ALB Hong Kong Events 2021 - Onsite Measures and Guidelines for Attendees

The below information is applicable as of 19 Aug 2021

The health and safety of all who attend our in-person event are important to us. To ensure we provide a safe environment while maintaining our highest level of customer experience onsite, we will be introducing the following changes and guidelines to our event. By registering for or attending the event, you are deemed to have read, understood, and accepted our guidelines. 

  • ◙ Body temperature screening on a person must be conducted prior to entry
  • ◙  All guests must scan “Leave Home Safe” QR code or fill in the Vaccine Bubble Customer Record Form before entering the venue. Returning attendees will need to show their name badges before being re-admitted back into the conference venue
  • ◙ Seats are limited and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. When the room is filled, we reserve the right to close the registration
  • ◙ Face masks must be worn at all times (including speaker/panellist/moderator) in the event venue. This includes at the registration area, conference rooms, and the exhibition hall
  • ◙ Hand sanitisers will be provided at any catering premises for any person at the premises
  • ◙ Names badges must be worn at all times for identification purposes, and attendees without a name badge may be requested to leave the premises
  • ◙ No food and beverages will be served throughout the event. Attendees are advised to consume your meals outside the event venue whenever necessary. We seek your kind understanding.
  • ◙ Drinking water will be made available to attendees within the conference room subject to hotel regulations
  • ◙ When visiting a booth, up to 4 people are allowed to gather around an exhibition booth at any point of time 
  • ◙ Organizer and hotel staff will help guide you to your seats, maintain social distancing, disperse the potential crowd from forming, etc.
  • ◙ Walk-in registration is strictly not allowed
  •  ALB reserves the right to refuse entry and can request attendees to leave the premises at any point in time if the guidelines are not followed or if the room is filled

We would also like to remind all attendees to monitor their health for COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days and to request that you report to us within this period if any of you displayed the symptoms. We also encourage you to test for COVID-19 if you do have any such symptoms.

We sincerely request that all attendees respect ALB’s event rules and the staff onsite carrying out these duties. In order to maintain the health and safety of attendees, ALB reserves the final decision to refuse entry or service to anyone for any reason.