ALB India releases its annual list of 40 leading dispute resolution lawyers in the country. The selection is based on their outstanding professional accomplishments, market reputation and feedback from clients. The lawyers’ names are arranged alphabetically, and some have been profiled.



Manisha Singh
founder and managing partner, LexOrbis



Manisha Singh is the distinguished founder and managing partner of LexOrbis. She has a remarkable career spanning over 25 years and is a paragon of excellence in intellectual property law. Under her visionary leadership, LexOrbis addressed the authentic needs of clients and charted an impressive growth trajectory. Over the past year, Singh’s strategic initiatives have focused on delivering tailor-made solutions for effective intellectual property (IP) management. LexOrbis has been instrumental in providing comprehensive assistance, including patent, trademark, copyright, and design rights enforcement, as well as support for IP portfolio maintenance and commercialisation. Singh is dedicated to establishing

a transparent and all-encompassing IP ecosystem. This is evident in the efforts made by LexOrbis to educate new IP owners about compliance and remedies for breaches and disputes. The firm has actively collaborated with research and development (R&D) teams and research organisations to facilitate well-informed decisions on IP. This has led to a secure innovation market for budding creators. She has been working closely with Indian start-ups and enterprises driven by women entrepreneurs and inventors for the past decade or so. When she began her practice, she was trained by attorneys who managed the Indian IP portfolios of global companies. She has adopted the best practices of those big companies to manage the portfolios of Indian companies and other entities involved in the Indian innovation ecosystem. Today, she feels proud that her firm drafts over 1000 new patent applications for inventions originating from India in a wide range of new and emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, quantum computers/software, semiconductors, energy storage, and EV, among others. In a leadership role, she enjoys developing and retaining talents at the firm—building a team that can take the firm forward in the future.

LexOrbis has embraced cutting-edge technology, employing a state-of-the-art docket management system and integrated document management, task management, and auto-invoicing systems to enhance client experiences. The firm’s expansion includes a new branch in Chennai, with plans for further growth in prominent Indian metropolitan cities. Singh’s global vision extends to strengthening the firm’s network internationally, ensuring LexOrbis’ expertise reaches clients across diverse jurisdictions. Beyond her legal achievements, Singh’s passion for social service shines through her association with Haath ka Bana, a social enterprise championing traditional arts and crafts. She actively empowers local artisans and indigenous creators, educating them about their rights, particularly concerning geographical indications in India. Singh’s commitment to fostering innovation extends to her involvement in webinars and training sessions, where she guides entrepreneurs and start-ups, enriching India’s intellectual property landscape.


Shri Venkatesh
managing partner, SKV Law Offices



Shri Venkatesh is a prominent figure in India’s legal landscape, with over 15 years of dedicated expertise in infrastructure regulatory practice. He is the managing partner of SKV Law Offices in New Delhi and has played a pivotal role in steering the firm towards remarkable growth since it was established in 2013.

Venkatesh’s specialises in electricity and regulatory disputes within the field of infrastructure. His practice areas include a broad spectrum, such as arbitration, insolvency and bankruptcy, consumer protection, environment, insurance, and advisory services. He has successfully represented well-known entities like Tata Power Company, NTPC, Reliance Power, Vedanta, L&T, earning him recognition as a trusted advisor in commercial and regulatory disputes.

With his strategic acumen, Venkatesh has led key cases that have shaped the legal landscape. This is evident when he adeptly represented Vidarbha Industries Power in a landmark insolvency proceeding, showcasing his proficiency in navigating complex legal frameworks.

He has recently secured a favourable judgment for Tata Power Company - Transmission in a significant case against Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission. The outcome reaffirmed his expertise in handling high-stakes litigation. Venkatesh is proficient in dispute resolution and provides comprehensive legal counsel to corporations, governments, banks, and market participants involved in energy transactions. Venkatesh is deeply committed to societal welfare in his pursuit of justice. He actively promotes pro bono ethics within the legal profession and provides pro bono services to those in need. His efforts enrich both the legal profession and the lives of those who benefit from his services.







Tine Abraham

Shujath Ahmed
Krishnamurthy & Co (K Law)

Ajay Bhargava
Khaitan & Co.

Shweta Bharti
Hammurabi & Solomon Partners

Rahul Dhote
ANM Global

Bhavin Gada
Stratage Law Partners, Advocates & Solicitors

Soorjya Ganguli
Argus Partners

Mani Gupta
Sarthak Advocates & Solicitors

Poornima Hatti
Samvad Partners

Kiran Jain
Regius Legal

Sameer Jain
PSL Advocates and Solicitors

Amit Jajoo

Mamta Jha
Inttl Advocare

Sukrit Kapoor
King Stubb & Kasiva, Advocates and Attorneys

Arush Khanna
Numen Law Offices

Sanjay Kishore
Tatva Legal Hyderabad

Sanjeev Kumar
Luthra & Luthra Law Offices India

Charanya Lakshmikumaran
Lakshmikumaran and Sridharan

Shwetasree Majumder
Fidus Law Chambers

Debanjan Mandal
Fox & Mandal

Shashank Manish
Emerald Law Offices

Ateev Mathur
SNG & Partners

Abhijit Mittal
Legal Scriptures Advocates & Solicitors

Vaishali Mittal
Anand & Anand

Sajid Mohamed
Agrud Partners

Dheeraj Nair

Rahul Narayan
Chandhiok & Mahajan, Advocates and Mahajan (C&M)

Nishant Nigam
Goswami & Nigam LLP

Dinesh Pardasani
DSK Legal

Shiraz Patodia
Dua Associates

Dinesh Pednekar
Economic Laws Practice (ELP)

Gunita Pahwa
S&A Law Offices

Ranjit Prakash
Archeus Law

P Raviprasad
Tempus Law Associates

Nakul Sharedalal
NS Legal

Manisha Singh

Sonal Kumar Singh
AKS Partners

Manmeet Singh
Saraf and Partners

Nilesh Tribhuvann
White & Brief Advocates

Shri Venkatesh
SKV Law Offices





Evaluation Criteria:

       Significant cases that were handled throughout the entire career;

       Significant cases that were handled in the last 12 months;

       Key clients;

       New clients;

       Significant accolades, third-party awards or recognitions received;

       Comments received from clients;

       Comments received from managing partners or colleagues;

       Cases participated in and for which judgments were pronounced within the last 12 months.

The evaluation is based on the following factors:

       Complexity of cases;

       Litigation strategies;

       Influence of cases;

       Innovative nature of cases.





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