ALB Asia Insolvency & Restructuring Handbook | ALB 2020年亚洲破产重组手册

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    Asian Legal Business is proud to announce that it has published the 2020 edition of Asia Insolvency & Restructuring Handbook.

    The handbook is a bilingual (English and Simplified Chinese) guide to the insolvency and restructuring landscape across the Asian region in 2020. As the region continues to be in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, the handbook brings together in one useful volume some of the key guidance and updates that both insolvency lawyers, as well as their impacted clients, will need to have at their fingertips.

    It covers a number of key Asian jurisdictions, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam and more. Apart from providing updates to the legal and regulatory landscape in each of these jurisdictions, it also provides useful additional guides and case studies.

    The list of contributors and supporting organizations include ACCRALAW, Commerce & Finance Law Offices, DivinaLaw, Indochina Legal, SS&C Intralinks, Global Law Office, Grandall Law Firm, Latham & Watkins, Think Ahead, AIMA, and APSA.

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    《亚洲法律杂志》高兴地向您宣布:《ALB 2020年亚洲破产重组手册》现已出版。



    本《手册》的撰稿机构和支持伙伴包括ACCRALAW,通商律师事务所,DivinaLawIndochina LegalSS&C Intralinks,环球律师事务所,国浩律师事务所,瑞生国际律师事务所,Think AheadAIMA,以及APSA

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    Introduction Insolvency in Asia
    Chapter 1 Special Situations, Stressed, Distressed Investing Opportunities in Asia
    Chapter 2 Restructuring and Insolvency in Mainland China
    Topical Guide Mainland China Guide – Reorganization and Restructuring Plan (In-Court & Out-of-Court) 
    Case Study Mainland China Guide – Creditors Often Get Hurt 
    Chapter 3 Restructuring and Insolvency in Hong Kong
    Chapter 4 Restructuring and Insolvency in the Philippines
    Case Study Philippines Guide – Navigating Rough Seas: Rehabilitating Hanjin, the Philippines’ Largest Corporate Default
    Chapter 5 Insolvency Court Proceedings in Vietnam


    简介 亚洲重组计划
    第一章 亚洲的特殊情况、紧张、不良投资机会
    第二章 中国大陆破产及重组
    专题指南 中国大陆指南 — 重整和重组计划 — 包括庭内和庭外
    案例分析 中国大陆指南 —受伤的往往是债权人
    第三章 香港破产及重组
    第四章 菲律宾破产及重组
    案例分析 菲律宾指南 —乘风破浪: 菲律宾最大企业韩进违约后重整
    第五章 越南破产法院程序