TnP Law Firm won the Transactional Boutique Law Firm of the Year award at the 2023 ALB Southeast Asia Law Awards. The firm was founded in 2016 and provides legal services in various areas with a client-focused approach, emphasising ethics and integrity.


Congratulations on winning the Transactional Boutique Law Firm of the Year at the ALB Southeast Asia Law Awards! How does it feel to receive such recognition? 

Thank you! Winning the Transactional Boutique Law Firm of the Year is a great honor. It reaffirms our dedication to excellent legal services and showcases the talent of our team. We're grateful for the recognition and motivated to continue providing top-notch solutions in Southeast Asia.


Can you tell me more about TnP Law Firm and its history? When was the firm established?

TnP Law Firm, formerly known as Tjajo & Partners, was founded in 2016, and we take great pride in our journey of growth and establishing a strong presence in the legal market. Our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional service and upholding the highest standards of professional excellence for our clients is at the core of our identity.

Our team of partners is a blend of seasoned legal experts, exemplified by our very own Rambun Tjajo, with over 30 years of invaluable experience in the legal field, and dynamic young partners who have rapidly made a name for themselves as rising stars in the industry.

Earlier this year, we undertook a soft rebranding, transitioning our firm into TnP Law Firm. This change reflects our ongoing dedication to stay adaptable and responsive to the evolving demands of the market.


What are the core practice areas of TnP Law Firm? 

  • M&A and General Corporate
  • Capital Markets
  • Banking and Finance
  • Technology, Media, and Telecommunication
  • Restructuring and Insolvency
  • Project and Procurement
  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • Medical and Healthcare Services


How does TnP Law Firm differentiate itself from other law firms in the region?

TPn Law Firm stands out from other legal practices due to several key differentiators. First and foremost, our firm wholeheartedly embraces a client-centric approach, with a strong commitment to understanding and prioritizing our clients' objectives and challenges. Through active engagement, attentive listening, and the cultivation of strong client relationships, we ensure that our legal guidance consistently aligns with our clients' best interests, nurturing enduring partnerships.

With a well-documented history of successful cases and transactions, an unwavering commitment to ethics and integrity, multilingual proficiency, and a strong dedication to social responsibility and community engagement, TnP Law Firm establishes itself as a distinctive and invaluable legal partner for our clients.  


Could you highlight some of the notable transactions or cases that TnP Law Firm has handled recently? 

  • A Landmark Sustainability-Linked Loan (SLL) deal by PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia Tbk (the finalist for Project Finance Deal of the Year in ALB Indonesia Law Awards 2023)
  • USD1.6 billion Private Placement of Bumi Resources by Salim group (the finalist for Equity Market Deal of the Year in ALB Indonesia Law Awards 2023)
  • Acquisition of Bumi Resources by Salim group with a value of USD 1,6 Billion (the finalist for M&A Deal of the Year in ALB Indonesia Law Awards 2023)
  • BNI's Acquisition of Bank Mayora (the finalist for M&A Deal of the Year (Midsize) in ALB SE Asia Law Awards 2023)
  • Largest Telco Tower Acquisition in Indonesia (the finalist for M&A Deal of the Year (Premium) in ALB SE Asia Law Awards 2023)
  • Sustainability Linked Loan for PT Semen and PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia (the finalist for Project Finance Deal of the Year in ALB SE Asia Law Awards 2023)
  • Procurement of New Loan Facility by Group of PT Central Proteina Prima (the finalist for Debt Market Deal of the Year (Premium) and Project Finance Deal of the Year in ALB Indonesia Law Awards 2022)
  • Sarana Meditama Metropolitan's Rights Issue (the finalist for Equity Market Deal of the Year (Midsize) in ALB SE Asia Law Awards 2022)


What is the firm's approach to client service and building long-term relationships? 

TnP Law Firm adopts a client service approach focused on providing exceptional and personalized legal solutions while building long-term relationships. We believe that each client is unique, and we strive to tailor our services to meet their individual needs and goals. Through active listening, we gain a deep understanding of our clients' challenges, objectives, and business context, enabling us to offer strategic and comprehensive legal advice. Transparency and effective communication are key aspects of our approach. We keep our clients informed with regular updates and promptly respond to their inquiries. Our core principles of delivering efficient, high-quality results underpin the efforts of our skilled and experienced team. Building strong relationships with clients is paramount to us, and we prioritize trust forged through consistent and exceptional legal service.

In our pursuit of long-term relationships, TnP Law Firm also upholds ethical practices and confidentiality. We view each client relationship as a partnership, and our success is measured by our clients' satisfaction and achievements. Our team's expertise and careful approach ensure timely and effective legal solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs. Continuous training and development keep us at the forefront of legal expertise. Through transparency, dedication, and a client-centered focus, we ensure that our long-term relationships will endure, building trust and shared success in our clients' legal and business journeys.


How does TnP Law Firm stay updated with the evolving legal landscape in Southeast Asia? 

We maintain a keen awareness of the evolving legal landscape in Southeast Asia through a comprehensive approach. This approach includes staying informed with regular legal updates, active involvement in Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs, building strategic partnerships with local counsel, and monitoring government publications. Additionally, we stay connected with reputable legal news outlets, actively seek client feedback, and conduct in-house training sessions.


Can you share some details about the team at TnP Law Firm? How many lawyers do you have, and what are their areas of expertise? 

The team at TnP Law Firm is a dynamic and diverse group of legal professionals dedicated to providing exceptional services across a range of practice areas. Comprising four accomplished Partners and a skilled team of twenty associates, the firm operates in eight distinct practice areas, each serving a vital role in the comprehensive legal services they offer. All are led by our distinguished Partners.

Rambun Tjajo, our Senior Partner, excels in Capital Markets, financial transactions, and securities offerings, as well as Energy and Infrastructure. Meanwhile, Melissa Butarbutar, our managing partner, leads in Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, General Corporate, and Restructuring and Insolvency. Partner Ken Prasadtyo specializes in Capital Markets, General Corporate, Technology, Media, and Telecommunication sectors. Additionally, Partner Frans Sihasale spearheads Banking and Finance projects, including project finance, thereby adding a crucial dimension to the firm's capabilities.


What strategies does TnP Law Firm employ to attract and retain top legal talent? 

We recognize that attracting and retaining top talent requires more than competitive compensation and benefits. Our approach also prioritizes professional development through mentorship programs and access to continuing legal education for career advancement. With a diverse range of practice areas and involvement in complex cases, we offer stimulating and varied work experience. Our firm culture fosters employee satisfaction and loyalty by emphasizing collaboration, respect, and teamwork. Transparent career paths, helpful technology, exposure to prestigious clients, and wellness programs further enhance our appeal.


In which countries does TnP Law Firm have a presence, and what are your plans for future expansion? 

Currently, our Firm's official presence is confined to Indonesia, and we are primarily concentrating on our growth within the Indonesian legal landscape. However, we are actively exploring the potential to expand our reach into other jurisdictions within the region.

While our aspirations do include establishing a presence in other countries in the near future, we believe it is prudent to exercise caution in this endeavor. Our strategy involves an initial focus on broadening our presence across various areas of legal practice within Indonesia. We believe this approach allows us to strengthen our capabilities and diversify our expertise, ensuring that we are well-prepared for international expansion when the time is right. By solidifying our position in multiple practice areas locally, we aim to bring a more comprehensive and robust set of legal services to our clients in the region and beyond.


What are some of the strengths or unique advantages of TnP Law Firm that have contributed to your success? 

Our foundation is formed by seasoned legal professionals and visionary founders who have successfully blended time-honored legal practices with a modern and dynamic approach to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of the legal industry.

This harmonious amalgamation of experience and youthful spirit is a hallmark of our firm's identity. Our seasoned lawyers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise cultivated over many years, representing the "old but gold" traditions of legal practice. These time-tested principles serve as a solid foundation upon which we build our legal services. Simultaneously, our fresh and young mindset represents our adaptability and willingness to embrace change, staying at the forefront of developments in the legal field. We recognize that the legal industry is in a state of constant flux, driven by technological advancements, shifts in regulations, and evolving client needs. Our forward-thinking approach allows us to not only meet but anticipate these changes, providing our clients with innovative, effective, and responsive legal solutions.


How does TnP Law Firm maintain a balance between quality and efficiency in delivering legal services? 

We firmly uphold the interconnected nature of quality and efficiency. Within our firm, we leverage available technology, invest in our team's development, and tailor strategies to meet the distinctive needs of each client. This approach cultivates trust and satisfaction, underpinned by clear communication and realistic project timelines.

Our standardized workflows are designed to minimize delays, with technology automating specific tasks, streamlining research, optimizing document management, and enhancing communication. Vigilant timeline management serves as the cornerstone of our commitment to both quality and efficiency. We carefully allocate tasks to the most qualified team members, thereby preventing bottlenecks and ensuring seamless progress. We also reassure quality control at every level of our work.


Can you discuss the firm's commitment to diversity and inclusion within its workforce? 

We have implemented several initiatives within our organization to promote diversity and inclusivity in our workforce. The Gender Initiative is aimed at closing the gender gap by increasing the number of women employees, as we recognize their positive impact on our company's culture and performance. With the Age Initiative, we are dedicated to promoting talent without age discrimination, and we are proud to have a diverse leadership team that includes accomplished millennials. The Race and Ethnicity initiative underscores our firm commitment to respecting and embracing diversity, as we have employees and partners from various racial and ethnic backgrounds. We work to foster a supportive and inclusive work environment that values and celebrates diversity.


How does TnP Law Firm ensure confidentiality and data security for its clients? 

TnP Law Firm places paramount importance on confidentiality and data security. We uphold this commitment through qualified IT infrastructure, encryption protocols, stringent access controls, and robust confidentiality agreements. In adherence to data protection laws, we maintain rigorous data retention policies.

When featuring notable transactions in publications, we consistently obtain client approval before disclosing any information. Moreover, we exercise diligence when sending submissions, including only the transactions approved for publication. This unwavering dedication safeguards our clients' sensitive information with the highest degree of care and professionalism.


What are some future goals or aspirations for TnP Law Firm? 

Our future vision encompasses several key objectives. These include expanding regionally to better serve clients with cross-border needs, diversifying practice areas to cater to a broader spectrum of industries and maintaining a leading position in legal innovation. The firm aspires to establish itself as a thought leader in the industry, with a primary focus on client-centric growth and robust talent development.

Additionally, we are also committed to making a positive social impact through more social initiatives and active community engagement. Gaining international recognition as a reputable legal partner is also a pivotal ambition for the firm. These goals collectively drive the Firm's mission to continually enhance its legal services and make a substantial and far-reaching impact in Southeast Asia and beyond.


Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring lawyers or law students who are interested in pursuing a career at TnP Law Firm? 

For aspiring lawyers or law students aspiring to excel in their careers at TnP Law Firm, a fundamental strategy for thriving and excelling in the legal field involves focusing on personal growth, specialization, and alignment with the firm's vision. However, emphasizing teamwork and demonstrating leadership potential is also paramount.

By cultivating expertise in specific areas of law, embracing innovation, and developing essential skills, aspiring legal professionals can significantly enhance their prospects of building a prosperous and rewarding career at our firm. This, in turn, will contribute to the continued growth and success of TnP Law Firm within the legal industry.


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