2 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 NOVEMBER 2023 Asian Legal Business is available by subscription. Please visit for details. Asian Legal Business has an audited average circulation of 11,402 as of 30 September 2016.Copyright is reserved throughout. No part of this publication can be reproduced in whole or part without the express permission of the editor. Contributions are invited, but copies of work should be kept, as Asian Legal Business can accept no responsibility for loss. MCI (P) 003/02/2023 issn 0219 – 6875 KDN PPS 1867/10/2015(025605) Thomson Reuters 18 Science Park Drive Singapore 118229 / T (65) 6775 5088 / F (65) 6333 0900 10/F, Cityplaza 3, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong / T (852) 3762 3269 RANAJIT DAM, Managing Editor, Asian Legal Business, Thomson Reuters HEAD OF LEGAL MEDIA BUSINESS, ASIA & EMERGING MARKETS Amantha Chia 谢京庭 MANAGING EDITOR Ranajit Dam 邓文杰 CHINA EDITOR Hu Yangxiaoxiao 胡阳潇潇 SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST Victor Wu 吴嘉林 EDITORIAL ASSOCIATE Charlie Wu 吴卓言 SENIOR CONTENT MANAGER Wang Jin 王瑾 CHINA RESEARCH Bian Jie 边洁 SENIOR DESIGNER John Agra TRAFFIC/CIRCULATION MANAGER Rozidah Jambari SALES MANAGERS Yvonne Cheung 张裕裕 China Key Accounts (852) 2847 2003 Steven Zhao 赵树群 China Key Accounts (86) 010 5669 2021 Steffi Yang 杨绮繁 South and West China (86) 010 5669 2041 Hiroshi Kaneko Japan (81) 3 4520 1192 Jonathan Yap Indonesia, Singapore (65) 9832 8945 Krupa Dalal India, Middle East, Singapore (91) 22 6189 7087 Romulus Tham Southeast Asia (65) 6870 3035 In this issue of ALB China, we focus on growth by unveiling the country’s top 30 largest law firms. It is becoming increasingly evident that the pursuit of growth is not merely an option for law firms; it is a strategic imperative that positions them to thrive in an ever-evolving environment. In an era where change is constant, law firms face the dual challenge of meeting the evolving needs of their clients and staying ahead of the competition. Growth, in this context, is not just about expanding in scale; it is a multifaceted approach that involves strategic planning, innovation, and a commitment to delivering exceptional legal services. Beyond numerical metrics, growth enables these firms to attract top legal talent, fostering a culture of excellence and specialization. A larger and more diverse team brings varied perspectives and skills, enhancing the firm’s ability to address the complex and multifaceted challenges presented by the legal landscape. Moreover, growth affords law firms the opportunity to invest in cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure. In an era where legal tech is transforming the way legal services are delivered, larger firms have the resources to stay at the forefront of these advancements, ensuring efficiency and efficacy in their operations. The ability to harness technology not only streamlines internal processes but also enhances the quality and speed of services provided to clients. 本期《亚洲法律杂志》中国版聚焦于“增长”:我们将向您展示中国30家最 大的律师事务所。毫无以为,如今追求增长对于律师事务所来说不仅仅是一种 选择,更是种战略必要,帮助律所在不断变化的环境中蓬勃发展。 在这个变化不断的时代,律师事务所面临着满足客户不断演变的需求,以及 领先于竞争对手的双重挑战。在这种背景下,增长不仅意味着规模上的扩张,它 的含义更为多元,涉及战略规划、创新以及致力于提供卓越的法律服务。 超越数字指标,增长使这些律所能够吸引顶尖的法律人才,培养卓越和专业 化的内部文化。更大、更多样化的团队带来了不同的视角和技能,增强了律所应 对法律领域复杂多元挑战的能力。 此外,增长为律师事务所提供了投资尖端技术和基础设施的机会。在法律 科技改变法律服务提供方式的时代,规模较大的律所能够不断投入资源,确保 自身位于进步的前沿,进而保障律所运转的效率和效果。技术不仅简化了内部 流程,还提高了向客户提供服务的质量和速度。 NAVIGATING THE GROWTH FRONTIER 探索增长前沿