48 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 NOVEMBER 2023 ALB SHENZHEN IN-HOUSE LEGAL SUMMIT 2023 On October 20, the ALB Shenzhen In-House Legal Summit 2023 took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Shenzhen. The summit brought together over a hundred in-house legal counsel, business elites, and industry experts from various sectors in Shenzhen and its surrounding areas. Over a dozen guest speakers engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges on topics such as punitive damages, patent non-infringement suits, domestic and international investment and financing, data ALB SUCCESSFULLY HOLDS ANNUAL IN-HOUSE LEGAL SUMMIT IN SHENZHEN 2023 ALB 深圳企业法律顾问峰会圆满举办 compliance, data export, data asset management, business secret infringement, corporate compliance hotspots, and compliance management. The conference officially commenced at 9:30 am. The first guest speaker was Johnson Li, a partner at Gen Law Firm, who delivered a presentation titled “Punitive Damages for Intellectual Property Rights: The Art of Attack and Defense.” Following that, James Ma, a partner at Gen Law Firm, shared insights on “Declaratory Judgment of noninfringement of Patents.” After a break, the summit welcomed two experts, Li Likun and Zhu Chunyan, both senior partner from AllBright Law Offices to discuss “Prospects and Responses to Domestic and Overseas Investment and Financing Practices.” Following a lively networking lunch, the summit continued with its afternoon agenda. The first significant panel discussion of the afternoon revolved around