1 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA CONTENTS ALB对话大湾区律所 管理合伙人,请他们 分享了律所在大湾区 发展的全新策略,以 及在大湾区重点布局 的产业及业务领域。 BRI EFS 4 Big Story 焦点故事 6 Appointments 律师转所信息 7 Deals 交易 COVER STORY 8 2024 ALB China Regional Ranking: Circum-Bohai Sea Area Firms & Rising Lawyers 2024 ALB China 区域市场排名: 环渤海地区律所和律 师新星 For the third consecutive year, ALB spotlights top firms and lawyers in the circum-Bohai sea area, and invites them to share and explore how they manage to keep up with the times amid constant changes in the market environment and client needs. ALB连续第三年关注 环渤海地区的杰出律 所、优秀律师,并请他 们分享和探讨在市场 环境和客户需求的不 断变化中,如何寻得 与时俱进的自我发展 之道。 Ranking by ALB, text by Victor Wu FEATURES 14 Year Ahead 2024 展望2024 With the dawn of the new year, ALB speaks to the heads of leading firms in China, inviting them to recount their firms’ key developments over the past year, as well as their cautious optimism as they gear up for the long haul in a landscape marked by continual flux. 新年年初之际,ALB 对话中国市场领先 律所的管理者们,请 他们分享过去一年 律所的发展情况、业 务亮点,以及他们如 何“管理信心”,在变 幻莫测的环境中做好 长期规划。 20 2024 ALB China Firms to Watch 2024 ALB China 精品律所 ALB once again shines a spotlight on the rapidly evolving landscape of boutique firms in China’s legal services market, where an increasing number of boutique firms are carving out a distinct niche for themselves. ALB再度向您介绍中 国法律服务市场上发 展迅速、值得瞩目的 精品律师事务所。越 来越多精品小所以精 准的市场定位和聚焦 的专业能力获得客户 认可,书写出不平凡 的增长之道。 With contributions from: • Beijing Jinlue Lawfirm 北京锦略律师事务所 • Beijing Starrise Law Firm 北京星来律师事务所 26 Managing Partner Roundtable: Greater Bay Area 管理合伙人圆桌对话: 粤港澳大湾区 Prominent law firms have taken a strategic view of the Greater Bay Area, with many embarking on comprehensive GBA development strategies in the last two years. 26 MANAGING PARTNER ROUNDTABLE: GREATER BAY AREA 管理合伙人圆桌对话:粤港澳大湾区 Image: Rob Nazh/

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欲了解更多提名信息,请联系: *These dates are subject to change. Please contact ALB for the most up-to-date schedule. *上述日期可能会有调整,请联系ALB获取最新的报名时间和截止日期。 RANKING NAME 榜单 MONTH OF PUBLICATION 发布月 *NOMINATIONS OPEN *提名开始日 2024 ALB China Firms to Watch 2024 ALB China 精品律所 January 10 November 2023 2024 ALB China Regional Ranking: Circum-Bohai Sea Area Firms & Rising Lawyers 2024 ALB China 区域市场排名:环渤海地区和律师新星 7 November 2023 2024 ALB China Top 15 Litigators 2024 ALB China 十五佳诉讼律师 February 13 November 2023 2024 ALB China Top 15 Insolvency & Restructuring Lawyers 2024 ALB China 十五佳破产重组律师 March 4 December 2023 2024 ALB China Top 15 Business Support In-House Teams/ 2024 ALB China Top 15 Fastest Growing In-House Teams 2024 ALB China 最佳商业贡献力法务团队/ 2024 ALB China 最佳成长法务团队 12 December 2023 2024 ALB China Employer of Choice 2024 ALB China 年度雇主 April 18 December 2023 2024 ALB China Top 15 Cybersecurity & Data Protection Lawyers 2024 ALB China 十五佳网络安全和数据保护律师 14 December 2023 2024 ALB China Intellectual Property 2024 ALB China 知识产权业务排名 May 4 January 2024 2024 ALB China Regional Ranking: South China Firms & Rising Lawyers 2024 ALB China 区域市场排名:华南地区律所和律师新星 15 January 2024 2024 ALB China Top 15 GCs 2024 ALB China 十五佳总法律顾问 June 2 February 2024 2024 ALB China Dispute Resolution Ranking 2024 ALB China 争议解决业务排名 29 January 2024 2024 ALB China Rising Lawyers 2024 ALB China 十五佳律师新星 July 29 March 2024 2024 ALB China Regional Ranking: West China Firms & Rising Lawyers 2024 ALB China 区域市场排名:西部地区和律师新星 4 March 2024 2024 ALB China Client Choice 2024 ALB China 客户首选律师 August 2 April 2024 2024 ALB China Fastest Growing Firms 2024 ALB China 十五佳成长律所 19 April 2024 2024 ALB China M&A Rankings 2024 ALB China 并购排名 September 15 May 2024 2024 ALB China Top 15 New Technology In-House Teams 2024 ALB China 十五佳新科技法务团队 27 April 2024 2024 ALB China Top 15 Female Lawyers 2024 ALB China 十五佳女律师 October 13 June 2024 2024 ALB China Regional Ranking: YRD Firms & Rising Lawyers 2024 ALB China 区域市场排名:长三角地区律所和律师新星 3 June 2024 2024 ALB 30 Largest Law Firm (China) / Top 50 Asia Firms 2024 ALB China 中国最大30家律所 / ALB亚洲最大50家律所 November 16 July 2024 2024 ALB China Top 15 In-House Teams 2024 ALB China 十五佳公司法务团队 December 2 August 2024 2024 ALB China Top 15 Intellectual Property Lawyers 2024 ALB China 十五佳知识产权律师 14 August 2024

4 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 JANUARY 2024 The sense of unease remains strong in Asia’s legal industry. While life might have returned to normal, and supply chains appear back on track, the region is continuing to experience uncertainty over slowing global economic momentum, tightening monetary policy affecting credit growth, and lingering concerns about inflation. China’s seemingly irreversible economic decline is also hanging heavy. 岁末年初,亚洲的法律产业之上萦绕着一股强烈的不安感。过 去一年,虽然生活秩序恢复正常、供应链保持韧性,亚洲仍经历 了诸多不确定因素的冲击,包括全球经济增速降缓、收紧的货 币政策导致信用收缩,以及通胀带来的持续焦虑。此外,中国经 济的平淡表现也给整个地区发展投下阴影。 BY SARAH WONG 作者:黄婉君 2023 was supposed to be the year of the grand comeback for the international financial hub of Hong Kong. Three years of COVID might have choked its economy, and geopolitical perils might have maimed its investment allure, but Hong Kong was confident of reclaiming the place it staunchly believed it deserved when striding into 2023. But when the year drew to a close, there was a sense of sameness. To the dismay of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, once Asia’s foremost fundraising powerhouse, the much-touted revival struggled to get off the ground. Hong Kong’s once “free-for-all” capital market is now an arena testing the survival of the fittest. On the face of it, some aspects were reminiscent of Hong Kong’s heydays. “International firms who are strong in capital markets – Davis Polk, Freshfields, Clifford Chance, to name but a few – are still dominating the market, especially HONG KONG: “ADAPT OR DIE” 香 展港 望市 :“场 适趋 者势 生回 存顾 ”与 BIG STORY after the reopening of the border after COVID,” says Eric Chow, managing partner at Eric Chow & Co. in association with Commerce & Finance Law Offices, one of China’s Red Circle firms famed for capital markets work. But scratch a little deeper, and the picture starts to change. A number of international firms chose to cut staff in response to dampened market conditions. Linklaters cut at least 20 junior attorneys in China and Hong Kong, while Clifford Chance shed four associates in the debt capital market practice, U.S. firms White & Case and Kirkland & Ellis also trimmed the number of associates in their Hong Kong offices this year. “These layoffs suggest that these big global firms are not seeing enough deal flow or volume in their corporate or transactional teams,” says Basil Hwang, managing partner at Hauzen. “It certainly doesn’t seem there is much interest in IPOs in Hong Kong for now. These IPO preparations take time, and whoever wants an IPO in 2024 should be preparing now, and I’m not hearing of a lot of these preparations going on. That might not bode too well for the IPO market.” The elephant in the room, of course, is China’s slower-than-expected economic recovery, and Nicholas Plowman, Hong Kong managing partner at offshore firm Ogier, says that it has forced many firms to play defence. Michael Padarin, Hong Kong managing partner at offshore firm Carey Olsen, agrees that international law firms in the city still rely to a large extent on in and outbound business from China. “If they are here but can’t do work for Chinese clients, then that puts them in a challenging situation,” he says. “Although for some bigger U.S. firms – we understand that a key function of the work they do is to help with the operation and expansion of larger global private equity firms into Asia. So, there are reserved pockets of work continuing, but the China-focused corporate M&A work, for example, will currently be slower until the market rebounds,” adds Padarin. Indeed, with Hong Kong still mired in the crossfires of escalating Sino-U.S. animosity, law firms and the clients they serve have been constantly pondering the long-term commercial viability of their presence in Hong Kong - the Chinese special administrative region increasingly seen as being shackled by Beijing’s signals. And with no immediate sea change in sight, more global firms are concluding that their Hong Kong operation may not be worth the trouble. Chicago-headquartered Winston & Strawn has reportedly become the latest international firm to shut down its Hong Kong office after 15 years, following in the footsteps of the likes of Texas-based Baker Botts and Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, founded in San Francisco. Hwang, who planted Dechert’s first flag in Asia and ran the Hong Kong office of the Philadelphia-based firm for six years till 2014, says managing partners sitting at overseas headquarters need to ask themselves two questions. “First, how’s the business been the last 12 months for

5 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA BIG STORY this particular team or office? And what are the prospects for business in the next 12 months? The answer to both questions would need to be negative for big firms to pull out from the market.” With the presence of international firms waning, Chow believes it’s just a matter of time before PRC firms begin to play a dominant role in Hong Kong’s legal market. “It is now increasingly common to see two PRC firms acting on both sides of a deal as both cost and quality of the legal services provided (including tapping into their mainland offices’ resources and know-how) have proven more attractive to clients,” says Chow, adding that his firm is now well-placed when competing for deals. An unnamed lawyer working in the Hong Kong office of a PRC firm recalls that senior lawyers in big international firms once told them, “if all the big Chinese red circle firms having offices in Hong Kong work together - similar to what those U.S. firms such as Cleary Gottlieb and Davis Polk did around 2008, 2009 - PRC firms will be the next wave here, because the clients are all yours.” Speaking of what to expect in 2024, feelings are mixed. For Plowman, more uncertainty lies ahead. “There is hope that the market will turn around in Hong Kong and China on the equity capital markets and the debt markets side, but the reality is that 2024 will likely be difficult as well, unless we get a bump from the U.S. in terms of deal and capital market activity,” he notes. Chow, on the other hand, sees a thaw in the IPO winter as deals delayed from last year finally see the light in 2024. “A lot of pitches and opportunities arose after Lunar New Year. The actual kick-off of those IPO projects was in the second half of 2023, aiming to be listed in the second half of 2024,” he says while admitting that the current market is still softer compared to pre-2019 times. For Hong Kong more broadly, Hwang - also vice chairman of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong - sees the Asia’s World City, once thriving on transactions with a heavy Western focus especially American, now pivoting towards clients from the global South, including 2023本该是国际金融中心香港 的“东山再起”之年。三年疫情冲击了这 座城市的经济,地缘龃龉也降低了其对 投资者的吸引力,然而迈入2023年之 时,香港依旧满怀自信,期待着寻回自 己在国际市场占据的重要位置。 但一年将近之时,熟悉的挫败感再 度来袭。出乎香港联交所——亚洲曾经 首屈一指的融资重地——意料,备受期 待的复兴航班仅仅是艰难驶离了航道。 香港一度“任君自取”的资本市场,在过 去一年却成了适者生存的竞技场。 表面看来,香港依旧保持着些许旧 日风采。“资本市场领域的国际强所,例 如达维、富而德、高伟绅,依旧统治着这 一市场,在新冠管控措施放开后特别如 此。”通商律师事务所联营周俊轩律师 事务所管理合伙人周俊轩说——通商是 中国资本市场领域最知名的律所之一。 但深挖一点,市场便涌现出一些不 同的味道。例如一众国际律所在当前的 市场形式下选择了裁员:年利达在中国 内地和香港裁掉了至少20位初级律师; 高伟绅裁掉了四位债券资本市场律师; 美国所伟凯和凯易也在过去一年精简 了香港办公室的律师数量。 “裁员意味着交易量不足,大型国 际律所的公司或交易团队业务不饱和。” 浩宸律师行管理合伙人黄浩宸说。“香港 IPO上市的热度依旧不高。IPO需要时间 筹备,想要2024年上市的公司早就应该 准备起来了,但这方面的动静却不多。 这样的势头可不太妙。” 当然,“房间中的大象”还是中国不 及预期的经济复苏速度,离岸律所奥杰 香港管理合伙人包乐文说,这迫使许多 律所采纳了“防守状态”。 彭德贤是离岸律所凯瑞奥信香港 办公室管理合伙人,他指出香港的大多 数国际律所都以服务对华投资和中国 对外投资为主。“如果他们身处香港,却 无法再为中国客户服务,那律所业务就 岌岌可危了。”他说。 “不过,一些大型美国所一直在 帮助大型国际私募公司进入亚洲市场 并展开运营,这部分业务并未完全枯 竭。总的来说,和中国相关的并购业务 将持续低迷,直到市场完全复原。”彭德 贤说。 由于目前潮头还未转向,越来越多 国际所得出结论:或许不该在香港花费 太多力气。步了得州律所贝克博茨、旧 金山律所奥睿后尘,总部位于芝加哥的 温斯顿律师事务所据报道也将关闭已 开设15年之久的香港办公室。 2007年,黄浩宸曾将费城律所德杰 在亚洲的第一面大旗插到了香港,并在 其后六年中担任德杰香港的管理合伙 人,他认为外国所管理合伙人有必要问 自己两个问题。“第一,你所带领的具体 团队、办公室在过去12个月的业务情况 如何?未来12个月的业务预期又如何? 对于离开香港市场的大型律所来说,他 们给出的答案一定都是负面的。” 不过,伴随国际律所战略收缩,周 俊轩相信不假时日,内地律所会在香港 市场占据统治地位。 “现在我们常看见两家内地律所 在同个交易中并肩作战,他们的价格、 服务品质,以及对内地办公室资源及 知识的调动能力显然对客户更有吸引 力。”周俊轩说,并补充道他的律所目前 在交易竞标中很有信心。 一位工作于某家内地律所香港办 公室、不愿具名的律师回忆道,TA曾听 大型国际所的高年级律师这样说:“假 如开设了香港办公室的内地大型律所 可以团结一致——就像2008,2009年时 佳利、达维那些美国所一样——他们将 很快构成一股新浪潮,所有客户都会跟 风而去。” 谈到对2024年的预期,大家的看 法不尽相同。包乐文认为前方存在更 多不确定性。“大家都期待香港和中国 内地的股权、债券市场出现转机,但现 实是,2024可能同样艰难,除非美国市 场的交易量和资本市场活跃度出现反 弹。”他说。 与之相反,周俊轩认为伴随2024年 曙光降临,IPO严冬也将结束,耽搁的交 易将逐一启动。“春节后会有很多机会。 不少IPO项目是在2023年下半年启动 的,预期在2024年下半年完成上市。”不 过他也承认,目前的市场和2019年时比 还是略显疲软。 对于香港总体而言,黄浩宸认为这 座亚洲的“世界之都”曾经聚焦于和西 方世界,尤其美国做生意,现在则逐渐 转向南方世界,包括中东、拉美、东欧客 户。“要知道,香港并没有在一夜间从自 由港口,变为保守之地。”他说。 Middle East, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. “Contrary to how it’s sometimes portrayed, Hong Kong hasn’t gone from being a very free economy to a gulag overnight,” he says.

6 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 JANUARY 2024 HAN YANG 韩旸 LEAVING 原就职律所 King & Wood Mallesons 金杜律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Han Kun Law Offices 汉坤律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Criminal 刑事业务 LOCATION 地点 Beijing 北京 JIA YONG 贾勇 LEAVING 原就职律所 Zhong Lun Law Firm 中伦律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Global Law Office 环球律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Real Estate and Construction 房地产与建设工程 LOCATION 地点 Beijing 北京 KWAN CHI HO 关志浩 LEAVING 原就职律所 Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld 艾金‧岗波律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Jingtian & Gongcheng 竞天公诚律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Dispute Resolution 争议解决 LOCATION 地点 Hong Kong SAR 中国香港特别行政区 MENG WENXIANG 孟文翔 LEAVING 原就职律所 Grandway Law Offices 国枫律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Zhong Lun Law Firm 中伦律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Capital Markets 资本市场 LOCATION 地点 Shanghai 上海 DOROTHY SIRON 施美玉 LEAVING 原就职律所 Zhong Lun Law Firm 中伦律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Stephenson Harwood 罗夏信律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Dispute Resolution 争议解决 LOCATION 地点 Hong Kong SAR 中国香港特别行政区 YE PING 叶平 LEAVING 原就职律所 Hiways Law Firm 海华永泰律师事务所 JOINING 现就职律所 Co-Effort Law Firm 协力律师事务所 PRACTICE 业务领域 Dispute Resolution 争议解决 LOCATION 地点 Shanghai 上海 APPOINTMENTS

7 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA $2.2BLN NIO Inc.’s strategic equity investment from CYVN Deal Type: ECM Firms: Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld Jurisdictions: China, U.S., United Arab Emirates 蔚来获阿布扎比投资机构CYVN新一轮 战略投资 交易类型:股权融资 参与律所:世达国际律师事务所, 艾金·岗波律所事务所 管辖地:中国,美国,阿联酋 $1.2BLN AstraZeneca’s acquisition of Gracell Biotechnologies Deal Type: M&A Firms: Cooley, AllBright Law Offices, Harneys, Freshfields, Rui Min Law Firm, Maples Group Jurisdictions: China, Sweden 阿斯利康拟收购亘喜生物 交易类型:并购 参与律所:科律律师事务所、 锦天城律师事务所、衡力斯律师事务所、 富而德律师事务所、锐敏律师事务所、 迈普思集团 管辖地:中国,瑞典 $705MLN Xpeng’s stake sale to Volkswagen Deal Type: M&A Firms: Fangda Partners, Freshfields, JunHe, Clifford Chance Jurisdictions: China, Germany 小鹏汽车向大众汽车出售股份 交易类型:并购 参与律所:方达律师事务所、 富而德律师事务所、君合律师事务、 高伟绅律师事务所 管辖地:中国 ,德国 $500MLN Insilico Medicine’s license agreement with Menarini Group Deal Type: Investment Firm: Wilson Sonsini Jurisdictions: Hong Kong SAR, U.S. 英矽智能与美纳里尼集团达成许可协议 交易类型:投资 参与律所:美国威尔逊律师事务所 管辖地:中国香港特别行政区、美国 $300MLN China Oil and Gas Group’s sustainability-linked facility term loan Deal Type: Financing Firm: Sidley Austin Jurisdictions: China 中油燃气集团及其子公司完成可持续 发展挂钩贷款 交易类型:融资 参与律所:盛德律师事务所 管辖地:中国 $269MLN Rept Battero’s listing in Hong Kong Deal Type: ECM Firm: Freshfields, Fangda Partners, Allen & Overy, Commerce & Finance Law Offices Jurisdictions: China, Hong Kong SAR 瑞浦兰钧香港上市 交易类型:股权融资 参与律所:富而德律师事务所、 方达律师事务所、安理国际律师事务所、 通商律师事务所 管辖地:中国,中国香港特别行政区 $174MLN Atour Lifestyle’s old stock placement project Deal Type: ECM Firm: JunHe, Davis Polk & Wardwell, Zhong Lun Law Firm, Latham & Watkins Jurisdictions: China, U.S. 亚朵集团旧股配售交易项目 交易类型:股权融资 参与律所:君合律师事务所、 美国达维律师事务所、中伦律师事务所、 瑞生国际律师事务所 管辖地:中国,美国 $130MLN UBTech Robotics’s listing in Hong Kong Deal Type: ECM Firm: Ashurst, King & Wood Mallesons, Bird & Bird, Guangdong Sun Law Firm, Deacons, Dorsey, Zhong Lun Law Firm Jurisdictions: China, Hong Kong SAR 优必选香港上市 交易类型:股权融资 参与律所:鸿鹄律师事务所、 亚司特律师事务所、金杜律师事务所、 国晖律师事务所、的近律师行、 德汇律师事务所、中伦律师事务所 管辖地:中国,中国香港特别行政区 $120MLN Shenzhen Senior Technology Material’ issuance of GDR and Listing on SIX Swiss Exchange Deal Type: ECM Firm: JunHe, Zhong Lun Law Firm, Linklaters, Clifford Chance Jurisdictions: China, Switzerland 星源材质发行全球存托凭证并在瑞交所 上市 交易类型:股权融资 参与律所:君合律师事务所, 中伦律师事务所,年利达律师事务所, 高伟绅律师事务所 管辖地:中国,瑞士 DEALS

8 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 JANUARY 2024 For the third consecutive year, ALB spotlights top firms and lawyers in the circum-Bohai sea area, and invites them to share and explore how they manage to keep up with the times amid constant changes in the market environment and client needs, as well as the power of working together to advance the regional legal industry. RANKING BY ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS, TEXT BY VICTOR WU ALB连续第三年关注环渤海地区的杰出律所、优秀律师,并请他们分享和探讨在市场环境和客户需求的不断变化 中,如何寻得与时俱进的自我发展之道,以及区域市场内的强强联手之力。 排名:《亚洲法律杂志》,作者:吴嘉林 COVER STORY In early 2024, ALB once again engages with legal service providers, teams, and individuals in regional markets in China, attentively observing changes and capturing their perspectives. The initial regional ranking of the year centers on the economically active and highly open circum-Bohai Sea area, encompassing Liaoning Province, Hebei Province, Tianjin Municipality, and Shandong Province, to assess the operational landscape of the legal services industry in this region. With a noticeable uptick in the number of legal practitioners in this area, an increasing number of firms and lawyers are presenting impressive performance records. In comparison to last year’s ranking, there has been a notable rise in both the number of firms and emerging lawyers, increasing from 15 to 20. All five newly recognized firms are large, full-service entities. Among the 20 awardees, five are local firms, with two headquartered in Qingdao and the remaining three located in Jinan, Shenyang, and Tianjin. Of the 15 non-local firms, two are based in Shanghai, one each in Guangzhou and Chengdu, while the rest are all centered in Beijing. Shifting focus to emerging lawyers, seven hail from local firms, while 13 represent non-local entities in Qingdao, Jinan, Dalian, Shenyang, Tianjin, and Shijiazhuang. Regarding provincial distribution, Shandong boasts 12 emerging lawyers, with Liaoning, Tianjin, and Hebei having five, two, and one winner(s) respectively. 2023 RECAP For all industries, 2023 has been a year to emerge from the pandemic and make up for lost time. The legal services industry is no exception. Looking back on 2023, Li Bo from Qingdao Office of W&H Law Firm says that compared to the past three years, the legal services market in the circum-Bohai sea area has been operating more steadily, although many uncertainties remain. “First, against new situations, challenges, business models and social formats, firms and lawyers alike are facing transition and transformation in their business.” According to Li, fluctuations in the real estate market, technological innovation and development, and other factors have had a significant impact on lawyers’ work. For example, the downturn of the real estate market has reduced the payment ability of some clients and made it difficult to provide legal services, resulting in changes in the practice areas of lawyers. “Second, competition for local business and traditional business is becoming increasingly fierce. As the circum-Bohai sea area is between Beijing and Shanghai, many practice areas are inevitably facing competition from lawyers from other regions. Based on our observations, such competition is intensifying, not only in terms of service contents but also in terms of lawyers’ fees.” Li says that fees and local presence used to be two competitive advantages for local firms, but now these advantages are becoming less and less compelling. First, firms in other regions are now able to offer more competitive rates. Second, as transportation becomes increasingly convenient and various communication and conferencing tools are frequently CIRCUM-BOHAI SEA AREA FIRMS & RISING LAWYERS 环渤海地区律所和律师新星

9 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA COVER STORY used in daily work, having local presence is no longer a prominent advantage. To Li, developing a firm into a large and competitive firm in Qingdao and even in the circum-Bohai sea area requires a lot of work. “Since its establishment more than two years ago, W&H Law Firm (Qingdao) has been actively attracting many professional talents to enhance our comprehensive competitiveness. On the other hand, we are also working hard to build up our own stronghold in practice areas, gathering the strength of the entire team to constantly explore and test new business directions and build our professional brand.” Wang Qun, Deputy Director, Senior Partner and Management Committee Member of Wincon Law Firm, feels that 2023 has been a year of significant challenges for the entire legal services industry. “We understand that revenue growth of firms in Shandong Province has slowed down. So it is really not easy for Wincon to still manage to grow its revenue in 2023.” According to Wang Qun, in the past two years, Wincon has accelerated the expansion of its presence in various cities in Shandong Province, adding six new offices in Linyi, Dongying, Dezhou, Binzhou, Tai’an and Weihai. “Led by top law firm directors locally, these offices have enjoyed good development momentum, and some have already become top local firms after a year. The rapid development of local offices has also provided support for the development of the headquarters.” OPPORTUNITIES STILL ABOUND Despite all uncertainties, the lawyers interviewed all believe that economic development of the circum-Bohai sea area is still deepening and that the legal services market remains full of opportunities. “The circum-Bohai sea economic circle is located in the increasingly active central area of the Northeast Asian economic circle, playing a crucial role not only in the development of China’s coastal economy but also in the division of labor and cooperation in international economic development in Northeast Asia and even the Asia Pacific region,” says Wang Yongli, Partner of Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm’s Qingdao Office and rising lawyer winner. Citing Shandong Province as an example, Wang Yongli explains that “as the largest economy in the circum-Bohai sea area, Shandong Province has entered a new stage of economic development, with transitioning to new development drivers from old ones, strengthening the marine industry, green development, construction of free trade zones, etc. being elevated to key strategies. The continuous expansion of economic sectors in both breadth and depth will certainly drive the vigorous growth of the legal services market.” According to him, the transition from old development drivers to new ones contributes to the boom of new technology and new energy enterprises; policies introduced to strengthen the marine industry will prioritize sea-related industries, such as increasing investment and support for port engineering, offshore wind power projects and marine ranching projects; green development involves various fields of environmental protection; and the construction of free trade zones touches on foreign investment, import and export trade, etc. Therefore, demand for legal services in these fields is bound to increase. “The legal services market in this region has enormous potential. Legal practitioners can drive forward not merely progress but significant progress.” Qu Zhiyong, member of the National Management Committee and Director of the Dalian Office of SGLA Law Firm, and Pan Bo, member of the National Executive Committee and Director of the Dalian Office Executive Committee of the same firm, share with ALB government strategies for Northeast revitalization and the construction of the Northeast Asia hub, the coastal advantages of Dalian, as well as Dalian’s “Two Pioneering Areas” (a pioneering area for industrial structure optimization and a pioneering area for economic and social development) and “Three Hubs” (Northeast Asia international shipping hub, Northeast Asia international logistics hub and regional financial LAW FIRMS 环渤海地区律所 AllBright Law Offices 锦天城律师事务所 Dacheng Law Offices 大成律师事务所 DeHeng Law Offices 德恒律师事务所 Grandall Law Firm 国浩律师事务所 Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm 金诚同达律师事务所 Join & High Law Office 四方君汇律师事务所 Jointide Law Firm 众成清泰律师事务所 JunHe LLP 君合律师事务所 King & Wood Mallesons 金杜律师事务所 Long An Law Firm 隆安律师事务所 SGLA Law Firm 中联律师事务所 Shandong Deheng Law Firm 山东德衡律师事务所 Tahota Law Firm 泰和泰律师事务所 TianTai Law Firm 天驰君泰律师事务所 W&H Law Firm 炜衡律师事务所 Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm 敬海律师事务所 Wang, Wu, Yang & Ma Law Firm 辽宁同方律师事务所 Wincon Law Firm 文康律师事务所 Zhong Lun Law Firm 中伦律师事务所 Zhonglun W&D Law Firm 中伦文德律师事务所

10 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 JANUARY 2024 COVER STORY hub) development plans. According to them, the legal services industry should sharpen comprehensive competitiveness by focusing on the characteristics of regional economic development. Indeed, SGLA’s Dalian office is better positioned to expand this regional market by adhering to the principles of “service, innovation, pragmatism and expansion,” and by taking the creation and development of professionalism, teamwork and upscaling as breakthroughs. Li observes that prompted by new business models, some of his peers in the circum-Bohai sea area are already actively expanding into new practice areas, such as legal services related to big data compliance, ESG and online livestreaming. “These relatively cuttingedge areas are not the monology of legal professionals in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In fact, many lawyers in Qingdao are in this space and have achieved good results.” NEW DEMAND The lawyers interviewed have all recognized changing legal needs of clients in tandem with the development and transformation of the environment. Wang Yongli says that, like most other parts of the country, firms in the circum-Bohai sea area have experienced a wave of mergers and onboarding in recent years, but clients’ demand for “one-stop” legal services is quietly changing. “Instead of blindly pursuing branded, full-service firms, clients have gradually become more rational and have turned their attention to the quality of the legal services provided by firms. They value the professionalism of firms and lawyers more. Some local group companies no longer package all their relevant legal matters to one single law firm when purchasing legal services, even if that firm is their perennial legal advisor. They tend to choose firms and lawyers specializing in different fields based on the nature of different legal services. “In the past year, the demand for legal services from corporate clients served by SGLA’s Dalian office has become more comprehensive. Clients may require the involvement of lawyers for administrative law, tax law, labor law and corporate law in one single service project. So they have greater needs for a firm to be able to provide comprehensive services and integrate resources,” says Qu Zhiyong. “Clients not only need lawyers to provide legal support, but also need them to create deal-making opportunities.” Pan Bo adds that to adapt to the new trends in client demand, the Dalian office is committed to continuously deepening its practice areas and expanding into emerging, cutting-edge fields from the perspectives of upscaling, specialization, branding and internationalization. Li notices two major changes in client demand. “First, the demand for legal services has shifted from the backend to the frontend. Clients no longer go to lawyers only after disputes arise. Instead, they place greater emphasis on risk control and compliance. As such, lawyers can get involved in a client’s business a lot earlier, which, on the one hand, helps lawyers understand and grasp the entire business process, and on the other hand, creates conditions for them to discover more business opportunities.” “Second, the business directions of clients have changed, prompting adjustments to the legal services fields of lawyers. Many clients who previously invested in real estate or traditional manufacturing are moving towards cultural fields, online livestreaming sales, high-end technology, etc. Accordingly, lawyers who previously specialized in real estate or traditional litigation also need to leverage the Internet, big data and even new legal knowledge dissemination channels to enrich and innovate their legal services,” says Li. Wang Qun shares similar observations. “Clients are more focused on risk prevention in their legal services needs, and have become more cautious in certain new projects and investments. There is growing demand from enterprises in the collection of accounts receivable.” In response, Wincon set up a debt collection business center last September, pooling together professional lawyers to share rich experience in debt collection and provide clients with more professional services. RISING LAWYERS 环渤海地区律师新星 An Zhou 安洲 King & Wood Mallesons 金杜律师事务所 Chen Xiaojun 陈晓军 Wincon Law Firm 文康律师事务所 Cui Shouxu 崔守旭 Jointide Law Firm 众成清泰律师事务所 He Lin 何琳 Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm 金诚同达律师事务所 Jiang Tao 姜涛 Zhong Lun Law Firm 中伦律师事务所 Li Meng 李猛 Liaoning Think Tank Law Firm 辽宁智库律师事务所 Li Xiuchao 李修超 Beijing DHH Law Firm 北京德和衡律师事务所 Liu Zhiwei 刘志伟 Liaoning Yipin Law Firm 辽宁壹品律师事务所 Ma Ming 马明 Join & High Law Office 四方君汇律师事务所 Meng Fanling 孟凡玲 Long An Law Firm 隆安律师事务所 Ren Huajie 任华杰 AllBright Law Offices 锦天城律师事务所 Song Jian 宋健 Ray & Young Law Firm 睿扬律师事务所 Song Zhenxiang 宋祯祥 Tahota Law Firm 泰和泰律师事务所 Wang Sicong 王思聪 Wang, Wu, Yang & Ma Law Firm 辽宁同方律师事务所 Wang Yongli 汪永利 Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm 敬海律师事务所 Xu Jianlei 徐建蕾 W&H Law Firm 炜衡律师事务所 Xu Wei 徐伟 Dacheng Law Offices 大成律师事务所 Yang Lizhong 杨礼仲 DeHeng Law Offices 德恒律师事务所 Yang Zhilei 杨志磊 Beijing Docvit Law Firm 北京市道可特律师事务所 Zheng Dongdong 郑东东 Grandall Law Firm 国浩律师事务所

11 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 WWW.LEGALBUSINESSONLINE.COM/CHINA “At the same time, there is demand for more professional and efficient legal services. For example, when an enterprise formulates business strategies, it needs lawyers to provide more comprehensive legal risk assessment. Capital operations such as mergers and acquisitions require more compliance review and negotiation support. Faced with market changes and policy adjustments, lawyers are needed to assist in formulating more comprehensive response strategies.” Wang Qun adds that Wincon has built even more professional teams in data compliance, antitrust, energy and environment, entertainment law, supply chain finance, healthcare, etc. INTEGRATION AND SHARING Amid business transition and innovation, many firms are paying particular attention to resource integration and sharing in their next stage of development. According to Qu and Pan, the national affairs management function of SGLA is exercised by the national management headquarters comprising partner representatives from various local offices (Tier-1 offices). The Shanghai headquarters and local offices (Tier-1 offices) are completely equal in rights and obligations, and have full management autonomy in their respective regional market, working together to build a national brand for SGLA. This unique “N+1” model brings about universal participation, giving everyone a sense of belonging. “Legal services have very clear regional characteristics. SGLA fully respects the imbalance of regional markets, focuses on leveraging regional differential advantages, and moves towards the goal of “building more top regional firms” according to the ‘size + quality’ standard. At the same time, we also need to jointly build a supportive national resources network that we can tap on, and rely on professional integration to turn the excellent professional teams of our local offices into a ‘group army’.” “The theme of Wincon in 2023 was ‘integration and co-creation’, which stemmed from the increase in the number of new offices opened in the past 2024新年伊始,ALB再次将目 光投向中国区域法律市场上的机构、 团队及个人,观其变、听其言。今年 首份区域榜单聚焦于经济活跃、开放 度高的环渤海地区,即辽宁省、河北 省、天津市、山东省的律所和律师新 星,观察这一区域的法律服务行业运 行状态。 过去一年,环渤海地区法律从业 人员数量持续增加,也有越来越多的 律所和律师取得优异成绩。与去年相 比,本次上榜的律所、律师新星的数 量均从15提升至20。 律所方面,新上榜5家律所,均 为规模较大的综合型律所。20家律 所中,有5家本地所,其中2家总部位 于青岛,另外3家分别来自济南、沈阳 和天津;15家非本地所中,总部在上 海的有2家,各有1家在广州和成都, 其余的总部均在北京。 在律师新星榜单中,有7位律师 来自本地所,13位来自非本地所。其 工作地点分布在青岛、济南、大连、 沈阳、天津、石家庄;从省域看,共有 12位上榜者在山东工作,而辽宁、天 津、河北各有5位、2位、1位上榜律师。 回望2023 2023年对于各行各业来说,是走出 疫情阴霾、奋起直追的一年,法律服 务业亦不例外。回首2023,炜衡(青 岛)律师事务所的李波律师表示,环 渤海地区的法律服务市场相比前三 年,整体运行更加稳健,但同时充满 不确定性。 “一是在新形势、新挑战、新商 业形态和社会形态下,律所及律师业 务面临过渡和转型。”李律师说,房地 产市场的波动、科技的创新和发展等 情况对律师业务产生了明显影响,例 如房地产市场下行造成部分客户的 付费能力下降、律师业务不好开展的 情况,进而造成律师执业方向的变化。 “二是对于本地业务、传统业务 的争夺日趋白热化。环渤海地区位于 北京和上海之间,很多业务必然面临 着其他地区律师的竞争。从我们的观 察来看,这种竞争愈发激烈,且不仅 体现在服务内容上,也越来越多体现 在律师费用上。”李律师表示,价格和 本土化以前是本地区律所的两个竞争 优势,但现在优势越来越不明显,一 是其他地区的律所现在也可以提供 更具竞争性的价格,另一方面随着交 通愈加便利、各种通讯会议工具频繁 应用在日常工作中,本土化的优点不 再那么突出。” 李律师认为,在青岛乃至环渤海 地区,发展成为一家有规模、有竞争 力的律所需要付出诸多心血。“炜衡 青岛成立两年多以来,一方面积极吸 纳众多专业人才,增强律所的综合竞 争力;另一方面,也在努力打造自身 的专业业务领域,集全所之力,不断 COVER STORY two years. How to better promote integration between the headquarters and local offices, and among local offices, to achieve resource sharing and tap into endogenous development potential, is an important task for the firm at present,” says Wang Qun. “Wincon encourages internal communication, including full integration within a team, between teams, as well as between the headquarters and local offices, so as to achieve resource cooperation. Currently, we have 16 professional committees to group together professional lawyers through cross-team cooperation, and achieve closer connection in terms of practicing level, business development, etc. Wincon Law School invites senior lawyers from the headquarters to visit local offices to share their practice philosophy, firm culture, typical cases, etc. to facilitate deep integration.” According to Li, during the more than two years of development of W&H Law Firm (Qingdao), the headquarters has, by virtue of its solid professional strength, provided tremendous assistance and support in resource sharing, professional support, market development, etc. The Qingdao office has also had a positive impact on W&H’s presence in Shandong Province, and different local offices have also helped each other develop through business cooperation. “In the coming years, we will focus more on exploring and upgrading our own business capabilities. W&H is home to a group of top lawyers. How to integrate these lawyer resources internally so that they can fully leverage their own characteristics and strengths and serve a larger market in a more targeted and teamwork manner will be one of our next moves.”

12 ASIAN LEGAL BUSINESS CHINA • 亚洲法律杂志-中国版 JANUARY 2024 COVER STORY 探索、尝试新的业务方向,树立炜衡 青岛的业务品牌。” 文康律师事务所副主任、高 级合伙人、管委会委员王群律师表 示,2023年整个法律服务行业都面 临了较大考验。“据了解,山东省内律 所业务创收增长趋势有所放缓。文康 2023年度业务创收仍保持增长态势, 非常不容易。” 据王律师介绍,过去两年里,文 康在山东省各区域加快机构布局,新 增了临沂、东营、德州、滨州、泰安、威 海等多个分所,“由当地律师行业的 优秀律所主任领衔,发展趋势良好, 部分分所经过一年发展,成为当地头 部律所,各分所的快速发展也为总部 的发展提供了支持。” 机遇仍在 纵使面对不确定性,受访的多位律师 认为,环渤海地区经济发展仍在走深, 法律服务市场依然充满机遇。 “环渤海经济圈处于日渐活跃 的东北亚经济圈的中心地带,不但在 我国沿海经济发展的格局中起着举 足轻重的作用,在东北亚乃至亚太地 区国际经济分工协作中也具有重要 的地位。”律师新星得主、广东敬海(青 岛)律师事务所合伙人汪永利律师说。 汪律师以山东省为例阐释道,“ 山东省作为环渤海地区的第一经济 大省,经济发展迈上了新的台阶,新 旧动能转换、海洋强省、绿色发展、自 贸区建设等相继被提升为重点战略。 经济领域不断向广度和深度发展,也 必然带动法律服务市场的蓬勃发展。” 他表示,新旧动能转换促使新技 术、新能源企业的蓬勃发展,海洋强 省涉及到的政策会向与海洋相关的 产业倾斜,比如加大对港口工程、海 上风电项目、海洋牧场项目的投入和 支持力度,绿色发展会涉及到环境保 护的各个领域,自贸区建设涉及到外 商投资、进出口贸易等,这些领域的 法律服务需求必然会随着增长。“这 一地区的法律服务市场蕴含着巨大 潜力,法律从业者不仅能有所为,而 且大有可为。” 中联律师事务所全国管委会委 员、大连办公室主任曲之勇律师和全 国执委会委员、大连办公室执委会主 任潘波律师介绍了政府层面东北振 兴和东北亚中心建设战略,以及大连 市的沿海优势和大连市“两先区”(产 业结构优化的先导区和经济社会发展 的先行区)和“三个中心”(东北亚国际 航运中心、东北亚国际物流中心、区域 性金融中心)发展规划,并表示法律服 务行业应抓住区域经济发展特点,从 而提升综合竞争力。曲律师和潘律师 称,中联大连办公室以“服务、创新、 务实、拓展”为宗旨,以专业化、团队 化、规模化创建与发展为突破口,更 好拓展本区域市场。 炜衡的李波律师观察到,在新的 商业形态下,环渤海地区的一些律师 同仁已经在积极拓展新的业务领域, 比如大数据合规、ESG、网络直播等 相关业务的法律服务。“这些相对前 沿的业务领域,不仅仅只有北上广深 的法律从业人员在做,实际上青岛很 多律师也已经开展并取得了一定的 业绩。” 新需求 受访律师们纷纷表示,随着环境的发 展和转变,客户的法律需求也经历着 变化。 敬海的汪永利律师说,与全国大 部分地区一样,环渤海地区的律所这 几年经历了一波合并、加盟潮,但是 客户“一站式”法律服务的需求悄然 变化:“客户从盲目追求大品牌、综合 性律所,慢慢变得更加理性、关注律 所提供的法律服务质量本身,更加看 重律所和律师的专业性。某些本地集 团公司在选择法律服务时,不再将其 所有的相关法律事务打包给某一家 律所,哪怕这家律所是其常年法律顾 问。他们更倾向于根据各项法律服务 的性质,分别挑选不同领域的专业律 所和律师。” “过去一年里,中联大连办公室 服务的商事主体客户对法律服务的 需求变得更为综合性,可能在一个服 务项目中需要行政法、税法、劳动法、 公司法律师的同时参与,客户更需要 律所具备综合的服务能力和资源整 合能力。”中联的曲之勇律师表示,“ 客户不仅需要律师提供法律业务上 的支持,还需要律师提供交易机会。” 潘波律师则补充道,为适应客户 需求新趋势,中联大连办公室从规模 化、专业化、品牌化、国际化方面出发, 致力于持续深耕专业领域、拓展新兴 前沿领域。 炜衡的李波律师观察到客户需 求的两个显著变化:“一是对于法律 服务内容的需求从后端转移了前端, 不再是出现了纠纷后才去找律师,而 是更加强调风控、合规。在这种情势 下,律师介入客户某项业务的时间可 以大大提前,这一方面有助于律师对 整个业务流程的了解和把控,另一方 面给律师提供了发现更多业务机会 的条件。” “二是客户的业务方向发生变 化,律师的法律服务领域也相应调 整。许多原先投资房地产、传统制造 业的客户,正在向文化领域、网络直 播销售、高新技术等方向发展。这样 一来,原先的房地产律师、传统诉讼 类律师,也需要借助互联网、大数据 乃至新的法律知识传播渠道,来充 实、创新自己的法律服务内容。”李 律师说。 文康的王群律师也有相似的发 现:“客户的法律服务需求更加注重 预防风险,一些新项目、新投资等更 加谨慎,企业在应收账款的回收等方 面的需求更多。”据介绍,针对这一情 况,文康清欠业务中心于去年9月成 立,汇聚专业律师,分享清欠领域积 累的丰富经验,为客户提供更加专业 的服务。 “与此同时,法律服务需求更加 专业、高效,比如企业制定商业策略 需要律师提供更全面的法律风险评 估,兼并、收购等资本运作需要更强 的合规审查和谈判支持,面临市场变 化和政策调整,需要律师协助制定更 完善的应对策略。”王律师补充道,文 康在数据合规、反垄断、能源环境、娱 乐法、供应链金融、医疗等领域都搭建 起了更加专业的团队。 整合与共享 在业务过渡和创新的同时,多家律所 在下一步发展中尤为关注资源的整 合和共享。 据中联的曲之勇律师、潘波律师 介绍,中联的全国事务管理职能由各 办公室(一级分所)合伙人代表组成 的全国管理总部行使,上海办公室与 各地办公室(一级分所)在权利和义 务上完全平等,在所在区域市场内拥 有充分自主管理权,共同打造全国大 所品牌,独特的“N+1”模式带来的普 遍参与让大家获得了归属感。 “法律服务的区域化特色非常 明显,中联充分尊重区域市场的不均 衡性,注重发挥区域差异优势,明确 按照‘规模+品质’标准践行‘打造更 多区域头部律所’的目标。同时,还要 共同构建一个可支持、可调用的全国 性资源网络,通过专业整合,把中联 原来各地办公室的优秀专业队伍打造 成‘集团军’。”曲律师和潘律师表示。