AGENDA TIME TOPIC 9.00am - 10.00am Understanding the global regulatory landscape Emerging legal and regulatory approaches to AI: law, regulation or voluntary framework? 10.00am - 10.45am Decision-making through AI: understanding and managing the risk of bias, discrimination and inaccuracy Practical case studies to explore data preparation and management strategies to address risk from initial conception to design and release. Who are the relevant stakeholders? How do we strike the balance between AI and human engagement? 10.45am - 11.15am Tea Break 11.15am - 12.15am Generative AI: understanding and managing the risk of “hallucination” and reputational damage Practical cases studies on due diligence, monitoring performance and securing adequate assurances and contractual protections from service and data providers. 12.15pm - 1.15pm Lunch 1.15pm - 2.15pm Data protection, privacy and confidentiality: how does AI deployment interact with the growing patchwork of privacy laws? Exploring the legal risks of web-scraping and data harvesting to populate and train AI models. Practical case studies on due diligence and the limits of indemnity protection. 2.15pm - 3.15pm Intellectual property, confidentiality and AI deployment. What are the risks? Discussion and examination of potential contractual provisions to protect against (i) service and data providers’ access to your organization’s confidential information, and (ii) your organization’s potential exposure to third party claims for IP infringement 3.15pm - 3.30pm Tea Break 3.30pm - 4.15pm The weakest link? Case studies and recommendations for training your organization’s staff and contractors to understand and mitigate the risks of AI deployment. 4.15pm - 5.00pm Horizon scanning and compliance roadmap: what is the timeline for key global developments over the next 18-24 months? Identifying and understanding key developments in global and regional AI regulation and governance requirements. Sectoral focus on financial service, insurance, trade and trade finance. 5.00pm - 5.15pm Summary and Q&A END OF WORKSHOP