2024: The Offshore View

by Nimitt Dixit |


    Offshore law firms have had a challenging 2023, with stiffer regulations, increased onshore competition from "Cayman-style" funds and slow M&A recovery holding back growth. Law firm leaders talk about some of their big themes for 2024, including the advent of financial technology and digital asset regulations, the rise in competition from "…

    Q&A: “LLMs have the potential to change the way we practice”

    by Sarah Wong |

    Yeong Zee Kin became the chief executive of the Singapore Academy of Law in April, following a career geared towards technology regulation and data protection in both public and private sectors. The former deputy personal data protection commissioner shares his thoughts on AI, and how Singapore’s legal profession can evolve, making the best use of it.

    BRIEFS: As Trade Ties Strengthen, Indian Law Firms Make a Beeline for Dubai

    by Nimitt Dixit |

    Indian law firms have traditionally taken a conservative stance on international expansion. But as the country's financial clout spreads overseas, law firms are setting their sights on key international business hubs to support this wave of expansion.

    BRIEFS: Macau Approves Legislation to Overhaul Financial Sector

    by Sarah Wong |

    For the longest time, Macau has been seen as a synonym for glitzy casinos and picturesque architecture. But in recent years, the former Portuguese colony has been pulling out all the stops to buttress its financial credentials. In fact, developing Macau’s financial industry has been a major administrative policy since 2019.

    EXPLAINER: Has the Jpex Explosion Killed Hong Kong’s Crypto Dream?

    by Sarah Wong |

    In September, Hong Kong’s reputation as a global financial hub took a battering following the news of high-profile arrests related to unlicensed crypto exchange Japan Exchange (JPEX). The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) issued two public announcements warning investors that JPEX’s claims to be regulated were false, and that some of its activities, including offering high returns on various virtual asset products, were prohibited under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance.

    FORUM: New Age Lawyers

    by Sarah Wong |

    With emerging technologies driving demand for novel legal advisory, law firms are increasingly seeing a pressing need to strategise their teams accordingly. Leaders share with ALB how they are taking essential technological knowledge into consideration when making hires that enable their firms to come on top in client work.

    IN-HOUSE INSIGHT: The Ethical Imperative - The In-House Counsel’s Role in Data Governance

    by Ishita Shome |

    As you step into the digital labyrinth of data protection, imagine for a moment that you, as an in-house counsel, are the guardian of secrets in a high-tech fortress, entrusted with the task of defending the treasure trove of personal information from the relentless onslaught of data marauders!  

    RANKINGS: ALB India Top Female Lawyers 2023

    In its second annual ranking, ALB highlights outstanding women lawyers in India who have made significant contributions amidst the dynamic legal landscape. The list features 30 exceptional female lawyers who have consistently demonstrated excellence in their work, setting remarkable standards within their specific legal domains. These lawyers have earned accolades not only from their peers and superiors but also from their clients. The names are arranged alphabetically, and some of the lawyers have been profiled.

    RANKINGS: ALB India Top Disputes Lawyers 2023

    ALB India releases its annual list of 40 leading dispute resolution lawyers in the country. The selection is based on their outstanding professional accomplishments, market reputation and feedback from clients. The lawyers’ names are arranged alphabetically, and some have been profiled.

    No More Fun and Games: How a New Tax on Online Real Money Gaming Companies Is Poised To Cripple the Industry

    by Nimitt Dixit |

    A new tax on online real money gaming (RMG) companies under India’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime has left the once-sunrise industry in a state of panic, with market players announcing layoffs and closures, revenue projections dropping significantly, and the whole sector preparing for legal battles against exorbitant tax demands worth over 1.5 trillion rupees ($18 billion).