In its annual feature, Asian Legal Business celebrates the next generation of legal talent in Indonesia. These high-performing lawyers are not only delivering impressive results but also winning rave reviews from satisfied clients. The list is in alphabetical order and some lawyers have been profiled.



Individuals needed to be under the age of 40 and based permanently in Indonesia. The list was chosen based on the following criteria:

— Important deals or cases

— Key clients

— Significant accolades received in the form of public recognition, awards, etc.






Albert Stephan Aswin
33, partner, ERGA Lawyers



With a decade of experience, disputes expert Albert Stephan Aswin specialises in maritime disputes, criminal defence, commercial dispute resolution, and business transactions. He has handled and successfully represented over 30 maritime disputes in the last two years. Also, he has significantly broadened his scope in the field of criminal defence by encompassing both the investigative phases and court proceedings.

In his capacity of criminal defence, Aswin has successfully defended individuals in court litigations and investigations by the authorities. These include representation of a former executive of a state-owned enterprise and two branch heads of a bank in a violation of Indone-sian Corruption Law, a corporate client in a pollution-related investigation, a vessel implicated in an Indonesian Environmen-tal Law breach due to an oil spill, and vessel accused of illegally importing haz-ardous waste. In commercial dispute, he successfully defended Indonesian insur-ance company from a $7 million claim. Prominent clients of Aswin include one of Indonesia’s largest conglomer-ate groups from South Sulawesi and all its subsidiaries that conduct businesses from automotive, cement, logistics and transportation, mining, property, finance sector, infrastructure, energy and media. He also represents major international shipping corporations and several Pro-tection & Indemnity (P&I) Clubs.


Alldo Fellix Januardy
32, managing partner, AVYA Law Firm



Alldo Fellix Januardy, managing partner of AVYA Law Firm, established the firm in 2019 and has since led it to achieve $2.5 billion in case representation portfolios. This success stems from his expertise in handling cases related to private wealth, family enterprises, and charities. AVYA’s clientele comprises of ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families, to whom Januardy assists in matters pertaining to asset restructuring and dispute resolution.

Januardy’s impressive track record showcases notable cases from various sectors. In 2021, he guided the restructuring of a complex $100 million inheritance spanning assets in Indonesia, Singapore, and China for an Indonesian multimillionaire family. In 2022, he further showcased his expertise by facilitating family mediation and a successful resolution surrounding the bankruptcy of one of Indonesia’s largest family-owned pulp and paper companies, involving $128 million in assets. In 2023, he also achieved a key victory by protecting the rights of an Indonesian multimillionaire family to manage $15 million in inheritance assets belonging to an Indonesian tycoon, navigating a private wealth dispute within the Indonesian court system.

January’s strategy is characterised by clarity, diligence, and reliability. “His advice is always very clear and direct. Alldo is consistently able to provide a simple and straightforward explanation of what seemed to be complex legal concepts,” says Julia Wahyadhiatmika, Director of PT Golden Agin Nusa, one of the largest family-owned agricultural equipment manufacturers in Indonesia. “He inspires dedicated team members who work around the clock to provide timely advice and execution,” notes Tamara Gondo, director of Liberty Society, a prominent social enterprise. She also highly values Januardy’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.



Ichsan Montang
34, partner, IM & Partners



Ichsan Montang established IM & Partners last year as the Indonesian association of Japanese major law firm Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu and has assisted mainly Japanese companies investing and operating in Indonesia. The Southeast Asian country has been one of the hottest places as the investment destination from the world’s third-largest economy.

At the same time, Montang has been working for NO&T in Singapore since 2017 and retaining close ties with the Japanese firm to work smoothly and effectually by continuing the collaboration after the establishment of IM & Partners to provide legal services to clients in Indonesia. Prior to working in the city-state as a foreign lawyer, he was at Assegaf Hamzah & Partners, the biggest law firms in Indonesia, for six years, thus well-equipped to provide legal support to international companies that have legal matters relating to Southeast Asia’s most populous nation. Montang advises on general corporate, M&A, technology, media and telecommunication, data protection, real estate and employment. His notable cases include Japanese logistics company KRS’s acquisition of Kiat Ananda Group; the merger between financing companies PT Arthaasia Finance and PT Hitachi Capital Finance Indonesia; and PT Aeon Mall Indonesia’s sale and purchase of Aeon Mall building in Sentul City area.

As managing partner of the firm, Montang is also in charge of business development activities of the firm with outlook of increasing foreign direct investments from Japan that need the Indonesian regulatory authorities and builds working relationships with relevant government agencies.



Nico Mooduto
35, partner, SSEK Law Firm



Nico Mooduto is an investment lawyer who advises clients mainly in the construction, real estate, and projects and infrastructure spaces. His practice also includes conflict resolution, disputes and investigations, and restructuring and insolvency.

Indonesia’s GDP growth is projected by the World Bank to remain steady at an average of 4.9 percent over 2024-2026 from 5 percent in 2023. This means business opportunities are likely to keep pace for Indonesian commercial lawyers. Mooduto has already made a name for himself with his support for various local companies as well as multinationals investing in and divesting from Indonesia. His recent experience includes sizeable investments and divestments in data centre, mining, and infrastructure projects. His notable cases include acting for creditors in one of the largest and most complex insolvency proceedings in Indonesian history; a Fortune 500 technology company’s investments in data centre projects, which included various property deals and licensing advice; automotive companies with the disposal of their Indonesian assets and exit from the country; and a major Indonesian infrastructure company with a port concession agreement for operation in East Kalimantan.

Mooduto’s client base includes multi-national giants such as Amazon Web Services, Boeing, FedEx, General Electric, General Motors, IBM, Micro-soft, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, Nissan Motor, Panasonic, PepsiCo, and Rolls-Royce.

His success is not only thanks to his skill as a lawyer but also his reliable personality. “Aside from the technical skills of the profession, Nico excels at working with clients and establishing a relationship of trust and cooperation,” said Fitriana Mahiddin, managing partner of SSEK.



Arsa Mufti Yogyandi
32, partner, Hendra Soenardi



Arsa Mufti Yogyandi is a renowned disputes lawyer with 10 years of experience. He advises on commercial, employment and administrative disputes, arbitration and criminal proceedings and defence of other litigations.

Some of his notable successful defence cases are acting for a mining company, as a defendant, in a civil lawsuit worth approximately 7 trillion rupiah ($482 million) from the first instance up to the Supreme Court; and representing an Indonesian state-owned enterprise in criminal proceedings in relation to fraudulent act and permit issue.

His important clients include local giants such as Adaro Indonesia, Obsidian Stainless Steel, Indo Tambang Megah, Energi Maju Abadi (EMP group) and RLK Development Indonesia as well as multi-nationals such as Indorealty Tata Persada and Bank of China (Hong Kong) Jakarta branch.

Yogyandi’s strength is deep exper-tise, team play and leadership.

“Hendra Soenardi law firm assisted us in various types of legal disputes, i.e., criminal, civil and administrative matters,” said Miarni Ang, a director at Agung Podomoro Land. “The advice is usually well-rounded, straightforward and easy to understand. We greatly appreciate the performance and dedication of Hendra Soenardi’s litigation team led by Arsa Mufti Yogyandi.”

“The firm has initially acted as counsels in various international dispute forums for its strength on the knowledge and understanding of Indonesian laws and jurisprudence. Arsa completes the practice with his expertise and experience in handling local and international disputes,” notes Soenardi Pardi, managing partner of Hendra Soenardi, adding he easily builds good relationships with clients.







Afif Alfaruqi
30, TnP Law Firm

Albert Stephan Aswin
33, ERGA Lawyers

Stefanus Brian Audyanto
35, Hermawan Juniarto & Partners

Dimas Bimo
33, PwC Legal Indonesia

Sinta Dwi Cestakarani
36, Walalangi & Partners (in association with Nishimura & Asahi)

Anthony Pratama Chandra
36, Hermawan Juniarto & Partners (Member of Deloitte Legal)

Rio Fafen Ciptaswara
32, Nadim & Partners

Agung Darmawan
34, HDPP

Eddie Prabowo Dewanda
37, HHP Law Firm (Member firm of Baker McKenzie)

Mayo Falmonti
39, Adrem Law Firm

Eva Fatimah Fauziah
34, Anggraeni and Partners

Naufal Fileindi
35, GHP Law Firm

Aldi Firmansyah
38, FKNK Law Firm

Robert Hasan
30, IABF Law Firm

Denia Isetianti
37, Soemadipradja & Taher

Alldo Fellix Januardy
32, AVYA Law Firm

Robbie Julius
37, ATD Law(in association with Mori Hamada & Matsumoto)

Triangga Kamal
37, Kyora Law Firm

Yohanes Kevin
35, Makarim & Taira S.


Milanti T. Kirana
38, HHR

Ichsan Perwira Kurniagung
38, FKNK Law Firm

Candace Anastassia Limbong
33, Makarim & Taira S.

Elsiana Inda Putri Maharani
38, K&K Advocates

Tiur Henny Monica
34, MIP Law Firm

Ichsan Montang
34, IM & Partners

Nico Mooduto
35, SSEK Law Firm

Jandi Mukianto
38, Wiem Law Firm

Sri Ningsih Nusantara
35, DFDL Partnership

Heru Pamungkas
36, Assegaf Hamzah & Partners

Dyah Ayu Paramita
35, HHP Law Firm (Member firm of Baker McKenzie)

Umar Faaris Permadi
34, SAP Advocates

Nur Eka Pradata
35, GHP Law Firm

Dhea Gita Pramesti
31, UMBRA – Strategic Legal Solutions

Rando Purba
38, Maramis Purba Santi Singara Law Firm

Genta Yaumal Quds
33, Loka Law Office

Kreshna Yuditya Rahmat
38, Arete

Tania Faramutia Riyanto
33, Adrem Law Firm

Dinda Nurasih Saragih
35, AZP Legal Consultants

Maher Sasongko
35, ABNR Counsellors at Law

Alfa Dewi Setiawati
34, ATD Law (in association with Mori Hamada & Matsumoto)

Chandra Setyabrata
31, Oentoeng Suria & Partners (in association with Ashurst (Ashurst OSP)

Ivand Sinatra
38, Aprilda Fiona Hendronoto Soesabdo Law Firm (AFHS LawFirm)

Muhammad Iqsan Sirie
37, Assegaf Hamzah & Partners

Andrew Sutedja
36, Sutedja & Associates

Indra K. Wardani
34, WNP ASIA Law Firm

R. Yudha Triarianto Wasono
33, SIP Law Firm

Arsa Mufti Yogyandi
32, Hendra Soenardi

Avindra Yuliansyah
35, Soemadipradja & Taher


Ahmad Fikri
38, PT Bank BNP Paribas Indonesia

Antonius Alexander Tigor
37, Telkomsel