Part 1: 19 August 2021, Thursday
3pm to 6.30pm (Singapore/Hong Kong/Beijing/Shanghai Time) GMT +8

Part 2: 20 August 2021, Friday
3pm to 6.30pm (Singapore/Hong Kong/Beijing/Shanghai Time) GMT +8

Delivered Via:     2-Part Webinar






With commercial transactions and financial activities becoming increasing cross-border coupled with high adoption rate of digitalisation, financial crimes are increasingly leveraging on technology to reach out to potential victims and execute various fraudulent schemes. This has in turn created new challenges for investigators to detect and combat such illicit activities. 

Vice versa, the same digitalisation and advancements in technology have also presented new solutions for financial crime investigators to utilize in their counterattack against fraudsters.

Forensic data analytics (FDA) as one of the branches of digital forensics along with data-driven financial fraud investigations allow investigators to dig deep and uncover patterns of fraudulent activity through structured data found within corporate systems and applications. 

This 2 parts webinar will walk attendees through the evolution of fraud cases, detection and anti-fraud controls across organizations, while understanding the key methodology behind FDA and how to design your own effective FDA approach and solution to become an essential tool for financial investigations.

Who Should Attend

  • Ethics & Compliance Officers
  • General Counsels
  • GRC, Legal & Compliance Professionals 
  • Fraud Investigators
  • “C” Suite Executives
  • Chartered Accountants and Auditors
  • Company Secretaries
  • Corporate Governance
  • Head of Vigilance
  • Private Practice Lawyers
  • Accounting & Consulting Firms

Workshop Agenda *




Learning Objectives

Day 1: 19 August 2021, Thursday (GMT +8)


Introduction to Financial Frauds.

What does an end to end investigation process entrail?

• setting the context.

• discussion on the various types of frauds and its impact on companies

• what are emerging areas for financial frauds. Changes in fraud and compliance landscape due to COVID etc.  

• understand the end to end investigation process


Introduction to data analytics

• what is data and data analytics?

• what are the different types of data?

• what is good data?


Understanding the key data analytics processes

• what are the key processes in data analytics?

• what is involved in each step







Data analytics in practice and use in the real-world

• what are some of the best practices currently used in financial investigations?

• what are some of the real world challenges which doing analytics?

• case study 1


Group activity 1

• quiz


Data-driven financial fraud investigations

• fraud overview in organizations

• effective anti-fraud controls


End of Day 1

Day 2: 20 August 2021, Thursday (GMT +8)


   Data-driven financial fraud    investigations (continued)

• evolution of fraud detection

• case study 2


Defining Forensic Data Analytics (“FDA”)

• what is FDA?

• application of FDA

• methodology & approach

• fraud risk library

• benefits of FDA


Group activity 2

• fraud in the news





Designing an effective FDA approach and solution

• fraud modeling

• risk scoring

• data visualization

• case management

• case study 3


Group activity 3

• case workshop



• summary


End of Day 2


* Agenda schedule is subject to change

Part 1: 19 August 2021, Thursday
3pm to 6.30pm (Singapore/Hong Kong/Beijing/Shanghai Time) GMT +8

Part 2: 20 August 2021, Friday
3pm to 6.30pm (Singapore/Hong Kong/Beijing/Shanghai Time) GMT +8

Delivered Via:     2-Part Webinar







Saket Bhartia, Associate Partner, Forensic & Integrity Service, Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd. 

Saket has over 20 years of experience in fraud risk assessments, investigations, anti-bribery and corruption reviews. 

Saket has led investigations that were either multi-jurisdictional, regulatory non-compliance or complex in nature. Most of his investigations included financial statement fraud, siphoning of funds, embezzlement, asset misappropriation, bribery and corruption issues, code of conduct violations, etc. In addition, he has assisted several global and local clients in setting up strong compliance and governance frameworks. 

He is a regular speaker at events and trainer on the topics of Ethics, Integrity and Fraud. 


Roderique Tam, Director, Forensic & Integrity Service, Ernst & Young Advisory Pte. Ltd.

Roderique is a Director in the Ernst & Young’s Forensic & Integrity Services Team. With over 20 years experience in business intelligence and analytics he has worked in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore supporting project across the region. The three core competencies of his skill sets include project management, business analysis and core business intelligence development skills including database design, data modeling , OLAP modeling, dashboard, cube and report development.

Roderique has had exposure to clients of various industries such as banking, insurance, retail, education, gaming, hospitality, franchise, universities, law enforcement, etc...

Part 1: 19 August 2021, Thursday
3pm to 6.30pm (Singapore/Hong Kong/Beijing/Shanghai Time) GMT +8

Part 2: 20 August 2021, Friday
3pm to 6.30pm (Singapore/Hong Kong/Beijing/Shanghai Time) GMT +8

Delivered Via:     2-Part Webinar






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