ALB India Top PE/VC Boutique Firms 2024

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Emerging as pivotal players in India’s vibrant investment landscape, boutique private equity and venture capital law firms are gaining recognition for…

Women in Law: A Conversation with Kirana D. Sastrawijaya

by Sarah Wong |

In a special feature, we speak with Kirana D. Sastrawijayakirana, senior partner at UMBRA - Strategic Legal Solutions. This feature highlights exceptional female legal professionals and their achievements in overcoming cultural and professional biases to make a significant impact in Asia’s legal sector.

ALB Women in Law

by Sarah Wong |

In this special feature, we highlight certain exceptional female legal professionals and their triumphs in defying cultural and professional biases to make their mark within Asia’s legal sector.

MIDDLE EAST: Fair Play, Saudi Arabia

by Nimitt Dixit |

New merger thresholds, increased enforcement and more regulator-led awareness campaigns have given rise to flourishing and competitive markets in the Middle East’s largest economy, but some regulatory and procedural concerns still remain.

MIDDLE EAST: Regional experience, diversity driving law firm hiring in the Gulf

by Nimitt Dixit |

Liberalisation, diversification, and a drive to align with international standards are transforming the Middle East's legal market into a crucible of change.

Why convertible bonds are the new darling of Chinese companies

In recent months, a wave of convertible bond issuance has breathed new life into Hong Kong’s anaemic capital markets. Since late May, four major Chinese internet and technology companies -, Lenovo Group, Alibaba Group, and - have successively issued convertible bonds totalling $10.5 billion.


by Nimitt Dixit |

As technology advances, financial crime has become a major threat to global financial systems, surpassing many other forms of crime. Asia’s emerging digital markets, which are still developing regulations to combat tech-based crime, have become prime targets for financial fraudsters. Experts emphasise that international cooperation and robust enforcement of anti-money laundering regulations are essential to address this challenge effectively. 

RANKINGS: ALB Asia Top 15 ESG Law Firms 2024

As ESG issues take a front seat in business decision-making across Asia, law firms play a crucial role advising companies on how to navigate increasingly complex compliance requirements and mitigating emerging risks. As regulatory landscapes around ESG evolve rapidly, ALB recognises 15 law firms that are delivering outstanding legal counsel in this area.

GC ROUNDTABLE: Rock-Solid Approach

by Sarah Wong |

In recent years, construction companies in Asia have been enjoying a boom in countries’ pivot to infrastructure reforms. The construction market in the Asia-Pacific region has grown by 3.9 per cent in 2023, according to GlobalData. But the sector was also confronted by rising material costs and financial constraints due to global economic conditions. GCs in three construction companies share how they are capitalising on new momentum and taking on challenges ahead.

FINTECH: Innovation Unlocked

by Sarah Wong |

The era of technology is currently prevailing, with Southeast Asia emerging as a prominent hub for fintech. However, even the leading markets for groundbreaking fintech startups are facing challenges due to economic instability and increased regulatory scrutiny. Fintech lawyers discuss significant developments and regulatory playbooks in the industry, particularly with the integration of artificial intelligence.