Augment is an innovative ‘hyper-converged knowledge services firm’. It provides (predominantly multinational) corporations in the Asia Pacific with the following knowledge services: risk, compliance, governance, business consultancy and  legal services. Several entities make up the firm – Singaporean based law firm and business consultancy, an Australian based law firm, and an offshoring centre in the Philippines. The common DNA in all Augment branded firms is a focus on delivering services in a differentiated way, in order to enable its clients greater access to knowledge based services. This is done by smart sourcing of services using onshore and offshore talent.  

As such, unique onshore and offshore corporate structure, Augment  provides its clients with integrated knowledge based services – namely, (1) legal services which a traditional law firm may offer to its corporate clients (2) services which are usually provided to corporations by their own in-house general counsels and in house legal, risk, compliance and governance functions and (3) services which knowledge process offshorers primarily extend to its clients. Augment offers all of these services in one. 

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