RANKINGS: ALB Asia Top 15 In-house Teams 2024

by Asian Legal Business《亚洲法律杂志》, Sarah Wong |


Traditionally, corporate legal departments have been asked to do much but given little. But, the era of heightened productivity has arrived with technology transforming how legal work gets done. We examine how today’s best in-house legal teams can act as valuable strategic…

THAILAND: New Data, New Rules

by Sarah Wong |

Thailand is one of the countries in Southeast Asia most prone to cyber vulnerabilities and data breaches.

RANKINGS: ALB Asia IP Rankings 2024

The past year marked an important turning point in the development of the regulatory ecosystem for intellectual property (IP) across Asia.

EMPLOYMENT: Level Playing Field

by Nimitt Dixit |

Singapore is set to introduce a new anti-discrimination employment law later in the year, and while employers welcome the changes, lawyers say more needs to be done in terms of building capabilities to ensure compliance.

BRIEFS: SG Bill to Arm Financial Watchdog With More Investigative Authority

A new bill will give the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) more authority to supervise and investigate the financial sector, including the power to enter the premises of financial institutions without a warrant or prior notice in some situations.

Q&A: ‘I'm a firm believer in a top-down compliance culture’

by Sarah Wong |

Hong Kong is stepping up to combat financial crimes and enhancing its reputation as a reliable global business centre. Christopher Wilson, the executive director of enforcement at the Securities and Futures Commissions (SFC), articulates the organisation's goals in upholding regulatory standards and offers guidance for general counsel to champion a culture of compliance.

BRIEFS: Lawyers Foresee Regulatory Challenges as Aussie Businesses Venture Into ASEAN

by Sarah Wong |

Australia has doubled down on its focus on Southeast Asia after ties with China, previously one of its largest two-way trading partners, soured under geopolitical tensions.

EXPLAINER: As U.S. Takes Aim at Chinese Biotech Giants, Lawyers Warn of ‘Dramatic Impact’

by Sarah Wong |

The United States has extended its sprawling trade and technology control regime to cover the biotechnology sector as it is determined to “de-risk” from China.

FORUM: Finding a Balance

by Sarah Wong |

Recently, the tragic passing of a Big Law partner in the UK has shed a renewed light on the difficult working conditions in the legal industry, with its brutal hours and high-stress work.

MIDDLE EAST: ‘My biggest enemy is time’

by Nimitt Dixit |

Nadim Elias El Haj, chief legal officer of Abu Dhabi National Hotels, brings a wealth of experience from his tenure in legal leadership across the hospitality and tourism sectors, including tenures at Bloom Properties, Lakhraim Business Group, and Millennium Hotels and Resorts.