In its inaugural list, Asian Legal Business shines a spotlight on India’s leading legal advocacy firms specialising in resolving complex legal challenges. These firms are redefining dispute resolution in India with their unparalleled expertise and proven track record. From navigating intricate commercial litigation to creating innovative solutions, these firms offer clients exceptional legal services.



Several key factors are considered in the selection process for the listing:

  • Firms must be demonstrably established within the Indian legal landscape, primarily focusing on resolving complex legal disputes.
  • The selection process prioritises boutique firms with a smaller partnership structure, fostering agility and responsiveness.
  • Extensive experience and a proven track record in handling complex legal disputes across various sectors are essential.
  • Recognition and standing within the legal community for excellence in dispute resolution is a significant factor.
  • Emphasis is placed on firms with a reputation for prioritising client satisfaction and achieving successful outcomes in complex legal challenges.


UKCA and Partners

Manisha Chaudhary


UKCA and Partners, a leading dispute resolution boutique in New Delhi, offers strategic representation across various legal issues. Their team analyses each dispute comprehensively, considering legal and broader business and personal implications for clients.

Under the helm of managing partner Manisha Chaudhary, they leverage a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in both traditional litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options. This flexibility allows them to tailor approaches to each case, utilising multiple strategies simultaneously. Open communication and transparency are core values, with regular client updates and clear explanations throughout the process.

UKCA and Partners is known for its ever-evolving strategies, consolidation of multifarious cases and success. This expertise is displayed in a high-stakes battle between real estate titans MGF Developments and Emaar India (formerly Emaar MGF Land) before the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT).

UKCA advised MGF in seeking enforcement of a demerger order initially granted by the NCLT's Principal Bench in New Delhi. However, Emaar India allegedly employed various tactics to stall the process, prompting MGF to file a new application under Section 231 for the implementation and execution of the demerger order. This application is still pending adjudication.

Emaar India then countered with a petition under Sections 241-242 of the Companies Act, 2013. They accused MGF of oppression and mismanagement and sought a significant sum of $320 million in damages. UKCA was again approached by MGF Developments to defend them in this counter-petition. UKCA's formidable defence successfully prevented Emaar India from securing any interim reliefs before the NCLT.

The dispute extends beyond borders, with MGF also initiating arbitration proceedings under the Demerger Framework Agreement before the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA). UKCA's role in this complex case extends beyond domestic law. Their team has been instrumental in providing the London-based legal team with all the necessary assistance to understand the intricacies of Indian law and relevant judicial precedents.





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