ALB Conversations: Ong Johnson, Senior Group Legal Manager, i-Berhad

by Mari Iwata |

Ong Johnson is senior group legal manager of i-Berhad, a publicly listed real estate developer and operator best known for i-City, a theme park in Selangor. Following his admission to the Malaysian Bar in 2017, Johnson embarked on his professional journey at Loi & Co, a commercial and corporate litigation boutique, before…

ALB Conversations: Dorothea Dian, General Counsel, Siemens Indonesia

by Mari Iwata |

Dorothea Dian, general counsel at Siemens Indonesia, speaks about why a company's culture sets the foundation for a cohesive and successful organisation, the ways in which her law firms could enhance their responsiveness and efficiency, and how she always seeks to thrive in the face of change.

ALB Conversations: Melissa Tan, Director, Legal, Doctor Anywhere

by Mari Iwata |

As director of legal at Doctor Anywhere, a fast-growing one-stop telehealth app provider in Southeast Asia, Melissa Tan leads an in-house team that guided the company through “unchartered” waters during the pandemic. In this interview, Tan speaks about how one of her biggest personal highlights is witnessing each team member grow, why openness in communication is key to impactful lawyering, and why being comfortable with ambiguity in the law is something she looks for in her hires.

ALB Conversations: Navrita Kaur, Chief Legal Officer, Microlink Solutions

by Mari Iwata |

Navrita Kaur, chief legal officer of Malaysian tech company Microlink Solutions, talks about how she encourages her team to have the mindset of adding value to the business, how the legal services landscape has changed since she went in-house, and why one should never have two thoughts in one sentence.

ALB CONVERSATIONS: Surabhi Madan, Senior Director and Global Legal Counsel, ASM

by Mari Iwata |

Surabhi Madan, senior director and global legal counsel of ASM, talks about how a culture of fear of making errors hinders independent thinking, why she looks to hire lawyers who can think like engineers, and what areas of expertise she wishes law firms had.

ALB CONVERSATIONS: Alex Liam, Head of Legal, YTL PowerSeraya

by Mari Iwata |

Alex Liam, head of legal, data protection officer and company secretary at Singaporean utility YTL PowerSeraya, talks about his experience leading during challenging times, why it is important to be decisive to move things forward, and how he is looking to always stay grounded.

ALB Conversations: Yi Wong, General Counsel, Lum Chang Holdings

by Mari Iwata |

Yi Wong, general counsel of real-estate management company Lum Chang Holdings, talks about why walking the talk is better than putting up posters along the corridor, adopting a proactive instead of reactive approach to compliance, and why he prefers law firms that serve as a “one-stop shop.”

ALB Conversations: Jiyoung Won, Vice President & Lead Counsel, General Motors Korea

by Mari Iwata |

Jiyoung Won, lead counsel at General Motors Korea, shares about how her strategy for her legal team is fluid, creative, and yet uncompromising; what attributes she looks for when it comes to hiring; and why she wishes Korean law firms would adopt a more “out-of-the-box” mindset.

ALB Conversations: Rohit Kumar, Group General Counsel, UPL

by Mari Iwata |

Rohit Kumar, group general counsel at UPL, talks about how he is building a culture of openness and empowerment, why Indian law firms have still some way to go in matching their international counterparts in terms of service quality, and why in-house lawyers must always be “part of the solution.”

UK-listed law firm Ince to seek sale after creditor bows out

by Reuters |

Legal and professional services firm Ince Group plans to enter administration and pursue a sale of the company, it said on Wednesday, amid cash concerns and repeated delays in reporting its financial results.