ALB Greater Bay Area Legal Forum 2023 2023 ALB 粤港澳大湾区法律论坛 7 DECEMBER – GUANGZHOU 12月7日 – 广州 The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is one of the regions with the highest degree of openness and the strongest economic vitality in China. It is an important attempt by the country to promote the formation of a new development pattern of comprehensive opening up in the new era. The Greater Bay Area has a solid manufacturing foundation, and enterprises in the region are converging on high-tech industries and advanced manufacturing industries. The current complex and changeable international situation and the normalization of the epidemic have brought new opportunities and challenges to economic development; at the same time, the accelerated integration of different legal and policy frameworks in the three regions in the Greater Bay Area has continued to provide economic growth. Provide kinetic energy. In this context, Asian Legal Business (ALB) will hold the Greater Bay Area Forum in Guangzhou on 7 December 2023. This forum invited senior experts in the legal service market to share their professional observations and reflections on laws and practices under different legal systems in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, involving capital market, intellectual property, anti-monopoly, corporate compliance, disputes To solve hot topics in various fields, discuss the legal issues and solutions faced by enterprises in the process of business development, help corporate decision-makers to accurately understand laws and regulations and the latest policies, and timely grasp their business opportunities in the Greater Bay Area and even Asia. 粤港澳大湾区是中国开放程度最高、经济活力最强的区域之一,是国家在新时代推动形成全面开放新发展格局的重要尝试。大湾区拥有雄厚的 制造业基础,区域内企业呈现向高新技术产业和先进制造业聚拢态势。当前复杂而多变的国际形势与疫情常态化的叠加,为经济发展带来了新 的机遇与挑战;与此同时,大湾区内三地不同法律及政策框架的加速融合,持续为经济增长提供动能。 在此背景下,汤森路透《亚洲法律杂志》(ALB)将于2023年12月7日在广州召开粤港澳大湾区论坛。本次论坛邀请了法律服务市场的资深专家, 分享他们对粤港澳大湾区的不同法律制度下的法律与实践的专业观察和思考,涉及资本市场、知识产权、反垄断、企业合规、争议解决等各个领 域热点话题,共同探讨企业在业务发展过程中面临的法律问题及解决方法,助力企业决策者准确地理解法律法规和最新政策,及时把握其在大 湾区乃至亚洲的商业机遇。 Wang Jin 王瑾 (8610) 5669 2009 Amantha Chia 谢京庭 (65) 6973 8258 SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES 演讲事宜请联系 FOR MORE INFORMATION, KINDLY VISIT 更多信息欢迎访问本次活动页面 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 赞助机会请联系 PROUDLY PRESENTED BY WORKSHOP SPONSORS PANEL SPONSOR