ALB Legal Guide to the Greater Bay Area 2021 | ALB 粤港澳大湾区法律指南2021

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    Asian Legal Business is proud to announce that it has published the ALB Legal Guide to the Greater Bay Area 2021.

    This guide, which took over six months to put together, provides guidance to companies on coping with complex issues arising from the application of laws across multiple jurisdictions within the vibrant Greater Bay Area, which includes three different legal and tax systems. This Guide also provides practical information and key knowhow from practitioners well-versed with laws in the local market. 

    Topics include:

    • Capital markets
    • Cross-border M&A
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Anti-corruption and compliance
    • Limited Partnership Funds

    And more.

    The list of contributors and supporting organizations include East & Concord Partners, Guangdong Lianyue Law Firm, Ince, Jingtian & Gongcheng, LC Lawyers, Maples Group, P.C. Woo & Zhonglun W.D., Steptoe, as well as Tahota Law Firm.

    **Please note the following terms and conditions in relation to requesting and receiving the ALB Legal Guide to the Greater Bay Area:

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    2. It is your responsibility to ensure that all information provided by you is accurate. We will not be sending the handbook to personal email addresses.
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    《亚洲法律杂志》高兴地向您宣布:《ALB 粤港澳大湾区法律指南2021》现已出版。



    • 资本市场
    • 跨境并购
    • 争议解决
    • 反腐败与合规
    • 有限合伙基金


    为这本《指南》撰稿并提供支持的机构包括:天达共和律师事务所、广东连越律师事务所、英士律师事务所、竞天公诚律师事务所、林朱律师事务所、Maples Group、中伦文德胡百全(前海)联营律师事务所、Steptoe,以及泰和泰律师事务所(以上律所按英文名首字母顺序排列)。

    **请注意以下有关索取及接收ALB 粤港澳大湾区法律指南2021的条款:

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    Publisher's Note
    A Discussion with Law Firm Managing Partners in the Greater Bay Area
    The Greater Bay Area: Anti-Corruption and Compliance
    Entering the Capital Market by Companies in the Greater Bay Area – Listing in Hong Kong or Mainland China
    An Exploration of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
    Greater Bay Area: Dispute Resolution - Litigation
    Limited Partnership Funds


    大灣區企業進入資本市場 - 於香港或内地上市