ALB Hong Kong IPO Handbook 2020 | ALB香港首次公开上市手册2020

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    Asian Legal Business is proud to announce that it has published the 2020 edition of its popular Hong Kong IPO Handbook.

    The handbook, which took a year to put together, covers a number of topics and chapters including Hong Kong dual-class shares, legal issues related to the listing of red chips, IPO application process, and tax consideration in an IPO, among others.

    The list of contributors and supporting organizations include ACMI Asia Capital Markets Institute, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, Appleby, BDO Hong Kong, Beijing DHH Law Firm, CLSA, CMB Wing Lung Bank, Commerce & Finance Law Offices, DeHeng Law Offices, Grandall Law Firm, iDeals Solutions, Jingtian & Gocheng, LC Lawyers, ONC Lawyers, Porda Havas, SWCS. Wisdom Investor Relations, ACC Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Investor Relations Association.

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    2. It is your responsibility to ensure that all information provided by you is accurate. We will not be sending the handbook to personal email addresses.
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    撰稿人和支持组织的列表包括亚洲资本市场研究所、艾金·岗波律师事务所、毅博律师事务所、香港立信德豪会计事务所、北京德和衡律师事务所、中信里昂证券、招商永隆银行有限公司、通商律师事务所、德恒律师事务所、国浩律师事务所、iDeals Solutions Group Limited、竞天公诚律师事务所、林朱律师事务所有限法律责任合伙、ONC柯伍陈律师事务所、博达浩华国际财经传讯集团、方圆企业服务集团(香港)有限公司、智富投资者关系有限公司、香港企业法律顾问协会、香港投资者关系协会。


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    Chapter 1 Hong Kong Dual-Class Shares
    Chapter 2

    The Legal Issues Related to the Listing of Red Chips

    Guide Two Tricky Issues in IPO Process - Non-Hong Kong Company Registration and IP Registration

    Guide Considering Trust in Pre-IPO Planning

    Guide Strategic Investors and Pre-IPO Investment During Pre-IPO Preparation Stage

    Chapter 3

    IPO Application Process

    Guide Virtual Data Room for IPO

    Chapter 4

    The Role of Sponsors and Underwriters

    Guide Marketing, Pricing and Stabilisation

    Guide An integrated Financial Services Provided by Receiving Bank

    Chapter 5 Managing the IPO Marketing Process
    Chapter 6 Suitability of Listing
    Chapter 7 Specific Listing Issues
    Chapter 8 International Offerings
    Chapter 9 Tax Considerations in an IPO
    Chapter 10 Choosing your Offshore Listing Vehicle - Key Factors to Consider
    Chapter 11 Best Use of an Effective Online Investor Relations Plan for IPO
    Chapter 12

    Corporate Governance of a Listed Issuer

    Guide Role and Duties of Company Secretary

    Guide Environmental, Social and Governance Report

    Chapter 13 Special Consideration for Chinese Firms Listing on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited


    第一章 香港双重股权结构上市


    指南 上市过程中的两个棘手问题 ﹣登记注册非香港公司和知识产权事宜

    指南 上市前期信托规划

    指南 于首次公开招股前准备阶段的战略投资者与首次公开招股前投资



    指南 虚拟数据室助力IPO



    指南 营销、定价与稳定机制

    指南 首次公开发行 (IPO) 收款银行综合金融服务

    第五章 制定上市阶段性策略
    第六章 申请人是否适合上市
    第七章 具体上市问题
    第八章 国际发售
    第九章 首次公开招股需要考虑的税务问题
    第十章 选择离岸上市主体的关键考虑因素
    第十一章 充分利用首次公开发行的有效在线投资者关系方案


    指南 公司秘书的角色及职责

    指南 环境,社会和管治报告

    第十三章 关于中国公司在香港联交所上市的特别考虑