We are always stand by ready for supporting our clients with expert knowledge and experiences in intellectual property. We are ready to support corporate activities by making proposals, acting flexibly at the turn of the tide, and making decisions of what to do or not to do now, and strategically advancing processes to reach solutions advantageous to our clients.


Some of ABE & PARTNERS’ achievements in high-profile IP cases:

  1. Baxalta’s antibody patent infringement case against Chugai Pharmaceutical in Japan

ABE & PARTNERS represented Baxalta, and filed the lawsuit while Chugai was conducting a clinical trial. This was a first antibody patent infringement case in Japan.

  1.  Biopharmaceutical Company against Pharmaceutical Company at AAA Arbitration

Takanori ABE was retained as an expert for the Japanese Patent Law and has submitted an expert opinion and testified at deposition.

  1. Japanese Pharmaceutical Company’s acquisition of Shire

ABE & PARTNERS represented Shire in Due Diligence in $62 billion deal M&A.

  1. Nichia’s white LED patent infringement cases against Everlight in US, Germany, China

Takanori ABE’s article was cited in PETITION FOR WRIT OF CERTIORARI Nichia submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court. ABE & PARTNERS assisted Nichia, and won the case at the Federal Court of Justice in Germany and Beijing IP Court.

  1. Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma’s free radial scavenger patent lawsuit against Nisshin Pharmaceutical in Japan

ABE & PARTNERS represented Mitsubishi Tanabe and settled the case by a resolution with Nisshin.


Our Policy

  1. Providing specific solutions from viewpoints shared with clients and based on thorough legal research

We at ABE & PARTNERS share the perspectives of our clients by fully understanding their business goals. Our firm thoroughly and comprehensively investigates all legal issues and technical matters from clients’ perspectives and propose specific solutions.

  1. Supporting clients’ global strategies based on abundant experience in global litigation

We at ABE & PARTNERS solve issues arising from global business developments of our clients with help from our experience in litigating international cases, and the networks we have forged with overseas law firms.

  1. Providing timely services in dog-year business developments

We at ABE & PARTNERS strive to improve the speed and efficiency of our services on all fronts to adapt to today’s rapidly changing economy and society.


Takanori Abe
Managing Partner


Attorney at Law, Admitted in Japan and New York, Patent Attorney, Admitted in Japan Guest Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University




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