As ESG issues take a front seat in business decision-making across Asia, law firms play a crucial role advising companies on how to navigate increasingly complex compliance requirements and mitigating emerging risks. As regulatory landscapes around ESG evolve rapidly, ALB recognises ARMA Law, one of the 15 law firms that are delivering outstanding legal counsel in this area.  


What specific initiatives or strategies has ARMA Law implemented to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into its legal practice?

We have implemented several initiatives and strategies to ESG Principles into our legal practice. Since our inception, we have established the ESG Climate Change Practice Group as one of our core focuses of our firm. This group is dedicated to advising on ESG compliance to ensure our clients meet regulatory and sustainability standards, assisting in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, manage plastic waste, and address other forms of pollution.

Our lawyers play a critical role by providing expert legal advice and strategic guidance, working closely with clients on forest conservation efforts, promoting electric vehicle (EV) projects, and managing plastic waste. We assist with regulatory approvals, contract negotiations, and compliance with environmental standards. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of pre-assessments and due diligence before clients embark on new ventures, ensuring adherence to relevant regulatory frameworks and standards. Our lawyers also support shareholder activism in acquisitions and joint venture agreements, embedding ESG considerations into these critical business decisions to promote long-term value and sustainability​


How does ARMA Law collaborate with clients to navigate regulatory complexities and develop ESG-focused legal frameworks and policies?

Indonesia's evolving ESG regulatory framework, though a positive step, presents challenges for businesses that face resource constraints like limited finances, expertise, and support. We help clients navigate these challenges by conducting thorough legal analyses to ensure regulatory compliance, assessing and mitigating risks, and fostering stakeholder engagement to build transparency and trust. This approach helps avoid greenwashing and bluewashing. We keep clients updated on the latest ESG regulations and trends, clarify mandatory and voluntary disclosures. Additionally, we provide strategic guidance on implementing effective ESG policies, facilitating partnerships, and securing necessary regulatory approvals for projects like forest conservation, EV initiatives, and plastic waste management. Our lawyers also advocate for clients in regulatory discussions and clarify the frameworks for ESG related projects.


Can you share any notable success stories or case studies where ARMA Law's expertise in ESG matters has made a significant impact on clients or the broader community?

We have experience assisting several companies in developing internal policy by identifying applicable ESG regulatory requirements and standards for their businesses. These internal policies cover various aspects, including environmental compliances, waste management, toxic and hazardous materials management, occupational health and safety, bribery, extortion and improper dealings policy, sexual exploitation, abuse or harassment policy, whistleblower policy, etc. The adoption of these internal policies by our clients help to ensure regulatory adherence and compliance for their business operations and activities. We also have experience in helping clients seeking to develop various sustainable environmental projects, including nature-based solutions, EV charging stations, as well as waste management and recycling initiatives. These projects are aimed to deliver measurable benefits to the general public. Through these efforts, ARMA Law has helped clients achieve both regulatory compliance and meaningful positive environmental and social impacts, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.



Rudi Bachtiar
Partner and Head of ESG and Climate Change


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