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CHINA LAW AWARDS TEAM 中国法律大奖团队 8TH DECEMBER • SHENZHEN 12月8日 • 深圳 As the finalist is revealed, the winners for the ALB China Regional Law Awards 2023: South China & Central China will be announced at the ceremony in Shenzhen on Friday 8th December, 2023. Recognizing your organization’s accomplishments over the past year, ALB would like to invite you to join the ALB China Regional Law Awards 2023: South China & Central China ceremony. The event will bring together legal and business elites across South and Central China. Joining the awarding ceremony are ideal opportunities for law firms and in-house teams not only to establish competitive networks, but also to showcase their expertise and leading position in the legal community. Join the grandest legal celebration in South and Central China, and celebrate with the legal and business communities! 伴随着���� ALB中国区域市场法律大奖: 华南地区 & 华中地区入围名单的揭晓,本次大奖奖项最终花落谁家,答案将在��月�日 在深圳举办的颁奖典礼上一一揭晓。 本次华南华中地区法律大奖旨在肯定和宣传过去一年在华南华中地区法律界取得巨大成就的法务团队、律所及个人,致力于鼓励 更多的法律团队及从业者在自己的领域做出杰出贡献。颁奖典礼将聚集法律界的大咖与新星,为您的人脉扩展起到积极作用。 与此同时,参加颁奖典礼也可以向整个法律界展示您及团队的专业水平和风采。 我们期待与您同赴盛典,共享荣耀时刻!

1 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA CONTENTS 师执业证书。ALB和 首批“拿牌”的香港 律师聊了聊他们在 大湾区展业的情况, 以及对下一步发展的 设想。 42 2024: The offshore view 展望2024: 离岸律所视角 Offshore law firms leaders talk about some of their big themes for 2024. 离岸律师事务所管 理者分享了2024年 的几大议题。 BRI EFS 4 Big Story 焦点故事 10 Appointments 律师转所信息 11 Deals 交易 COVER STORY 12 2023 ALB China Top 30 Largest Law Firms 2023 ALB China 中国最大30家律所 Several winners on this year’s ALB China Top 30 Largest Law Firms list emphasize that the numerical growth alone does not adequately measure the magnitude of a firm. With an increase in the size of a firm, there arises a proportional increase in the number of pressing issues that demand resolution. Therefore, understanding what it truly means to be a large firm is better explored through various perspectives, such as specialization and integration. 今年,多家登上“30 大所”榜单的律所告 诉ALB,数字的增长 不是规模化发展唯一 的度量衡,更大的规 模也带来了更多亟待 解决的问题,从专业 化、一体化等视角切 入,或许能探寻到规 模化更深远的意义。 Ranking by ALB, text by Victor Wu With contributions from: • Tiantai Law Firm 天驰君泰律师事务所 • Yingke Law Firm 盈科律师事务所 • Zhonglun W&D Law Firm 中伦文德律师事务所 FEATURES 26 Riding the tech wave 乘创新之风 As hubs for Chinese tech startups, Shenzhen and Guangzhou are experiencing an increase in demand for intellectual property (IP) services. Law firms need to build on their strengths to capitalize on this opportunity. 作为中国科技初创公 司的聚集地,深圳和 广州两个城市对于知 识产权服务的需求持 续增加。律所需要建 立自身优势,积极抓 住这一机遇。 32 Regulations & Robots: In conversation with TMT GCs 与创新同行:对话 TMT领域总法律顾问 With China setting its sights on becoming a global power in science and technology, companies in TMT fields play an important role in this process. Two general counsel of leading TMT companies share with ALB how in-house teams balance innovation and compliance. 中国正在推动建设 世界科技强国,来自 TMT领域的企业在此 过程中扮演着重要角 色。领先TMT企业的 总法律顾问和ALB分 享了企业法务部门如 何在产品创新与合规 之间寻找平衡。 38 Stronger together 厚积薄发 More than 350 Hong Kong and Macao lawyers have obtained the certificate to practice law in GBA so far in 2023. Mainland firms are convinced that talents from Hong Kong and Macao may help them overtake competitors on their journey of international expansion. 2023年迄今,已有 350余位港澳律师领 取了粤港澳大湾区律 26 RIDING THE TECH WAVE 乘创新之风 Image: Rob Nazh/

2 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 NOVEMBER 2023 Asian Legal Business is available by subscription. Please visit for details. Asian Legal Business has an audited average circulation of 11,402 as of 30 September 2016.Copyright is reserved throughout. No part of this publication can be reproduced in whole or part without the express permission of the editor. Contributions are invited, but copies of work should be kept, as Asian Legal Business can accept no responsibility for loss. MCI (P) 003/02/2023 issn 0219 – 6875 KDN PPS 1867/10/2015(025605) Thomson Reuters 18 Science Park Drive Singapore 118229 / T (65) 6775 5088 / F (65) 6333 0900 10/F, Cityplaza 3, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong / T (852) 3762 3269 RANAJIT DAM, Managing Editor, Asian Legal Business, Thomson Reuters HEAD OF LEGAL MEDIA BUSINESS, ASIA & EMERGING MARKETS Amantha Chia 谢京庭 MANAGING EDITOR Ranajit Dam 邓文杰 CHINA EDITOR Hu Yangxiaoxiao 胡阳潇潇 SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST Victor Wu 吴嘉林 EDITORIAL ASSOCIATE Charlie Wu 吴卓言 SENIOR CONTENT MANAGER Wang Jin 王瑾 CHINA RESEARCH Bian Jie 边洁 SENIOR DESIGNER John Agra TRAFFIC/CIRCULATION MANAGER Rozidah Jambari SALES MANAGERS Yvonne Cheung 张裕裕 China Key Accounts (852) 2847 2003 Steven Zhao 赵树群 China Key Accounts (86) 010 5669 2021 Steffi Yang 杨绮繁 South and West China (86) 010 5669 2041 Hiroshi Kaneko Japan (81) 3 4520 1192 Jonathan Yap Indonesia, Singapore (65) 9832 8945 Krupa Dalal India, Middle East, Singapore (91) 22 6189 7087 Romulus Tham Southeast Asia (65) 6870 3035 In this issue of ALB China, we focus on growth by unveiling the country’s top 30 largest law firms. It is becoming increasingly evident that the pursuit of growth is not merely an option for law firms; it is a strategic imperative that positions them to thrive in an ever-evolving environment. In an era where change is constant, law firms face the dual challenge of meeting the evolving needs of their clients and staying ahead of the competition. Growth, in this context, is not just about expanding in scale; it is a multifaceted approach that involves strategic planning, innovation, and a commitment to delivering exceptional legal services. Beyond numerical metrics, growth enables these firms to attract top legal talent, fostering a culture of excellence and specialization. A larger and more diverse team brings varied perspectives and skills, enhancing the firm’s ability to address the complex and multifaceted challenges presented by the legal landscape. Moreover, growth affords law firms the opportunity to invest in cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure. In an era where legal tech is transforming the way legal services are delivered, larger firms have the resources to stay at the forefront of these advancements, ensuring efficiency and efficacy in their operations. The ability to harness technology not only streamlines internal processes but also enhances the quality and speed of services provided to clients. 本期《亚洲法律杂志》中国版聚焦于“增长”:我们将向您展示中国30家最 大的律师事务所。毫无以为,如今追求增长对于律师事务所来说不仅仅是一种 选择,更是种战略必要,帮助律所在不断变化的环境中蓬勃发展。 在这个变化不断的时代,律师事务所面临着满足客户不断演变的需求,以及 领先于竞争对手的双重挑战。在这种背景下,增长不仅意味着规模上的扩张,它 的含义更为多元,涉及战略规划、创新以及致力于提供卓越的法律服务。 超越数字指标,增长使这些律所能够吸引顶尖的法律人才,培养卓越和专业 化的内部文化。更大、更多样化的团队带来了不同的视角和技能,增强了律所应 对法律领域复杂多元挑战的能力。 此外,增长为律师事务所提供了投资尖端技术和基础设施的机会。在法律 科技改变法律服务提供方式的时代,规模较大的律所能够不断投入资源,确保 自身位于进步的前沿,进而保障律所运转的效率和效果。技术不仅简化了内部 流程,还提高了向客户提供服务的质量和速度。 NAVIGATING THE GROWTH FRONTIER 探索增长前沿

ALB Greater Bay Area Legal Forum 2023 2023 ALB 粤港澳大湾区法律论坛 7 DECEMBER – GUANGZHOU 12月7日 – 广州 The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is one of the regions with the highest degree of openness and the strongest economic vitality in China. It is an important attempt by the country to promote the formation of a new development pattern of comprehensive opening up in the new era. The Greater Bay Area has a solid manufacturing foundation, and enterprises in the region are converging on high-tech industries and advanced manufacturing industries. The current complex and changeable international situation and the normalization of the epidemic have brought new opportunities and challenges to economic development; at the same time, the accelerated integration of different legal and policy frameworks in the three regions in the Greater Bay Area has continued to provide economic growth. Provide kinetic energy. In this context, Asian Legal Business (ALB) will hold the Greater Bay Area Forum in Guangzhou on 7 December 2023. This forum invited senior experts in the legal service market to share their professional observations and reflections on laws and practices under different legal systems in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, involving capital market, intellectual property, anti-monopoly, corporate compliance, disputes To solve hot topics in various fields, discuss the legal issues and solutions faced by enterprises in the process of business development, help corporate decision-makers to accurately understand laws and regulations and the latest policies, and timely grasp their business opportunities in the Greater Bay Area and even Asia. 粤港澳大湾区是中国开放程度最高、经济活力最强的区域之一,是国家在新时代推动形成全面开放新发展格局的重要尝试。大湾区拥有雄厚的 制造业基础,区域内企业呈现向高新技术产业和先进制造业聚拢态势。当前复杂而多变的国际形势与疫情常态化的叠加,为经济发展带来了新 的机遇与挑战;与此同时,大湾区内三地不同法律及政策框架的加速融合,持续为经济增长提供动能。 在此背景下,汤森路透《亚洲法律杂志》(ALB)将于2023年12月7日在广州召开粤港澳大湾区论坛。本次论坛邀请了法律服务市场的资深专家, 分享他们对粤港澳大湾区的不同法律制度下的法律与实践的专业观察和思考,涉及资本市场、知识产权、反垄断、企业合规、争议解决等各个领 域热点话题,共同探讨企业在业务发展过程中面临的法律问题及解决方法,助力企业决策者准确地理解法律法规和最新政策,及时把握其在大 湾区乃至亚洲的商业机遇。 Wang Jin 王瑾 (8610) 5669 2009 Amantha Chia 谢京庭 (65) 6973 8258 SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES 演讲事宜请联系 FOR MORE INFORMATION, KINDLY VISIT 更多信息欢迎访问本次活动页面 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 赞助机会请联系 PROUDLY PRESENTED BY WORKSHOP SPONSORS PANEL SPONSOR

4 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 NOVEMBER 2023 BIG STORY FOREIGN FIRMS RECALIBRATE CHINA STRATEGY AS ENVIRONMENT TOUGHENS 外国律所“重新校准”中国发展策略 International law firms operating in China have been mired in a crisis of confidence following a series of grim news. And they also need to face up to the growing competition from elite PRC firms. BY SARAH WONG 在中国展业的国际律师事务所正陷入某种信心危机之中,与此同时,他们还要面对来自本土 精英律所不断强化的挑战。 作者:黄婉君 Image: Alexander Supertramp/

5 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA BIG STORY In the latest signal of market dismay, Magic Circle firm Linklaters and Clifford Chance trimmed associate headcounts in China and Hong Kong as a result of the weaker economic environment. At least 20 junior attorneys were cut at Linklaters, which branded the move as “modest reduction” in response to the “prolonged downturn in the China market”. Clifford Chance was said to have let go of around four associates, citing their failure to meet billing requirements. The developments came just weeks after U.S. capital markets powerhouse Latham & Watkins shrunk its footprint in mainland China, leaving the only lights on at its Beijing office. Latham justified the closing of its Shanghai outpost as a result of the expiry of its lease. The decision also came when Beijing unleashed sprawling anti-espionage and stringent data protection regulations, seemingly compounding the deepening economic woes. Peter Zeughauser, a legal analyst at Zeughauser Group, notes that Latham has had a “grow slow or no grow” approach to Shanghai since launching an office there around two decades ago, and will continue to be driven by its own calculus in China. “Their incredibly strong financial performance and their similarly strong international brand indicate that they have consistently, across their platform, been interested in only the most important client work; work that merits their talent pool and for which they can command their fees. With presently diminished foreign direct investment in China and outbound China work, it’s easy to make a case for consolidating,” says Zeughauser. A senior foreign lawyer based in Japan working in a large U.S. firm, who asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the information, tells ALB that one of the reckonings that international firms increasingly have is that the vast Chinese market is not as big as it had seemed. “There has been a misunderstanding on the parts of foreign firms entering China over the availability of the pie that is the Chinese legal market,” this Japan-based senior lawyer says. “The substantive and lucrative legal work comes from state-owned businesses. Most of China’s largest companies and the big money thereof are tied to the government. And that portion of work only goes to firms with direct government contact.” They cite King, Wood & Mallesons as the most notable example of foreign firms thriving in both longevity and viability in China “not because they played around the system, but that they have become the system.” “Western law firms need to think very carefully when they enter China and deploy their investment. Unfortunately, most clients have not factored in the corporate governance situation in China regarding the selection of counsel,” they say. In August, Dentons exited China after splitting with its China arm, Beijing-based Dacheng Law Offices. Dentons, the world’s biggest law firm by headcounts, attributed its retreat to the toughening regulatory environment. But the unnamed lawyer, who used to work in a U.S. firm in Shanghai, believes it’s a fundamentally a business decision. “For Dentons, it’s a long-term strategic blunder to tie up with Dacheng in China as they keep on throwing money on that decision, and that money keeps on burning in light of the Sino-U.S. decoupling process and things they are seeing politically. Now they have an excuse to pull out at a time they are increasingly losing the ability to justify a holdout.” Zeughauser highlights a bigger, common problem facing international firms in China at the moment, and that is the rise in sophistication of homegrown Chinese firms. “The quality of the top Chinese firms has increased dramatically over the past

6 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 NOVEMBER 2023 BIG STORY 不久前,市场传来几则令人心 情沮丧的消息:受到疲软经济环境 的影响,“魔术圈”律所年利达和高 伟绅相继在中国内地和香港进行了 裁员。 年利达至少裁掉了20名初级律 师,该所称这一举动是应对“中国市 场长期不断的下行”所采取的“适当缩 减”;据悉,高伟绅则以计费小时不达 标为由裁掉了大约4名律师。 就在上述裁员发生前不久,美国 资本市场业务大所瑞生也宣布缩减其 在中国内地的办公范围,将所有人员 迁移到了北京办公室。瑞生解释道, 此举是因为“上海办公室租期已满”。 伴随中国政府出台影响甚广的 《反间谍法》和条文严苛的数据保护 法规,已呈下行趋势的宏观经济似乎 展露出更加复杂的前景。 Peter Zeughauser是管理咨 询机构Zeughauser集团的一位法 律行业分析师,他指出,瑞生自近20 年前开设上海办公室以来,对这家办 公室采取的一直是种“低增长甚至不 增长”策略,该所在中国市场有着自 己的一本账。 “瑞生令人瞩目的财务表现以 及在全球范围内都叫得响的国际品 牌意味着,他们只对那类最重要的 客户工作感兴趣。只有最重要的工 作才能匹配他们的人才库和收费 标准。目前,针对中国的外商直接 投资和中国对外投资都在减少,瑞 生做出整合办公室的举动也不难理 解。”Zeughauser说。 一位常驻日本、某家大型美国律 所的资深外国律师告诉ALB,国际律 所正越来越清楚地意识到:庞大的中 国市场似乎并不像一眼看上去的那 样机会多多。 “进入中国市场的外国律所似乎 有种普遍的误解,以为自己能从这块 蛋糕上切下很大一块。”这位资深律 师解释道,“中国市场上规模最大、利 润最高的法律工作都来自国有企业, 中国的大型公司和‘大钱’也都某种 程度和政府绑定。这类业务只会流向 和政府有密切联系的律所。” TA举了金杜的例子——这家由 中外律所合并而来的国际所可谓中 国市场的“常胜将军”,展现出蓬勃的 发展实力,“不是因为金杜契合了体 系的节拍,而是因为它已经成为了体 系本身”。 “西方律所进入中国市场、展开 自身投资之前要仔细思量。很可惜,他 们很少考虑到中国企业的治理现状, 以及他们选择外部律所时的逻辑。” 这位律师说。 今年8月,Dentons宣布和其中 国伙伴——总部位于北京的大成律师 事务所分家。Dentons是全球律师人 数最多的律所之一,它将这一决定归 咎于“日趋严格的监管环境”。但上述 资深律师——TA也曾在一家美国律所 的上海办公室工作——指出,这归根结 底是个商业决策。 “对Dentons来说,在中国和大 成结盟可能是个策略失误,他们不停 地往其中投钱,大笔的钱却在中美脱 钩和其他政治风险中付之一炬。你永 远扣不响一扇决意紧闭的大门,近期 发生的一系列事情让Dentons有了 理由去结束这个错误。” Zeughauser则强调了另一个 国际律所当下普遍面临的、更为严峻 的问题,即中国本土律所的不断成熟 发展。 “过去20年,中国律所的服务质 量发生了翻天覆地的变化,在中国市 场,他们的工作能力和人才储备已经 完全可以和顶尖国际律所媲美。”他 说,“中国市场缺乏‘律师-客户特权’ 相关规定,在其他法律执业规范方面 也和西方有很大不同,这干扰了大部 分国际律所的执业效率,以及他们在 中国市场的利益。” 在Zeughauser看来,中国市场 本来就不是给所有人预备的,律所需 要精心设计符合自身需求的中国发 展策略,“服务于需要寻求盟友关系 的中国律所、需要海外服务的中国客 户,以及希望进一步渗透中国市场的 外国客户”。 “领先的中国律所花费了大量时 间,去理解并制定服务于本土和外国 客户的不同策略。对于中国市场,外 国律所也得下这样的功夫,他们还有 不少‘校准’工作要做。”他说。 two decades to the point that they can now out-compete the top international firms for work and talent in China,” he says. “The lack of attorney-client privilege and other incursions on the western legal practice regulatory norms continue to erode the effectiveness of and the interest in maintaining and growing a mainland practice for the vast majority of international firms.” In Zeughauser’s view, the China market isn’t for everyone, so it’s quintessential for firms to chart their own China strategy, “for Chinese law firms that need best friend relationships, for Chinese clients that need lawyers in foreign jurisdictions, and for foreign clients desirous of penetrating and growing in the Chinese market,” he notes. “The leading Chinese firms are spending time understanding and developing strategies for serving homegrown and foreign clients. Foreign law firms should be doing the same with respect to China. There is a lot of synergy to be had,” he adds. Image: Pasuwan/

7 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA NEWS Beijing-headquartered Jingsh Law Firm has officially kicked off preparations for the establishment of three new offices in North Korea, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan, to further expand its legal service capabilities in East Asia. This may make Jingsh the first Chinese firm to set up an office in North Korea. According to Jingsh, the three new offices will be led by equity partner Matthew Kim, who is also head of the East Asia Investment Legal Affairs Department of the firm. All three offices will focus on legal services of foreign direct investment. The South Korea office will focus on risk assessment of medical and beauty projects, due diligence of plastic surgery hospitals and review of project contracts; 京师落子朝鲜、韩国、日本,进一步拓展东亚法律服务 JINGSH TO LAUNCH THREE NEW OFFICES IN JAPAN, NORTH AND SOUTH KOREAS the North Korea office will provide onestop cross-border legal services for North Korea’s labor export to China and Japan; and the Japan office will focus on risk assessment of property purchase in Japan, due diligence of projects and review of contracts. 近日,总部位于北京的京师律师 事务所正式开始筹建朝鲜、韩国、日本 东京三地办公室,进一步拓展东亚法 律服务辐射范围。这或将使京师成为 第一家于朝鲜设立办公室的中国律所。 据悉,京师朝鲜、韩国、日本东京 办公室筹建负责人将由权益合伙人、 东亚投资法律事务部主任金世盛律 师担任。日后,三家办公室会考虑任 命常驻当地的团队板块负责人为具体 办公室的管理合伙人。初创阶段,每个 办公室会有10-20名律师,包括所在 国本地律师和总部派驻律师,每个办 公室的合伙人数量要维持2人以上。 三地办公室都将重点关注于外 商直接投资领域的法律服务。韩国办 公室将专注韩国医美项目风险评估、 整形医院尽调及项目合同审核;朝鲜 办公室为朝鲜对中国、日本劳务输出 提供一站式跨境法律服务;日本办公 室则将专注于日本置业相关风险评 估、项目尽调及合同审核。 京师告诉ALB,中国与三个东亚 邻国投资贸易总量、交流活跃度较高, 拥有更多的法律服务机会。此外,国 际化也是京师“突破行业内卷最行之 有效的方法”。 北京 丨 上海 丨 西安 丨 成都 丨 大连 丨 深圳 丨 济南 丨 厦门 丨 香港 丨 天津 丨 广州 丨 杭州 丨 悉尼 丨 苏州 丨 纽约 丨 武汉 丨 多伦多 南京 丨 联营办公室* 丨 福州 丨 郑州 丨 海口 丨 重庆 丨 合肥 丨 青岛 丨 洛隆 *观韬中茂亚司特(上海自贸区)联营办公室 地址:北京市西城区金融大街5号新盛大厦B座19层 电话:8610 6657 8066 邮箱 观之以韬 示之以略 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K ∞�“≥π�∏� �™�˙”°�¢����20221123.pdf 1 2022/11/23 16:24

8 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 NOVEMBER 2023 APPOINTMENTS KITTY CHAN 陈希欣 LEAVING 原就职律所 Fangda Partners 方达律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Appleby 毅柏律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Capital Markets 资本市场 LOCATION 地点 Shanghai 上海 GUO RUNHUA 郭润华 LEAVING 原就职律所 Han Kun Law Offices 汉坤律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Chance Bridge Law Firm 卓纬律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Dispute Resolution 争议解决 LOCATION 地点 Beijing 北京 HUANG LI 黄力 LEAVING 原就职律所 Zhong Lun Law Firm 中伦律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Hylands Law Firm 浩天律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Dispute Resolution 争议解决 LOCATION 地点 Beijing 北京 KELLY LIN 林甘霖 LEAVING 原就职律所 AllBright Law Offices 锦天城律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Jingtian & Gongcheng 竞天公诚律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Corporate Compliance 公司合规 LOCATION 地点 Shanghai 上海 YANG TONGMEI 杨通梅 LEAVING 原就职律所 King & Wood Mallesons 金杜律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Anjie Broad Law Firm 安杰世泽律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Dispute Resolution 争议解决 LOCATION 地点 Shanghai 上海 ZHAO YI 赵弋 LEAVING 原就职律所 King & Wood Mallesons 金杜律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Merits & Tree Law Offices 植德律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Debt restructuring 债务重组 LOCATION 地点 Chengdu 成都

欲了解更多提名信息,请联系: *These dates are subject to change. Please contact ALB for the most up-to-date schedule. *上述日期可能会有调整,请联系ALB获取最新的报名时间和截止日期。 RANKING NAME 榜单 MONTH OF PUBLICATION 发布月 *NOMINATIONS OPEN *提名开始日 2024 ALB China Firms to Watch 2024 ALB China 精品律所 January 10 November 2023 2024 ALB China Regional Ranking: Circum-Bohai Sea Area Firms & Rising Lawyers 2024 ALB China 区域市场排名:环渤海地区和律师新星 7 November 2023 2024 ALB China Top 15 Litigators 2024 ALB China 十五佳诉讼律师 February 13 November 2023 2024 ALB China Top 15 Insolvency & Restructuring Lawyers 2024 ALB China 十五佳破产重组律师 March 4 December 2023 2024 ALB China Top 15 Business Support In-House Teams/ 2024 ALB China Top 15 Fastest Growing In-House Teams 2024 ALB China 最佳商业贡献力法务团队/ 2024 ALB China 最佳成长法务团队 12 December 2023 2024 ALB China Employer of Choice 2024 ALB China 年度雇主 April 18 December 2023 2024 ALB China Top 15 Cybersecurity & Data Protection Lawyers 2024 ALB China 十五佳网络安全和数据保护律师 14 December 2023 2024 ALB China Intellectual Property 2024 ALB China 知识产权业务排名 May 4 January 2024 2024 ALB China Regional Ranking: South China Firms & Rising Lawyers 2024 ALB China 区域市场排名:华南地区律所和律师新星 15 January 2024 2024 ALB China Top 15 GCs 2024 ALB China 十五佳总法律顾问 June 2 February 2024 2024 ALB China Dispute Resolution Ranking 2024 ALB China 争议解决业务排名 29 January 2024 2024 ALB China Rising Lawyers 2024 ALB China 十五佳律师新星 July 29 March 2024 2024 ALB China Regional Ranking: West China Firms & Rising Lawyers 2024 ALB China 区域市场排名:西部地区和律师新星 4 March 2024 2024 ALB China Client Choice 2024 ALB China 客户首选律师 August 2 April 2024 2024 ALB China Fastest Growing Firms 2024 ALB China 十五佳成长律所 19 April 2024 2024 ALB China M&A Rankings 2024 ALB China 并购排名 September 15 May 2024 2024 ALB China Top 15 New Technology In-House Teams 2024 ALB China 十五佳新科技法务团队 27 April 2024 2024 ALB China Top 15 Female Lawyers 2024 ALB China 十五佳女律师 October 13 June 2024 2024 ALB China Regional Ranking: YRD Firms & Rising Lawyers 2024 ALB China 区域市场排名:长三角地区律所和律师新星 3 June 2024 2024 ALB 30 Largest Law Firm (China) / Top 50 Asia Firms 2024 ALB China 中国最大30家律所 / ALB亚洲最大50家律所 November 16 July 2024 2024 ALB China Top 15 In-House Teams 2024 ALB China 十五佳公司法务团队 December 2 August 2024 2024 ALB China Top 15 Intellectual Property Lawyers 2024 ALB China 十五佳知识产权律师 14 August 2024

10 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 NOVEMBER 2023 DEALS $1.6 BLN Stellantis Group’s investment in Leapmotor Deal Type: ECM Firms: Allen & Overy; Clifford Chance Jurisdictions: China, Netherlands Stellantis集团投资零跑汽车 交易类型:股权融资 参与律所:安理国际律师事务所、 高伟绅律师事务所 管辖地:中国,荷兰 $1.06 BLN Yuexiu Property’s rights issue in Hong Kong Deal Type: ECM Firm: JunHe Jurisdictions: China, Hong Kong SAR 越秀地产完成港股供股发行 交易类型:股权融资 参与律所:君合律师事务所 管辖地:中国,中国香港特别行政区 $500 MLN J&T Express’ listing in Hong Kong Deal Type: ECM Firms: Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom; Han Kun Law Offices; Commerce & Finance Law Offices; Latham & Watkins; Dahui Lawyers; Harneys Jurisdictions: China, Hong Kong SAR 极兔速递香港上市 交易类型:股权融资 参与律所:世达国际律师事务所、 汉坤律师事务所、通商律师事务所、 瑞生国际律师事务所、达辉律师事务所、 衡力斯律师事务所 管辖地:中国,中国香港特别行政区 $500 MLN Fujian Zhanglong Group’s issuance of overseas blue bond Deal Type: DCM Firm: JunHe Jurisdictions: China, U.S. 福建漳龙集团发行境外蓝色债券 交易类型:债券 参与律所:君合律师事务所 管辖地:中国,美国 $479 MLN Egypt’s issuance of first sustainable development panda bond Deal Type: DCM Firms: Fangda Partners; Dechert; JunHe; White & Case Jurisdictions: China, Egypt 埃及政府在中国银行间债券市场发行 可持续发展熊猫债 交易类型:债券 参与律所:方达律师事务所、 德杰律师事务所、君合律师事务所、 伟凯律师事务所 管辖地:中国,埃及 $343 MLN Tianjie Property’s issuance of medium term notes Deal Type: Note Firm: DeHeng Law Offices Jurisdiction: China 天街集团发行中期票据 交易类型:票据 参与律所:德恒律师事务所 管辖地:中国 $274 MLN Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank’s issuance of perpetual bond Deal Type: DCM Firm: Dacheng Law Offices Jurisdiction: China 北部湾银行发行永续债 交易类型:债券 参与律所:大成律师事务所 管辖地:中国 $215 MLN MEGA P&C Advanced Materials’ listing in Shanghai Deal Type: ECM Firms: Zhong Lun Law Firm; Jingtian & Gongcheng Jurisdiction: China 麦加芯彩上交所主板上市 交易类型:股权融资 参与律所:中伦律师事务所、 竞天公诚律师事务所 管辖地:中国 $206 MLN Benxi Iron & Steel’s issuance of medium term notes Deal Type: Note Firm: DeHeng Law Offices Jurisdiction: China 本钢集团发行中期票据 交易类型:票据 参与律所:德恒律师事务所 管辖地:中国

PROUDLY PRESENTED BY ALB BEIJING IN-HOUSE LEGAL SUMMIT 2023 2023 ALB 北京 企业法律顾问峰会 SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES 演讲事宜请联系 Wang Jin 王瑾 / (8610) 5669 2009 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 赞助机会请联系 Amantha Chia 谢京庭 / (65) 6873 8258 FOR MORE INFORMATION, KINDLY VISIT 更多信息欢迎访问本次活动页面 23 November - Beijing 11月23日 – 北京 Today’s in-house counsels are adhering to the opportunities given by the times and economic development, constantly improving their own legal skills and business capabilities, and have become an indispensable partner in corporate decision-making and business layout. At the same time, due to the rapidly changing market environment and rapid development with the business track, the continuous introduction of laws, regulations and regulatory requirements, corporate legal advisors are also facing the challenge of flexibly responding to business needs, continuously studying industry practices, and timely researching and judging regulatory policies. Asian Legal Business is proud to present the ALB Beijing In-House Legal Summit on 23 November, 2023. This annual summit gathers senior-level corporate counsels, business leaders and private practitioners from Beijing and its surrounding areas to gain insights into the frontiers of business, and discuss and share the role of in-house counsels in helping enterprises develop business. 当今的企业法律顾问秉承时代和经济发展赋予的机遇,不断精进自身法律技能和业务能力,已成为企业决策和商业 布局中不可或缺的重要伙伴,同时,由于快速变化的市场环境、高速发展的业务赛道、不断推出的法律法规和监管要 求,企业法律顾问也面临着灵活响应商业需求,不断钻研行业实务,及时研判监管政策的挑战。 在此情况下,《亚洲法律杂志》(ALB)将于2023年11月23日在北京举办2023 ALB北京企业法律顾问峰会,携手多家 国内外知名律所为企业法律顾问、商业精英带来一场议题深入、话题广泛的行业盛会。届时,将有200余位业界人士 共聚一堂,探讨当下热门前沿的法律话题。 WORKSHOP SPONSORS SPONSOR EXHIBITOR

12 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 NOVEMBER 2023 Several winners on this year’s ALB China Top 30 Largest Law Firms list emphasize that the numerical growth alone does not adequately measure the magnitude of a firm. With an increase in the size of a firm, there arises a proportional increase in the number of pressing issues that demand resolution. Therefore, understanding what it truly means to be a large firm is better explored through various perspectives, such as specialization and integration. 今年,多家登上“30大所”榜单的律所告诉ALB,数字的增长不是规模化发展唯一的度量衡,更大的规模也带来了 更多亟待解决的问题,从专业化、一体化等视角切入,或许能探寻到规模化更深远的意义。 COVER STORY RANKING BY ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS, TEXT BY VICTOR WU 排名:《亚洲法律杂志》,作者:吴嘉林 After over two months of collecting information and conducting research, ALB is pleased to present the 2023 ALB China Top 30 Largest Law Firms list. Compiled with data up to the end of July this year, the list is organized based on the total number of lawyers, with a separate breakdown for partners and associates. In the realm of domestic firms, Yingke Law Firm and Dacheng Law Offices have maintained their positions as the top two, with minor changes observed in the ranking of the other top ten firms compared to the previous year. Notable movements include Tahota Law Firm, Zhonglun W&D Law Firm, and China Commercial Law Firm, each advancing by two, two, and three places to the fifth, ninth, and tenth positions, respectively. Other firms within this range have experienced minimal alterations. Within the 11-to-30 range, Guanghe Law Firm, headquartered in Shenzhen, has undergone the most significant change, rising nine places to the 19th position. Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm, Hiways Law Firm, and TianTai Law Firm have all ascended by four spots to claim the 14th, 18th, and 22nd positions, respectively. For the remaining firms from the previous year, their rankings have either remained unchanged or shifted within a three-place range. Additionally, this band welcomes three new entries this year: Kangda Law Firm (21st), Leaqual Law Firm (27th), and Jingtian & Gongcheng (28th). Regarding the total number of lawyers, only Yingke Law Firm has surpassed the 10,000 threshold, while Dacheng Law Offices boasts over 5,000 lawyers. There are 11 firms with lawyer counts ranging from 2,000 to 5,000. Firms ranked 14th to 29th all fall within the 1,000 to 2,000 lawyer range. JunHe LLP, holding the 30th position, has a total of 961 lawyers. These figures suggest that having over 1,000 lawyers in total may be considered a threshold for any domestic firm aspiring to make it to the top 30. Upon comparing recent rankings, it becomes apparent that while changes among the top ten firms are relatively modest, there are significant fluctuations in the rankings from 11 to 30. New entrants emerge each year, leading to the inevitable departure of some previous winners from the top 30. Consequently, it is challenging for a firm to secure a spot on the list for multiple consecutive years or to consistently improve its ranking. Li Qingyu, Management Committee member of Tahota Law Firm and Director of its Chongqing office, underscores the sense of urgency arising from heightened market competition for large firms. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the legal industry in China has witnessed a growth rate exceeding 10 percent in recent years. While this indicates considerable room for industry development, it also means that leading firms face a more intricate and fierce competitive landscape. Leaders of several winning firms on this year’s list share their insights with ALB on new perspectives regarding upscaling and strategies for maintaining a competitive edge. TOP 30 LARGEST LAW FIRMS 中国最大30家律所

13 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA COVER STORY QUANTITY VERSUS QUALITY Currently, many firms are opting for upscaling as a strategic approach to continuously enhance their competitiveness and expand their influence. However, all the firms interviewed underscore that achieving a larger scale involves much more than a mere numbers game. Li from Tahota Law Firm highlights that, externally, the total number of Tahota lawyers increased by 17 percent in the past year, and the cumulative business revenue for 2023 rose nearly 20 percent year-on-year. He emphasizes, “Our strategic focus is not solely on increasing the number of lawyers. What matters more to us is building the quality of our brand as a full-service firm. Our objective is to efficiently collaborate across domains, lead in multiple core practice areas, and deliver in-depth services to our clients.” He defines a “large” firm as one that possesses a larger size, holds a significant market share, boasts more lawyers, offices, high-quality clients, and total revenue. Being a large firm also entails excellence in professionalism, internationalization, innovation, client-centeredness, historical evolution, and branding. Li asserts that a firm earns the designation of “large” by standing the test of time. Following these principles, Tahota has consistently followed the path of moderate size and high specialization. Li explains, “Pursuing moderate expansion contributes to the market presence and business development of a firm. The actual size, pace, and development node, however, are determined by each firm based on different strategic goals and management systems.” He emphasizes that specialization is the foundation for overall strength, institutional presence is the core means to build a legal services network, and internationalization is the only viable path for longterm development. Similarly, Zhonglun W&D Law Firm is also dedicated to quality-oriented upscaling. Xia Yuqin, Director and senior partner of Zhonglun W&D, states that scaling up is not merely about maximizing the size and snowballing; instead, it should involve expanding into new markets while ensuring quality. TOP 30 CHINA DOMESTIC 最大30家中国本土律所 2023 Rank 排名 Firm Name 律师事务所 Total Partners 合伙人数量 Total Associates 律师数量 Total Lawyers 律师总人数 1 Yingke Law Firm 盈科律师事务所 1288 10482 14935 2 Dacheng Law Offices 大成律师事务所 1939 5029 7113 3 DeHeng Law Offices 德恒律师事务所 906 3287 4312 4 AllBright Law Offices 锦天城律师事务所 914 3029 3994 5 Tahota Law Firm 泰和泰律师事务所 933 2557 3714 6 W&H Law Firm 炜衡律师事务所 1041 2611 3669 7 Grandall Law Firm 国浩律师事务所 1270 2242 3512 8 Beijing DHH Law Firm 北京德和衡律师事务所 211 2653 2864 9 Zhonglun W&D Law Firm 中伦文德律师事务所 685 1731 2628 10 China Commercial Law Firm 华商律师事务所 251 2319 2570 11 King & Wood Mallesons 金杜律师事务所 488 1979 2555 12 Zhong Yin Law Firm 中银律师事务所 104 2229 2339 13 Hui Ye Law Firm 汇业律师事务所 532 1699 2306 14 Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm 金诚同达律师事务所 521 1040 1791 15 Zhong Lun Law Firm 中伦律师事务所 394 1326 1766 16 Zhong Wen Law Firm 中闻律师事务所 465 1300 1765 17 Hylands Law Firm 浩天律师事务所 483 1265 1748 18 Hiways Law Firm 海华永泰律师事务所 445 1128 1701 19 Guanghe Law Firm 广和律师事务所 219 1470 1689 20 HanSheng Law Offices 汉盛律师事务所 265 1178 1608 21 Kangda Law Firm 康达律师事务所 211 1380 1592 22 TianTai Law Firm 天驰君泰律师事务所 489 1038 1552 23 SGLA Law Firm 中联律师事务所 352 1112 1508 24 City Development Law Firm 建纬律师事务所 317 1063 1408 25 Guantao Law Firm 观韬中茂律师事务所 409 941 1350 26 Mingju Law Firm 四川明炬律师事务所 124 1179 1320 27 Leaqual Law Firm 两高律师事务所 168 563 1123 28 Jingtian & Gongcheng 竞天公诚律师事务所 278 745 1029 29 Tian Yuan Law Firm 天元律师事务所 257 748 1005 30 JunHe LLP 君合律师事务所 273 666 961

14 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 NOVEMBER 2023 COVER STORY “In terms of specialization, Zhonglun W&D plans to focus on talent recruitment and internal collaboration in five to eight selected areas to secure a position in the top tier of those areas.” Xia further explains that the firm has bolstered cohesion and appeal through reforms in financial rules, internal governance mechanisms, and mid and back-office services. The firm has also promoted interaction between the headquarters and branch offices in terms of business cooperation, brand effect, and professional training to achieve integrated development. Song Zhongchun, Deputy Director of City Development Law Firm and Director of its Beijing office, also emphasizes the importance of specialization. He notes that industry peers are increasingly focused on the professional development of multiple practice areas or the combination of specialization and scale. According to Song, in the past year, City Development Law Firm opened a new Changchun office, added 15 partners and about 80 full-time lawyers, and increased revenue by 40 percent compared to the previous year. However, he underscores that when opening offices, the firm prioritizes professionalism. “Before establishing a branch office, we conduct ‘due diligence’ by interviewing key partners, visiting local lawyers’ associations, and judicial administrative departments to ensure alignment with our firm in terms of professionalism.” “In this evolving environment, large firms need even stronger comprehensive qualities and capabilities, including advantages in talent, expertise, market, and management, to better respond to market changes.” Zhang He, Director of the Management Committee of TianTai Law Firm, shares the view that an increase in numbers does not necessarily represent an increase in the overall strength of a firm. “TianTai Law Firm has consistently focused on professional capacity-building. In this process, upscaling can effectively promote the specialization and professional development of lawyers. By building professional teams and assisting lawyers in choosing practice areas, we can enhance teamwork capabilities, thereby better meeting client needs.” TOP 30 CHINA INTERNATIONAL 最大30家中国国际律所 2023 Rank 排名 Firm Name 律师事务所 Headquarters 总部所在地 Total Partners 合伙人数量 Total Associates 律师数量 Total Lawyers 律师总人数 1 Clifford Chance 高伟绅律师事务所 UK英国 11 52 58 2 Cooley 科律律师事务所 US美国 6 25 52 3 Morgan Lewis & Bockius 摩根路易斯律师事务所 US美国 7 43 50 4 Bird & Bird 鸿鹄律师事务所 UK英国 8 37 45 5 DLA Piper 欧华律师事务所 UK/US 英国/美国 20 2 40 6 Paul Hastings 普衡律师事务所 US美国 5 12 36 7 Sidley Austin 盛德律师事务所 US美国 3 28 33 8 Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati 威尔逊·桑西尼·古奇·罗沙迪律师事务所 US美国 3 24 29 9 Herbert Smith Freehills 史密夫斐尔律师事务所 UK/Australia 英国/澳大利亚 16 8 28 10 Pinsent Masons 品诚梅森律师事务所 UK英国 7 20 27 11 CMS UK/Germany 英国/德国 7 18 25 12 White & Case 伟凯律师事务所 US美国 5 20 25 13 K&L Gates 高盖茨律师事务所 US美国 9 11 23 14 O’Melveny Myers 美迈斯律师事务所 US美国 7 6 23 15 Ropes &Gray 瑞格律师事务所 US美国 4 12 23 16 Clyde & Co 其礼律师事务所 UK英国 7 15 22 17 Baker McKenzie 贝克·麦坚时国际律师事务所 US美国 6 14 22 18 Hogan Lovells 霍金路伟国际律师事务所 UK/US 英国/美国 10 5 18 19 Ashurst 亚司特国际律师事务所 UK英国 3 14 18 20 Dorsey & Whitney 德汇律师事务所 US美国 3 13 16 21 Norton Rose Fulbright 诺顿罗氏律师事务所 UK英国 4 11 15 22 Squire Patton Boggs 翰宇国际律师事务所 US美国 6 8 14 23 Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 富而德律师事务所 UK英国 5 9 14 24 Reed Smith 礼德律师事务所 US美国 4 6 14 25 Spruson & Ferguson 思浦盛 Australia 澳大利亚 2 12 14 26 Deacons 的近律师行 Hong Kong 中国香港 14 14 27 Morrison & Foerster 美富律师事务所 US美国 4 9 13 28 HFW 夏礼文律师事务所 UK英国 3 10 13 29 Eversheds Sutherland 安睿顺德伦律师事务所 UK英国 2 11 13 30 Mayer Brown 孖士打律师行 US美国 5 6 11


16 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 NOVEMBER 2023 COVER STORY Yingke Law Firm, despite its remarkable growth in size, has not limited itself to quantitative expansion. In 2021, the firm unveiled a new stage of high-quality development featuring “internationalization, specialization, digital transformation, and carbon neutrality.” According to Li Zheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yingke China and Executive Chairman of Yingke China, scale remains the foundation for Yingke’s development. The firm will continue to leverage its size advantages to expand its international presence, focus on professional capacitybuilding, and participate actively in market competition. Simultaneously, the firm aims to accelerate digital transformation, create an integrated digital platform, and strive to become a “global leading firm.” IMMEDIATE PRIORITIES In the past year, many large firms in China have faced downward pressure on total revenue. In the midst of various uncertainties, it is crucial for these firms to address and resolve key issues as they navigate expansion. According to Zhang Haijun, Senior Partner and Director of the Executive Committee at Zhonglun W&D Law Firm, China’s large firms are currently grappling with the challenge of maintaining overall stability amidst factors like economic downturn and complex international political and economic dynamics. Zhang emphasizes the importance of promptly responding to changes in market demand, swiftly adjusting business lines, and ensuring regulatory compliance. “Given the significant increase in debt problems resulting from corporate difficulties over the past two years, there has been a surge in demand for legal services, such as dispute resolution, bankruptcy reorganization, and nonperforming asset disposal. Conversely, non-contentious services like general legal advisory, investment, M&A, and fund services have seen a decline. Large firms can leverage their extensive teams and comprehensive service offerings to increase investment in professionals and platform resources in areas with heightened demand, while strategically reallocating resources away from departments with reduced business demand. Additionally, internal job transfers through training can be implemented to minimize layoffs as much as possible.” Zhang also provides insights into Zhonglun W&D’s approach, highlighting increased investment in teams and platform resources in areas of growing demand, such as bankruptcy reorganization, non-performing asset disposal, and dispute resolution. For departments experiencing significantly reduced business needs, the firm has streamlined excess human resources and platform resources to control costs. Furthermore, Zhonglun W&D has invested in and researched new fields like ESG, compliance, new energy, and new infrastructure to stay at the forefront of emerging practice areas. The firm is committed to industry regulation and compliance to provide a stable platform for partners and associates. In addressing internal risks, Song points out that large firms, with an expanding headcount, often face higher operating costs and more frequent conflict of interest scenarios. These challenges underscore the need for standardized internal management practices within law firms. Zhang from TianTai Law Firm emphasizes the importance of formulating management strategies and establishing proper platforms before embarking on expansion. TianTai’s Management Committee focuses on supporting lawyers by building effective communication platforms, strengthening professional skills training, and enhancing the professional standards of the shared services team to improve service capabilities in finance, human resources, and business support, ultimately boosting work efficiency. Li from Yingke Law Firm advocates dealing with challenges through unity, innovation, openness, and execution. Emphasizing innovation and execution, he states, “Yingke’s development relies on continuous system and model innovation, including exploring a professional manager responsibility system under the guidance of Party building, the leadership of the Management Committee, and the supervision of the Board of Supervisors. The professional manager is tasked with executing the firm’s strategies, overseeing daily operations, and ensuring client and lawyer satisfaction, forming the foundation of Yingke’s growth.” Li of Tahota Law Firm acknowledges challenges in complex management, business innovation, and talent attraction, highlighting the fierce competition for cross-border legal services in the era of internationalization. He proposes several strategies, including clarifying strategic positioning based on actual conditions, designing a scientific talent structure and promotion mechanism to boost revenue generation and improve profit margins, strengthening digital capabilities through initiatives like the Tahota Cloud 3.0 system, and fostering cross-domain integration to create a comprehensive one-stop service platform for clients that extends beyond traditional legal services. NEW OPPORTUNITIES As previously mentioned, upscaling is not the sole development strategy for firms, and there is a considerable journey ahead in any case. Nonetheless, all the interviewed firms express their METHODOLOGY — Firms were contacted in July 2023 and asked to provide partner and lawyer numbers across their Asian offices. — Only lawyers and partners based in Asia were counted. In the instance where two firms had the same number of total lawyers, the firm with the greater number of partners was ranked higher. — ‘Total No. of Qualified Lawyers’ refers to the total number of partners, associates, counsel, consultants and foreign counsel. Paralegals, trainees and pupils were not included in this figure. 评选方法 — ALB于2023年7月联系各中国本土律师 事务所,请律所提供截止2023年7月的 亚洲办事处合伙人和律师人数。 — 只有在常驻亚洲执业的律师和合伙人 纳入本次调查。在两家律所的律师总人 数相同的情况下,合伙人数量较多的一 家排名靠前。 — “律师总人数”是指合伙人、律师、法律 顾问、咨询顾问和外籍法律顾问的总人 数。法律助理、实习生和实习律师不包 括在总人数内。