ALB Legal Guide To The Greater Bay Area 2024 | ALB 粤港澳大湾区法律指南2024

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    Asian Legal Business is proud to announce that the 2024 edition of the ALB Legal Guide to the Greater Bay Area has been published.

    This Guide provides guidance to companies on coping with complex issues arising from the application of laws across multiple jurisdictions within the vibrant Great Bay Area, which includes three different legal and tax systems. The Guide also provides practical information and key know-how from practitioners well-versed with laws in the local market.

    Topics include:

    • Anti-corruption
    • Data Compliance
    • Dispute Resolution – Arbitration
    • Dispute Resolution - Litigation
    • Intellectual Property
    • International Investment
    • Labor and Employment

    and more.

    The list of contributors and supporting organizations include ETR Law Firm, Fairbairn Catley Low & Kong, Ince, Lianyue Law Firm, SGLA Law Firm, Tahota Law Firm and Tianxi Law Firm.

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    • 反腐败
    • 数据合规
    • 争议解决-仲裁
    • 争议解决-诉讼
    • 知识产权
    • 国际投资
    • 劳动与雇佣




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    ·        The Construction of Anti-Corruption Compliance System of Private Enterprises is seen from the Compliance Case of Company A

    ·        Compliance, an Inevitable Course to Data Assetization

    ·        Unveiling the National 14th Five-Year Plan: Pioneering Hong Kong’s recent development as the Leading Legal and Dispute Resolution Hub in the Dynamic Greater Bay Area

    ·        Accurately Identify and Ascertain Case Facts in Accordance with Law; Clarify the Legal Relationship in Significant and Complex Transactions

    ·        How to Deal with the Registered Trademark by others to File a Three-Year Non-Use Revocation Application

    ·        An Exploration on Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone From Seven Important Dimensions of Foreign Investment

    ·        Study on the Retirement Age and Current Job Position Identification for Female Employees

    ·        A公司涉案合规案例看民营企业反腐败合规体系的搭建

    ·        合规,数据资产化的必由之路

    ·        国家《十四五规划纲要》揭晓: 引领香港在充满活力的大湾区成为先导法律及争议解决枢纽的近期发展

    ·        基于法律规定准确地识别和认定案件事实,厘清重大、复杂交易中的法律关系

    ·        企业如何应对注册商标被他人提起三年不使用撤销申请

    ·        比照外商投资七大维度看河套深港科技创新合作区

    ·        女职工退休年龄与现岗位认定问题研究¶