖地:中国,美国 $592MLN China Post Life Insurance’ acquisition of COFCO • Landmark Deal Type: M&A Firm: Anjie & Broad Jurisdictions: China 中邮保险收购北京中粮•置地广场 交易类型:并购 参与律所:安杰世泽律师事务所 管辖地:中国 $500MLN Big Tree Cloud’s de-SPAC deal with Plutonian Deal Type: M&A Firm: Paul Hastings, Commerce & Finance Law Offices, Maples Group, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, P.C., Global Law Office Jurisdictions: China, U.S. 大树云与Plutonian Acquisition完 成de-SPAC合并 交易类型:并购 参与律所:普衡国际律师事务所、通商律 师事务所、美国威尔逊律师事务所、环球 律师事务所、迈普达律师事务所 管辖地:中国,美国 $161MLN Gstarsoft Co.,Ltd.’s listing on STAR Market Deal Type: ECM Firm: AllBright Law Offices Jurisdictions: China 浩辰软件科创版上市 交易类型:股权融资 参与律所:锦天城律师事务所 管辖地:中国 $152MLN Tuhu Car’s listing in Hong Kong Deal Type: ECM Firm:Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, CM Law Firm, Kirkland & Ellis, Jingtian & Gongcheng, Maples Jurisdictions: China, Hong Kong SAR 途虎养车香港上市 交易类型:股权融资 参与律所:世达国际律师事务所、澄明泽 正律师事务所、凯易国际律师事务所、竞 天公诚律师事务所、迈普达律师事务所 管辖地:中国,中国香港特别行政区 $107MLN Fourth Paradigm’s listing in Hong Kong Deal Type: ECM Firm: Davis Polk & Wardwell, JunHe, O’Melveny & Myers, Commerce & Finance Law Offices Jurisdictions: China, Hong Kong SAR 第四范式香港上市 交易类型:股权融资 参与律所:达维律师事务所、君合律师 事务所、美迈斯律师事务所、通商律师 事务所 管辖地:中国,中国香港特别行政区 $105MLN Shiyue Daotian’s listing in Hong Kong Deal Type: ECM Firm: Clifford Chance, Commerce & Finance Law Offices, Paul Hastings, Jingtian & Gongcheng Jurisdictions: China, Hong Kong SAR 十月稻田香港上市 交易类型:股权融资 参与律所:高伟绅律师事务所、通商律师 事务所、普衡国际律师事务所、竞天公诚 律师事务所 管辖地:中国,中国香港特别行政区

11 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA BROUGHT TO YOU BY HIWAYS LAW FIRM 马靖云 Ma Jingyun 主任 Director Established in Shanghai in 1995, Hiways Law Firm is one of the first law firms in China to be approved as a “Special general partnership” law firm. With a national presence and global reach, Hiways offers clients comprehensive high-quality legal services through a professional, branded, international, and large-scale legal service team. This year, Hiways won the ALB China Regional Law Awards 2023: East China, International Trade Law Firm of the Year: East China – Local. The firm’s director Ma Jingyun shares its strategic planning, development goals, and cultural principles with ALB. COUNTERACTING THE MARKET TRENDS Over the past year, the legal market in East China showed a downward trend due to international relations and economic trends, but Hiways still managed to maintain a steady growth. Ma tells ALB that in addition to their traditional strengths in international trade, Hiways achieved outstanding results in various sectors, such as real estate, intellectual property, criminal law, compliance, anti-corruption, and dispute resolution. Furthermore, the continuous addition of young professionals has also enabled Hiways to deepen its efforts in emerging fields such as STAR MARKET, new energy, culture and media. “Seeking market hotspots, especially in some traditional business sectors that are shrinking, is very challenging. Therefore, lawyers need to adapt and provide innovative legal services to achieve growth against the current trends,” says Ma. INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION While ensuring steady progress in business, Hiways also undertook a comprehensive internal system improvement and construction. Building on their strengthened national integration strategy, they further expanded their international deployment. According to Ma, Hiways’s strategic trajectory begins with boutique practice and the transition from state-owned to private, ensuring a certain market share. After experiencing a second round of reforms, the firm transitioned to a partnership model, began to attract talent, and embarked on the path of scalability. The third stage involves developing into a strong international firm. With the establishment of offices in Seattle and Los Angeles, Hiways gradually formed its strategic goal of building a Shanghaibased international mega-firm. Hiways has completed its national presence essentially with 30 domestic branches, with five more in the process of establishment. In addition to Seattle and Los Angeles offices, the firm has also set up offices in Paris, London, Sydney, and Houston. Besides, the Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and other offices are also in preparation, with the aim of further expanding the international legal services market. PEOPLE-CENTRIC PHILOSOPHY Besides professional cooperation in various branches, a culture of harmony and inclusiveness is equally vital within Hiways. Ma tells ALB, “ The sea refuses no river” is the most distinctive feature of the firm. Due to the emphasis on talent, the firm has more than 2,000 professional talents nationwide after 28 years of development. Besides, the firm also requires its lawyers to possess not only professional competence but also refined, modest and tolerant. “The firm has always adhered to a concept of democratic equality internally. There is no ‘big brother culture,’ and seniority is not the sole determinant. Especially regarding young talents, as the saying goes, ‘Many hands make light work.’ The firm hopes to provide young lawyers with more opportunities, leading to positive talent accumulation,” Ma states. OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES Speaking of the challenges, Ma points out that the first challenge arises from the economic downturn, tightening regulations, and geopolitical tensions. Second, investment ability in the market is not as strong as before, and investment attitudes are becoming more cautious. Third, clients have gained deeper insights into legal regulations, judicial judgments, and the legal industry, which also places higher demands on lawyers’ professional capabilities. Therefore, facing the increasingly fierce market competition, the firm’s professionalism, brand, and indispensability are more crucial than ever. Lawyers must have the confidence to take on projects and earn clients’ trust through high-quality legal services. Looking ahead, Ma expresses that Hiways will continue to enhance its professionalism, cultivate talents, and accumulate client resources. Simultaneously, the firm will adhere to its beliefs, formulate strategies, pass on its culture, strengthen integration, accelerate internationalization, and strive to become an international mega-firm. 海纳百川、儒雅谦和,打造一流海派国际大所 ——专访2023 ALB中国区域市场法律大奖:年度华东地区国际贸易律师 事务所大奖– 本地获得者海华永泰律师事务所 Embracing diversity, cultivating humility: building a first-class international law firm —Interview with the ALB China Regional Law Awards 2023: East China, International Trade Law Firm of the Year: East China - Local winner, Hiways Law Firm 总部位于上海的海华永泰律师事务所成立于1995年,是中国首批获准成 为“特殊的普通合伙”律师事务所。立足全国、辐射全球,海华永泰以专业化、 品牌化、国际化、规模化的法律服务团队为客户提供全方位的优质法律服务。 今年,海华永泰捧得2023 ALB中国区域市场法律大奖:年度华东地区国 际贸易律师事务所大奖–本地。这样优异的成绩离不开每一位律师的奋斗,海 华永泰律师事务所马靖云主任向ALB分享了律所独特的战略规划、发展目标 与文化理念。 逆势增长 过去一年,受到国际关系和经济走势的影响,华东地区法律市场整体 呈现下行的态势,但海华永泰依旧保持了较为平稳的发展。马靖云主任告诉 ALB,除了国际贸易的传统强项领域之外,海华永泰在房地产、知识产权、刑 事业务、合规反腐败、争议解决等板块也都取得了较为突出的成绩。 与此同时,年轻专业人才的不断加入也使得海华永泰对一些例如科创 版、新能源、文化传媒等新兴领域展开了深耕。马靖云主任直言:“从传统的 一些业务领域,尤其是正在萎缩的板块寻求市场热点非常难,因此这需要律 师及时变换赛道,开拓突破性及创新性的法律服务,从而实现逆势增长。” 海派部署 在保证业务领域平稳前进的同时,海华永泰内部也进行了制度的全面 完善和建设,在加强全国一体化战略的基础上,进一步拓展国际海派部署。 马靖云主任介绍道:“海华永泰的战略脉络是从精品所做起,从成立初 期的合作制转向私营制,确保了一定的市场占有率;经历第二次改革后,海 华永泰真正形成了合伙制,开始广纳人才,走上规模化的道路;迎来第三阶 段,便是发展国际专业强所,随着西雅图、洛杉矶分所的设立,海华永泰也逐 渐形成了打造海派国际大所的战略目标。” 目前,海华永泰在国内共设有30家分所,还有5家在手续办理的过程当 中,基本完成了国内布局。此外,继西雅图、洛杉矶分所之后,海华永泰也已 先后在巴黎、伦敦、悉尼、休斯顿等地设立办公室,新加坡、日本、香港、马来 西亚等分所也正在筹备当中,以期进一步拓展国际法律服务市场。 人和理念 各分所之间,除了业务方面的专业合作,人和的文化理念也同样是海华 永泰尤为重视的一环。对此,马靖云主任告诉ALB,“海纳百川”是海华永泰最 为鲜明的特色,经过28年发展,事务所在全国范围内已经拥有了2000余名专 业人才。而正是得益于早期对于人才的重视,以及海派文化当中的兼容性,事 务所也要求律师在具备专业能力的同时,兼具儒雅、谦和、包容的特性。 马靖云主任表示:“事务所内部也一直贯彻实行民主平等的概念,没有 所谓的‘大佬文化’,不会论资排辈;尤其是对年轻人才的注重,俗话说‘众人 拾柴火焰高’,事务所也希望给予年轻律师更多机会,形成正向的人才累积。” 机遇与挑战 谈及面临的挑战,马靖云主任指出,首先,经济下行、监管趋严,地缘政治 的紧张也在方方面面影响着国际经贸的发展。其次,市场投资能力不如从前, 社会投资心态也日趋观望和保守。第三,客户对于法律法规、司法审判、律师 行业都有了更为深入的了解,这也对律师的专业能力提出了更高的要求。 因此,面对愈发激烈的市场竞争,律所的专业、品牌及不可替代性也就 更为重要,律师则需要具备足够的底气来承接项目,通过优质的法律服获得 客户的信任。 展望未来,马靖云主任表示,海华永泰将保持专业的提升、人才的培养 和客户资源的累积,探索细分领域,打造多领域的专家律师团队。与此同时, 事务所也将继续坚持自身信仰、制定策略、传承文化,加强一体化、加快国际 化,以造就百年大所为目标,让大船继续平稳航行。